Politicos: Gun Control Is Bad For Your Political Health

The most recent high-profile political casualty is the guy at the ATF who tossed out the idea of banning commonly-used AR-15, 5.56mm ammunition. He has stepped down to pursue other interests. Good riddance. Here is why I comment.


People on the left who live in urban enclaves and do not own guns do not understand the fervor for the right to keep and bear arms. Not understanding these “others” they are naturally suspicious, and readily resonate to sarcastic suggestions of unpleasant stereotypes. I will try to explain in a few sentences.

It’s not about the guns. It’s not about the guns. You think it is, but it’s not.

It’s about liberty. Liberty is about a fundamental understanding of who people are, and who they become when they get power. Historically: who people become when given power to rule over others gets ugly.

That’s where the guns come in.

Further, support for the Second Amendment correlates highly with support for other liberties we Americans so cherish. In this way, “gun control” is what I call an “index issue”: where someone stands on gun control tells me a great deal about where that person stands on other fundamental freedom issues.

The right and power to resist and overthrow inevitable tyranny is fundamental, right there with the freedom to worship as your conscience and God guide you, and the freedom to speak: Amendments 1 and 2. Add Amendments 3 and 4 about keeping the government out of your house and out of your stuff, and secure them with Amendment 2 and you have the core of what the United States of America is about.

Take them away, and we Americans are a failed experiment in limited self-government with liberty under law.

That is why I am a fervent supporter of the Second Amendment. It’s not about the guns. Guns are power tools used to build and maintain The Home of the Brave and The Land of the Free. Gun owners are the workmen. Others? Some of them are termites.

  • Old_NFO

    Well said, and if we don’t stand and fight for our rights, we WILL lose them all. One and a time, a nibble here, a nibble there…