Left Pays People to Spy on You

Universities are paying students to spy on other students. Think “denounce” as in citizens sending other citizens to the guillotine during the French Revolution. I’d say it’s Orwellian, but I supposed “Orwellian” is becoming overused. In Communist countries, every neighborhood was organized into cells, and some evil minion of the collective state spied on others.

Democrats, are you at all concerned about what your Party is turning this country into?In China, this is how the “Red Guards” got started. It’s not the ordinary, conservative, American patriot who is snitching on others to make sure that they “get their minds right.” We discover that all of this talk about civil liberties is just that: talk. Orwellian talk.


NPR’s Latest Worry

They are worried that Trump’s companies own hotels, and foreign guests taking the kids to Disney World might stay in a Trump hotel. That would mean (theoretically) that when the guests pay for their stay, Trump might make money from a foreigner.

They suggest in their whispering campaign way that this would be unconstitutional.

I say at least Trump did not peddle government influence into vast profits.

Sources Say Trump Is Russian!

In faking breaking news, CNN (unnamed) sources say that Donald Trump is actually Russian! His real name is Donolov Trumpitsky. Born in Minsk, the son of turnip farmers, young Donolov became an eager leader of the Young Communist League, executing several other children personally because they failed to show sufficient awe when passing by a statue of Lenin. He was promoted within the Party when he organized firing squads to thin the ranks of the elderly, people of color, LGBT whatevers, all women he could not rape, and anyone who spoke as much Spanish as “adios.” As part of his promotion, he was assigned to manage his parents’ turnip farm collective. When they failed to make quota, he ordered them “fired” too — literally by Mosin Nagant firing squad, at which time the terrified peasants gave him the Russian equivalent nickname of “You’re fired!”

Trumpitsky managed the turnip collective so efficiently that he turned a profit and, therefore, was sent to a Siberian prison camp. However, his fortunes changed when he saved the entire camp from starvation one especially harsh winter. Prisoner Trumpitsky brushed the prison establishment aside, took over, subdivided the cell blocks and garden plots, and managed food distribution. A faction of deranged prisoners protested against young Trumpitsky even though they were all about to starve otherwise, but a new regime in Moscow recognized him as a hero. The Party redeemed him from Siberia, and convinced him to become a foreign agent, working inside the United States.

A conservative video maker who infiltrated CNN headquarters as a muffin salesman, recorded CNN editors on tape saying any source denying that the Russians thought Trump would win, is “no more believable than Hillary Clinton talking about lost email or Benghazi.”

Drain NPR Swamp–Now

The earnest voices of NPR (public radio) are an incessant stream of Democrat Party fake news propaganda. Today, it’s all about how Trump’s talk with Russian government official was “lawful but awful.” So, let’s ignore their innuendo and slanders and break down some actual facts.

The POTUS met with an official of the Russian government. That’s probably a good thing; had Barack Obama done it, he would be praised for his statesmanship. We expect the President to meet with leaders of other countries.

POTUS had his staff then brief the CIA, and perhaps other agencies. Okay. This is called a “debriefing.” It is good for the President to actually talk to his intelligence and counterintelligence people about meetings with foreign governments. Share what they said, how they acted, what information they may have let slip., your impressions. Share what you told them. This is routine, despite NPR’s proclamation that this administration is way way out of control. But, it gets worse than the insult we endure of taxpayer funded, Democrat radio propaganda.

Then, some anti-American Democrat operative, deeply embedded within our own spy agencies, calls a reporter. Now, we have a leak — almost certainly a felony — by someone who is supposed to be on our side — America’s side. Now, the Democrats and their press-minions have the world astir (they think) about Trump, intelligence sources, foreign government allies, and how they cannot trust the Trump government. How much of our allied intelligence sharing will dry up now? Never mind that their email to the former Secretary of State resided on her bathroom computer.

Newsflash, newsdogs. Neither we, the American people, nor most of the rest of the world, cares one whit about your little Trump tempest in a teapot.

It’s not the Russians I worry about, it’s the anti-American Democrat saboteurs in Washington who are trying to take down our country.

Fake news. On National Public Radio.

De-fund NPR now.

Cokie Roberts Muddled on Facts

Heard Cokie Roberts wail about how people (She means people like me of course, not her people.) no longer believe facts. In this age in which lying Democrats make facts harder and harder to come by, guess what? It’s not the facts that people like me don’t believe. Cokie: it’s you we don’t believe. Just because you say it, it’s not a fact. In fact, these days, I’ve learned that when you say it, I shift the burden of proof and disbelieve it until it’s confirmed by sources I actually trust.

And, whenever the assertion of a matter as a fact supports an argument for bigger government, it’s pretty much always a lie.

Fact: Cokie, you just made the Idiocracy Report.

Benghazi, Cokie, Benghazi. Who first came up with the notion that they would tell all of us that it was a Christian video? Where was Barack Obama? Those are facts I’d like to know and thanks to you and the like, still don’t.

Trump, Be Trump in Foreign Policy

This story at The Hill is supposedly about leaking, but far more importantly, it’s about the Washington establishment’s repeated, illegal failures in far-flung, longlasting, foreign wars. Specifically, we find that the Eurocentric, world-government types are all worried that Steve Bannon influences Donald Trump: “Bannon is a core architect of ‘America first’ unilateralism and has no interest in continuing forever-wars that lack support among the base in the region,” said Ian Bremmer, the president of the international consulting firm Eurasia Group.

