19 Days to Christmas: Pearl Harbor Day

“Military History” magazine, January 2011, the cover: “Why were Japanese soldiers in WWII so brutal?”

“Military Times” (online), December 7, 2016: “Last few Pearl Harbor survivors hope lessons outlive them.”

Why is there “Joy to the world!” in Christmas? Not a Christian? Hate Christianity? Despise Christians? Then, at least let your loathing fuel that spark of intellectual curiosity, inescapable at Christmastime. You’re going to be immersed in Christmas no matter how many ways there are to water down the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

Why is there “joy” in the birth of Christ is the question. This series of 21 posts starts at the foundation of the Christian worldview, and builds in a progression toward Christmas Day, which answers the question.

Today’s post picks up from yesterday’s grim missive: yes, God created a wondrous world in a wondrous universe — but this is no “Garden of Eden” either literally or figuratively. Quite the contrary. You may try to explain the Christian notion of “sin” in purely behavioral, or materialistic terms, but then some manifestation of evil defies such bland origins. Why were the Japanese soldiers in WWII so brutal?

Japanese readers (and, I see there are some), this post is not an anti-Japanese rant. Even the most hardened atheist and the most skeptical agnostic among us do not need the Genesis account from The Bible, or the Jewish prophets, or the Apostle Paul to tell us that the world has an evil problem: a “sin” problem. “All” have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God, Paul writes to the Christians in Rome.

“All.” Not just the Japanese of WWII, or the ISIS of today, or Stalin. The list goes on to be quite long, and we have not even touched on the diableries of the Iroquois as described by the Jesuits who, themselves, indulged in the Roman Catholic Church’s Inquisition.


The “Military History” article goes on to explore why the Japanese were so brutal in WWII. The conclusion is not difficult to state and it is an instructive warning for all of us: a variety of influences led the Japanese to “other” everyone else. In Japan, the concepts of the Emperor, the Japanese race, and the Japanese right to rule Asia mixed into a stew of barbarism given particular expression in the military.

One such military movement, “The Imperial Way,” shunned democracy and its commercial expression, capitalism, in favor of a militaristic totalitarianism where the samurai class would restore Japan to some idealized golden age. The Imperial Way merged with the “Control” faction to impel both factions’ Japanese leaders into total war against the world. The mystical component of their thinking included Japanese racial superiority, surrender as unthinkingly dishonorable, and worship of the Emperor as literally, a living god whose orders — given through the top generals — could not be disobeyed. And, these orders included barbaric acts. The POW camps were not poorly supervised where camp commandants were permitted to run amok; the camp officers were ordered to see to it that POWs were treated systematically brutally.

From the Japanese culture’s point of view of the 1930s and 1940s war years, World War II was a race war they could not lose. New recruits to the Army were taught that the Chinese, in particular, were inferior, and in the way of the right of Japanese domination. The Chinese were vermin to be extinguished or enslaved, and the white Europeans were the real enemy.

When we people permit ourselves to see other people as just matter, or inferior animals, then all manner of barbarism makes sense and ensues. The Japanese of WWII held to their own version of “othering.” There are, of course, many varieties and we, too, are subject to segregating people into groups where one group may be relegated to diminished value. Consider, for example, that even in this supposedly sophisticated age, we tolerate the practice of sticking a sharp tool into a baby’s brain during birth. The baby must be “othered” as not quite yet a “person” in order to avoid the horrific admission that we have just murdered a helpless child.

Proponents sterilize the act as “partial birth abortion” and proclaim it as the ideal national public policy.

Yes, “All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God.”

No, we have not learned the lessons of Pearl Harbor Day. There are real consequences to thinking of human beings as “others” and those given over to evil delight in surprising others with a “day of infamy.”



20 Days to Christmas–and there’s something wrong with the world

“You feel it,” Morpheus told Neo, “There’s something wrong with the world.”


This is the 20th day before Christmas (counting today). I am simply laying out for agnostics, atheists, and others who are just pretty put off by the whole Christian thing, what is one Christian’s worldview. That progression over the days until Christmas, in turn, culminates on Christmas Day with a rational explanation for why we still celebrate the birth of Christ.

A rational explanation — given its underlying premises. You may believe that much I write here is absurdity or even mythology, if you like. Regardless, given a few, straightforward, underlying premises, at least I’m explaining why a large number of people proclaim “Joy to the world!” That’s the purpose of the “21 days until Christmas” series. I hope you’ll return, out of curiosity, if for no other reason.

So, 20 days out, just after yesterday celebrating mankind’s special nature as God-created, I have to almost immediately go sad on us: there is something wrong with the world. Surely, all would confess that. Call it what you may. A Christian view is that sin entered the creation. Okay, perhaps you reject the very notion.

