Trump causing problems in North Korea? Hardly

From The Atlantic, published at Defense One. The writer wrings his hands over how President Trump is creating this dangerous condition with North Korea. How he forgets but my edit corrects his delusion:

All spring, the Trump administration [For the last two decades, the Democrat Party’s wonder-candidates] have been sleepwalking through a dream in which North Korea will volunteer to abandon its nuclear weapons, oblivious to the crisis gathering around it. An atmospheric nuclear test cannot be allowed to happen. It’s time to wake up.

New National Security Travel Restrictions

It’s about time one of our elected officials acted to secure our country. The people against securing our country’s borders are against America. Here are my thoughts, told in two pictures.

There’s this one, featured yesterday in the NYT, carried by a woman at a mouthy protest in Union Square, in Manhattan, telling us that New York is for all.


Then, there’s this image, created by some young Muslim men arriving with visas in New York City, just a few blocks south of her, and a few years earlier:

NFL’s “Unity Ad” Is a Lie

NFL: Do not show disdain to my country, and claim you are for “unity.” You and your spoiled brat players have fallen prey to the constant anti-American propaganda spewing from the communists infesting our government, our colleges, the Democrat Party, and our newsrooms. At first, it was one guy. Then a few more. Then, they show “unity” with each other. But, they provoke division without our country.

How about showing some respect for the people who claimed liberty from kings and tyrants, and founded the country? How about showing some respect to the hundreds of thousands of Yankee boys shot down and blown apart buried in all of those mass graves in National Parks? The players refusing to show respect during the National Anthem divide Americans along yet one more fracture point promoted by the Democrat Party.

If they claim they still honor the men who died fighting for that flag, then I have an idea: show it by taking 90% of your bloated salary and pooling it into a fund, and pay the troops a bonus. But, they lie when they pretend that they can distinguish between honoring the country, and those who died loving our country.

Make no mistake about it: This is about tearing down the United States of America. All of this history revisionism is an old Stalinist trick: there is nothing new about it, and it wreaks of the stench of communism.

Those who know me know that boycotting the NFL games is no sacrifice for me. I’m not a fan, never have been, and care nothing for the game. I respect the determination and prowess it requires, but the worship professional athletes and entertainers reveals our culture’s wrong priorities. We have spoiled these dilettantes, and, now loyal Americans who love football are forced by a few spoiled brats to make a choice.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit pointed out how the federal government subsidizes the NFL through an income tax exemption. Simple solution readers here have often seen me suggest: repeal the income tax which creates all of these favoritism opportunities. If Congress is not ready to repeal the income tax altogether, then a simple bill repealing the exemption would work.

Acid Attacks and World War Z

More demented maniacs have sprayed acid in people’s faces in London. The reporters and politicians feign shock and “outrage.” Why?

Why be either shocked or outraged over something entirely predictable? The zombie-genre movies and the TV series The Walking Dead have it right, except that the mysterious cause of the outbreak occurred long ago; it is well-known; and the usual scoffers, mockers, and deniers have mounted the usual propaganda campaign to make us think that we can just “shelter in place” because “everything is OK.

Plainly, objectively: everything is not OK.

Our self-anointed elites presume to some state of evolution beyond the rest of us; they insist that their tribe should rule the rest of us and, if we just got out of the way, they would fix the sick human conditions ranging from global warming to “inequality” to what we eat. We would not need or want guns. We would not need to work but, if we did, then they would micro-manage out of the workplace all of those hassle-factors that make work a labor of something other than love. Cell phones would be free. We would have single-payer government run health care — if only we non-socialists would get out of the way.

We would find our “truths” from our modern day clergy: Marxist academics and the political class.

The awful truth is this; there is good news that follows, but the awful truth is that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There it is: If you consider the statement ridiculous or tiresome, then just look at the news stories about the London acid attacks — or so many other murderous occurrences. The statement explains why we are not going to fix us.

Our elites have no idea whatsoever, what to do about the zombies among us. At least the zombies on The Walking Dead eat mechanically because they must. The real zombies among us believe that the rest of us matter for nothing at all, except to provide them whatever pleasure their homicidal lusts demand — even the pleasure of watching us scream and writhe in pain.

World War Z has already begun, and our elites are part of the propaganda campaign that is in denial. Turns out, they are the real deniers.


Once you go down that government road…

Create a welfare subculture, and you get it thrown back in your face because they want more. Especially if you advertised yourself as the guy who was going to pass around more candy than anyone before you. It is fitting that it’s Chicago’s Democrat machine base that’s miffed.

Now, if only the purposes of government were to secure our borders and to secure  our liberties, and the rest was up to us.

Life Could Just Be So Good Here in America (P.S. It really is.)

Democrats, your people just keep fussin’, rantin’ and ravin’. They just can’t be happy, now can they? You got football players making millions who just can’t be thankful that somehow, they got to live in the United States of America. You got “professors” with long shaggy hair, gettin’ all “outraged” over Robert E. Lee who — last time I checked — died a few years ago. They would be funny, except they’re so nasty and, the more you try to talk sensibly to them, the meaner they get.

Maybe you more sensible Democrats can get your side to just simmer down, sit down, chill a bit, and think about just how good they’ve got it. But, if you find that they just can’t, then shake them off like the blood-sucking ticks they really are. And, be thankful you live in America. Maybe listen just a little — only a little, now — to your more conservative ex-friends.

Because, your friends are jealous of others and want to tell everybody else what to do, how much to make, what to eat, where to put it — and the list goes on. Why don’t you tell them to go out, get a real job, earn a little money, save some for a boat, and start to live a little. Like this guy singin’ my new favorite song.

NPR on the President Trump Speech at the UN

De-fund NPR. You Democrats are welcome to have your own little radio fits, but on your own dime. There is no justification for the rest of us taxpayers having to contribute to National Democrat Party Radio’s continuous Democrat Party propaganda.

I turned to NPR to see what the “earnest voices” said about Trump’s speech at the UN. They just don’t get it; they seem utterly unable to get it. So, in case any of them get out of their elite bubble and stumble across this blog, here it is; my reply to NPR’s commentators, in plain language.

Decades of our elected leaders’ uttering bland weasel-words have made America weak and disrespected in the world. As a result, the world is more dangerous. Bill Clinton, in particular, is responsible for letting North Korea go nuclear. You Democrats then put Barack Obama in the White House, where he simply ignored the growing North Korea nuclear threat for eight years, though he did find time to comment on how dangerous American cops and citizens with guns are. While he permitted the threat to grow, you enabled him with your gushing praises over nothing, and your silence over his failures.

And, now you throw a little fuss-fit when Trump warns the atomic-armed dictator not to mess with America.

You NPR liberals are not happy that Trump “sounds un-presidential.” The rest of us are sick of the usual smooth, mumbling, meaningless mouthing that most of our politicians deploy to trick the masses. That includes your own Democrat discourse. Your voices may sound earnest, but you are completely biased and blind to what how the rest of us out here see this. Your being more concerned over Donald Trump’s words of truth, than you are over the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese conspiring to give a mad America-hating dictator nuclear weapons, reveals how ridiculous you have permitted yourselves to become.


Pelosi Shouted Down in Ironic Turnabout

Washington’s Democrats were so smug when they urged on the mad dogs of anarchy, and you other Democrats made excuses for them; but — Surprise! — the pack turns around and bites you. If you want to see some poetic justice, then watch this crowd of Marxist anarchist Democrats shout down Nancy Pelosi.

They prove, again, that they will ruin our country.