I’m with Bannon. Democrats, are you not? Would you like to let your little kids grow up to be Washington, D.C. cannon fodder, pawns on their chessboard, wasted lives spent in wasted wars, in wasted lands whose people lack the will or desire to free themselves — and turn on us?

Why would we want to pour our youth into forever-wars that lack support among the people of the region — and that lack sufficient support here at home, for that matter? If you want to weaken and eventually destroy America, that’s a good strategy.

Trump actually has an pro-American foreign policy. Previous administrations have not, other than to continue the same institutions and  alliances and expenditures as before. They left us endless peace processes, a maniac with nuclear bombs, an Islamic infiltration, and $20 trillion in debt.

Maybe Washington should consider Bannon’s “America first unilateralism.” I’m all for it.

Big Brother Is Listening and Unmasking–and Lying About It

I think the way this works is that the NSA is able to sift digital data for connections to enemy suspects. Once a connection is made, the NSA then may target the suspect for surveillance including the modern equivalent of “wiretapping.” As with any such monitoring, whomever calls or is called by the suspected enemy gets overheard, too.

I know many libertarians have been up in arms since the Snowden revelations about NSA data collecting. I am not. First, I always assumed that any call with a foreign national from Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and the like would be overheard. I have held no “expectation of privacy” during such calls. I assume if I speak with someone who has been involved in counter-terrorist warfare, that the NSA may be monitoring. Technology has moved beyond breaking into the telephone wire box and clipping leads on to listen in.

So, move all of this from digital data collection, spotting those connections to enemy suspects, and then actually recording the conversations with American citizens. We are told that a very limited number of people get to do that, and decide which citizens get “unmasked” and reported to higher up. Of course, this is where the Devil plays politics.

Again, if we are going to sift data, sort the connections to enemy suspects, and then selectively listen in, we are going to overhear Americans talking. As our country sorts out how to handle advances in technology and Islamic terrorism, international drug money laundering and the like, we at least need scrupulous accountability among the government officials dancing close to the Fourth Amendment’s cliff-edge with the NSA.

Now, we learn that the Obama administration including the known liar Clapper greatly under-reported the numbers of Americans snooped on in this way.

Liberty is a fragile condition, bought by shooting would-be tyrants, and coveted by wannabee kings. Liberty is a difficult to cling to wisp. Lying to the American people about how many of us are being spied on by our own government, is how we wake up one day in chains.

As always, I point out that the only reason our government takes measures like NSA data sifting and surveillance of American citizens and unmasking, and TSA probes for that  matter, is that the same government betrayed us by letting the enemy into the gates.

Trump’s Dismissing Comey

Today, Drudge Report headlines are filled with alarms over Comey firing. I say Trump should have sent Comey home earlier, as part of draining the swamp. Republicans in Washington government had better ignore all outcry for investigations, hearings, special prosecutors, etc. Democrats would. Democrats did. We have not sent Republicans to Washington to cower and submit to Democrat mouthiness as usual. There is far more important work to do. Democrats, you have far more to be concerned about than Donald Trump.

For example, see next post.

Don Babwin With AP Writes Chicago Rifle Babble

Instead of reporting the latest crime news, Babwin slants the latest Chicago shootings toward more gun control. Another ratchet click in the never-ending propaganda campaign to give government enforcers the authoritarian monopoly on firearms ownership. This time, it’s a small click, a subtle click, a subtle lie. But, here’s how he did it.

Another gang shooting last Sunday. No news there. Almost laughable in the tragicomedy sense: two killed attending a memorial for an earlier gang-banger killing. All of them members of the same gang. Gang and race not identified, since such details are counter-narrative — as if we all do not have any idea who Chicago’s street gangster blight is made up of. This time, probing deeper into other articles, we learn that rival Hispanic gangs taking advantage of Rahm Emanuel’s Democrat policies shot it out. Open the borders, don’t check ID, let everybody in — and guess who also shows up?

The deeper irony is that the Democrat government refuses to solve the problem it helped create, leaving its black urban constituency (98% Democrat to the merciless mercy of the gangsters — perpetually, over generations. And, now, the Democrat Mayor’s “sanctuary city” policy invites Latin gangs to the war. Are Chicago’s Irish and Italians at it again? I think not. Are those Spanish-speaking gangsters all here legally? Doubtful.

But, the AP article zeroes in on a police warning bulletin — as if police need one — cautioning them that gangs appear to be upgrading their weaponry to rifle calibers.

So, the problem is not that Democrat policies destroy families, reward sloth, and oppress undereducated, underskilled men; it’s not that Democrat politicians are soft on crime and tough on armed citizens; it’s those guns. Those Indiana farmers with all of those gun shows are causing Chicago’s demise.

Sometimes, events prove that your most stubbornly held fundamental beliefs about life are wrong. Then, we learn and may move forward from problems and obstacles, to success. Chicago Democrats: this could be one of those times for you, if only you will open your eyes and think.

I know the Left’s leaders and activists will not change: the above call to thought and “call to arms” is to the black voters of Chicago who are sick of the Democrat welfare system’s rot, and who actually want to do something effective about it.

Or, don’t, just keep voting (D), accept the benefits, and continue to let the party hack Democrats commit slow cultural homicide on your neighborhoods.