Be real: laughing at the entire Adam and Eve story, won’t change the fact that things here are pretty messed up. You Democrats probably really think things are messed up, even more than you thought back in October. For, as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote,

I heard the bells on Christmas day
Their old familiar carols play
And mild and sweet their songs repeat
Of peace on earth good will to men
And the bells are ringing (peace on earth)
Like a choir they’re singing (peace on earth)
In my heart I hear them (peace on earth)
Peace on earth, good will to men
And in despair I bowed my head
There is no peace on earth I said
For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.
So, stick with me, and see where this goes.



21 Days–Inescapable Christ Time of the Year

This post starts a 21 day series for those who find Christians irritating, particularly at Christmas time. It is, after all, 21 days until Christmas Day. Christ-mas. The very name offends so many. Yet, Christmas is historically established as a holiday, and realistically unavoidable in the West. Despite the Marxist movement to eradicate Christ from the popular culture, we in the West still do celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ. In America, we celebrate the birth of Christ in 21 days, on December 25th.

Myth? Regardless, many of us  celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th.

Absurd? Yes, isn’t it. Yet, we celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th.

Sometimes, it is wise to put the smirking on hold, and to just listen. Just for a time. Mockers and scoffers and agnostics and atheists out there, do you agree with that simple proposition: that, sometimes there are things to be learned, just by listening? What does that cost you? You can always endure Christmas, do your own secular thing, and go back to mocking and scoffing on December 26th, better informed than before.

I know the godless worldview. I can make your arguments as well as you can, maybe better. You think the entire universe originated in a “singularity” with all mass and energy in an infinitesimally small, infinitely dense “point” that exploded in “the Big Bang.” You think “life” accidentally bubbled up from warm goo a few billion years later, and is nothing more than weird chemical interactions. Add some time, and some other chance chemical accidents, and here we are. Okay. I get that. I’ve been taught that, too.

Purely as a matter of intellectual curiosity, you might use Christmastime to figure out why this weird Christ thing has had so much influence on the modern world. Christmas is a good time for me to lay it out, since, otherwise, you might never comprehend why the mythical angels proclaimed to the mythical shepherds “Good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” What’s good about it? Where’s the joy? you probably wonder.

If you return here for 21 days to consider why so many celebrate Christmas, what can it hurt? So, here is day 21: Continue reading

Denunciation by Democrat Radicals

In my last post, I referred to “denunciation”: the widespread practice of citizens calling on the power of their government to seize, arrest, prosecute and perhaps even execute other citizens, for behavior not sufficiently in compliance with the tyranny of the day. We know the word mostly because of Dickens’ description of The Terror in A Tale of Two Cities. Our Founders and other early American leaders knew the word by watching with the rest of Europe in horror, as the Jacobins morphed into evil and terrorized France. The slightest expression might be denounced, opening the path to the guillotine. Any behavior arousing suspicion by anyone else might result in some citizen denouncing some other citizen. The radicals of Paris dragged Europe’s most progressive country down into ruin France, set up future dictators, set up World Wars I and II, and continues to play out in today’s “social justice” movement.

The Terror did not erupt overnight. It began as a means of protecting the “revolution.” The French revolutionaries saw themselves as justified in setting up kangaroo courts, because of “counter-revolutionary” forces. In other words, they were utterly convicted that they held the moral imperative. They justified their most oppressive actions in this way. And, the obedience they insisted on grew ever more picky.

Is this sounding familiar? What should we do with “climate deniers,” or Christian bakers? Why does any American presume to have the power to do anything to such people? Yet, even the American Left revels in public denunciation for perceived minor infractions. The Democrat Party is home to the evil spirit of the Jacobins, with many maniacal Robespierres determined to stamp out all but the approved thought of the day. Democrats, you ought to take a hard look at your political movements from Black Lives Matter to little dictatorial ethics committees to those who demand sex change operations paid for by the taxpayers, for traitors in military prisons: you ought to be alarmed at where history indicates all of your fervor leads. None of this is new. There is something in the nature of Man that is dictatorial. Liberty is a fragile aberration. We must defend it, or lose it, to thousands of little tyrant committees who will have your liberty, your guns, and your head, if they get their way.

It is not new that we seem incapable of learning from history.

And, it is not new that dictators speak to the worst impetus in the heart of people to encourage them to denounce, shame, ostracize, and eventually outlaw the rest of us who do not adhere to the social justice warrior dogma of the moment. Nowhere in America is this worse than in our universities!

The American Democrat Party is the home to the Jacobin Clubs of the French Revolution. That did not end well.

Reference for further reading: “The Theory and Practice of Denunciation in the French Revolution, in The Journal of Modern History, Vol. 68, No.4, University of Chicago Press, by Colin Lucas. (Requires an online account, but free to read online)

The Left’s 3,000 Tyrants of Political Correctness

A raised eyebrow–skeptical? A pause — incredulous? A tone — are you belligerent? A facial expression — are you mocking?

