What the Flag and the Anthem Really Mean

The flag and the anthem are powerful visual and vocal symbols of who America really is. This “we the people” phrase is not just a mantra. No king, no khan, no Communist Party. No dictator. We are not a nation led by a “strong man” or founded around a tribe sharing race as our uniting force.

We are — or we were — united by the single idea of individual liberty. We express that individual liberty by having no government other than “we the people.” We the people express that government in our Constitution; we carry it out through our elected Congress and President. We celebrate it and remind each other of how precious liberty is and how rare liberty is through our national symbols.

America is an idea, a dream, an aspiration, an experiment — a fragile experiment at that. We always were; we always will be for so long as the USA lasts. We are abnormal to the human race. We took power back from the powerful, and wrote a plan of limited, self-government, in the king’s place. Never before, had this been done by any people, anywhere.

The loss of respect for our national symbols reflects the loss of understanding among our people of who we are. Such a misunderstanding of America is dangerous to us all. Everyone here should wake up every day glowing in gratitude that he is here, participating in this glorious experiment. The success depends on each of us. The Founders are long dead; they could only declare themselves independent. It is up to each generation of Americans to continue to insist on independence from those who from within claw their way toward greater power, and from those enemies outside who watch for us to weaken enough to be conquered.

I am not so angry with the likes of NFL players who show such ignorance, as I am at those who taught them to be so dangerously foolish.

Narrative Fail: Orlando Attack

Turns out, when Omar Mateen went sudden jihad syndrome and shot up the Orlando, Florida homosexual nightclub, “Donald Trump’s rhetoric” had nothing to do with it.

“They should have not bombed and killed Abu Wahid,” the former security guard declared. “Do your fucking homework and figure out who Abu Wahid is, okay?”


Additionally, Mateen praised one of the bombers of the 2013 Boston Marathon, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and another domestic terrorist whose name was transcribed as unintelligible in the released transcript.


At other points, Mateen told the negotiator that the United States needed to stop all bombing in Iraq and Syria.

Democrat voters: do not let your leaders delude you. They are not so stupid as to actually believe that Trump’s call to stop immigration from Muslim lands has inflamed the Middle East. However, they calculate that a number of you are stupid enough to believe them. Prove them wrong, by rejecting Hillary Clinton in November. Or don’t, and prove them right.


“Birther” and Birth Certificates

I say all of this not to try to stir any controversy. I do not assert that BHO was born outside the country. I simply do not know. The certificate he produced is less than conclusive on the matter. Regardless, it’s moot now — except that Holt the “moderator” raised it as an issue to hand HRC a gift at the debate. And, had Obama been a more pro-American President, no one would have cared. But, here is some actual information that should neutralize some of the mockery offered up by snide Democrat debate “moderators” and infamous political candidates who cannot tell the truth about what they had for breakfast.

A birth certificate is a written certification by a government vital records custodian. Most of our parents receive one soon after the birth: some call that the “original” birth certificate. Not all receive one. Not all who receive one, manage to preserve it. They get lost. I learned upon applying for a passport that the paper I always assumed was my birth certificate was not an official vital record at all — it was a “hospital birth certificate” more in the nature of a nice souvenir. I had lived my entire life and served in the Army without a copy of my birth certificate.

But, you may request a certificate at any time; it will show the date the clerk looked up your birth record, and printed the certificate. I received one recently: it is dated 7-8-16 because that is when the clerk examined the state’s records, and wrote the certificate. And, here is Obama’s, showing that he obtained it in 2011. It is, thus, not an “original” birth certificate. Has he, like me, not had one all these years?


Older records were, of course, paper journals: books, or files, or cabinets of index cards. Certificates are “certifications” of those physical, written records. But, times change and so do means of storing records. At some point, most states digitized their records. That means that two modestly-paid government workers — or perhaps summer interns enjoying a nice, nepotistic summer job — sat in a room, while one called out the information on the cards, and the other keyed it into a database. Requests for “birth certificates” likely query these later-created databases.

Note: someone has access to that database, and may make “corrections.” For example, my own recently issued certificate was obviously corrupted during just such a sit-down keyboard session. My mother’s middle name is misspelled, phonetically — the way it would have sounded when dysfunctionally educated kid-A struggled to read it off to dysfunctionally educated kid-B. But, her wrongly-spelled middle name is now “in the system,” so the false information is perpetuated in the system and gets onto my birth certificate. And, images of “originals” are stored likewise.

It would have been simple during the buildup to the Obama election for a friendly Democrat clerk in Hawaii to “edit” to “correct” the error, and show that BHO was born in Hawaii. Once done, that “correction” will be forever evidenced in any birth certificate generated.

Result: inconclusive. Frankly, the 2011 copy produced by the President would have required a clerk’s forgery in addition to merely a database edit. I suspect it is authentic and he was born in Hawaii. The “original” would have been better evidence. Practical impact: none, except that HRC manages to turn her own attack against Obama, into an attack on Trump and the “moderator” helped her.