All of the above were the subject of my profession’s effort to engage in totalitarian, leftist control. The Board overseeing ethics violations proposed a rule change — rejected by the state Supreme Court — exactly like the communistic control which is the subject of this article in National Review. For those reprobates not converted, or shamed into submission, there was the threat of being hauled before the governing ethics board for punishment — even the loss of the license to work. The perverted commandment added to the books of commandments the Left wants to force us to live under: shall not express a bias against (insert favored group here) by word or deed.

Express: just to express, no action required for a violation.

“A bias”: just a bias, a leaning, some indication that you might think in a wrong direction.

By word or “deed”: Your facial expression, your tone, your manner of behaving — all could be interpreted as “expressing” the forbidden “bias.”

And, yes, “sexual orientation” was one of the favored classes about whom you would have been permitted only to praise, favor, or otherwise approve of. Heartily. You had better approve heartily; too faint praise could have been interpreted as expression of a bias.

All of these infractions empowered your opponent in a lawsuit to report your ethical violation to the Board for investigation. There’s your little communist street watch collaborator committee, ready to “denounce” you.

Our Supreme Court wisely informed the lawyers of what was going on by soliciting comment from the state’s lawyers, and it got back plenty. The little communists lost. For now. Regardless, their point was made: there is an official dogma; depart from it, and you stand to be punished. If not this year, in the future. And, so, free thought, discussion, analysis, and action are suppressed. It may take some time, they think, for them to prevail and ban the offender outright.

I am sure they took down names. I am sure they are still taking names down, now. Waiting.

And that’s just in the realm of policing the lawyer profession for unethical behavior. There are many, many antisocial behaviors to punish. For example, we just saw two television program stars persecuted for attending a Christian church where people actually take the Bible seriously. And, owning a gun? You know that kind of antisocial behavior cannot be tolerated.

To the Left: The prescription for what you perceive as society’s many dysfunctions is not a subsuming power to control every behavior and word. The prescription is liberty under equally applied law. That way, you have to engage in public debate and convince others you are right, instead of jailing those you think are wrong, or stripping them of their means to earn a living. In our federalist system, we get to see how these debates play out differently, in different states.

Because, none of you out there is anywhere close enough to God to play God.

Was it all about the “white working class”?

No. This is the divisive, Marx-influenced language of the Left. Only they and the New York/Washington D.C. yappers are yammering about the “white working class.”

But, the Democrat Party spent decades spinning up grievance groups against all white people in general, betraying all people who work outside of government, and selling our country out to any political or religious movement who will declare hatred for the USA: naturally, they got thrown out of office. Having been thrown out, they grow even louder in their vile accusations against the rest of America.

But, they do care about global cooling warming cooling climate whatever, special interest groups sucking up government grant money, and infiltrating horny high school boys into your daughter’s shower after gym class.

I could go on about the corruption, perversion, and ineptitude of Democrat politics and policies and that Party’s outright betrayal of America. No, leftoids, revulsion is not confined to the “white working class.”

Many of us were looking for a president who actually loves America. Look what you tried to give us.

Harvard Prof Says 3% Americans Own 50% of the Guns

Bob Owens hilariously reports this absurd study at Bob’s site, bearingarms.com. The professor Bob is laughing at says 3% of Americans own 50% of America’s guns. Apparently, a “super-owner” has on the average, 17 guns.

I know lots of guys with 17 guns. I must know almost all of the super-owners. How in the world would you ever discover how many guns there are in this country? Impossible. The research is statistically invalid from the get go.

But, we could fun with his methodology. Profesor, no gun owner is going to talk to a dweeb leftist social researcher about guns. Instead of gun ownership dropping, I’d say gun ownership “reporting” is dropping.

I might tell one of our friends at the NRA, if they asked. But, we all know better than to ask. How rude; how awkward; how inappropriate that would be. Even of them; no way I’m answering questions posed by some commie.

Another conclusion might be that there are really lots more guns out here then they ever dreamed, and whomever does talk is underreporting. Now, I figure that’s true, just based on the people I know. Besides, once you own one, or two, or three, the rest is pretty much rounding out the collection. Over a lifetime, it’s hard to avoid owning lots of guns. I’ve got a .22 rifle that I don’t even know how I got. No idea where it came from.

If the guy had asked me, I might have told him “250” just for the fun of it.

Iranian-Americans Seized by Government of Islamic Republic of Iran

Under the ongoing debacle of the Obama presidency, we learn that two more Americans were seized by the Iranian government and jailed — in July.

My advice for Americans of Iranian background: don’t go home. I know you want to visit relatives, or do some international business, but you may be treated by the government of Iran like a pawn, and arrested, and “disappeared” into prison. Though the Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize dual citizenship, it does recognize the opportunity to seize hostages from a weakened America.

My advice to Iran: feed the hostages well, be nice, and arrange for their release and transportation back. Before it’s too late for you.

Well before January 20, 2017.