Audio jack not working?

I suppose keeping our communications equipment maintained is militarily essential, right members of the Virtual Militia? So, here’s a post some of you will most likely, eventually, find helpful.

The audio jack on your mobile phone suddenly quit working.  It feels like the plug is not inserting all the way. Before you order another, and attempt the repair yourself, a simple fix may have your commo back up in a jiffy, using only items you already have around the house.


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Brexit Warns About the Inevitable State

Haven’t said much about the United Kingdom’s debate over whether to continue in the EU. It’s their business. I don’t routinely read their rationales either way. President Obama does not mind wading in: I suppose he sees his interference as consistent with his campaign to boost all forms of human authority to a place higher than U.S. sovereignty. Maybe he sees the E.U. as sort of a forerunner to what he wants to see the U.N. become — under his leadership, of course.

But, the United Kingdom’s debate over whether to continue to submit to the E.U. states a clear warning for us all. Continue reading

Infiltration Report: Airport Security Flaw

This is a well-known but no less frightening security flaw. I learned about this from an airline pilot, years ago. Paired with our lax immigration security, it’s an infiltration problem. The federal government knows about this — and apparently does not care.

But, they x-ray you and me, and go through our backpacks. I’ve never attended a radicalizing mosque, never committed a crime. Born in America, grew up in America, swore to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and served in the American Army. Issued an M-16, and a .45. Licensed here 30 years ago, work here, paid my taxes and raised kids here. The kids grew up, and now, they all work here and pay their taxes, too.

But, if I leave Somalia and get a job in airport security, they don’t even check. Government is …. Oh, forget it.

Americans: We have let this Idiocracy government get away with too much. Our founders would have been in rebellion over far less. We should reclaim our liberty. We can start at the polls.

Fallujah: A Warning to the World

The Iraqi army is finally going on the offensive to retake Fallujah from ISIS. This ancient Babylonian city stands as a grim warning to people, everywhere.

Al-Fallujah is a mere 40 miles west of Baghdad. I am trying to get my mind around this. It would be as though Crossville, Tennessee, 40 miles west of Knoxville, were occupied by the combined Chicom-Russian army, with Cuban commandos rampaging and foraging, butchering rural homesteads. Baghdad sits on the Tigris River; Fallujah sits on the Euphrates. Ramadi — which ISIS also took months ago — is a mere 40 miles west of Fallujah.

Some combination finally took back Ramadi last December. Now, the Iraqi armed forces leaders talk about making that push to retake Fallujah. While they talk, here is why I comment. This is not just about Fallujah. Continue reading

It’s 1861 in Europe

It’s 1861 in Europe. Will the EU force its member states to remain “united”? Can a voluntary union be dissolved? Except this time, instead of the South’s insistence on holding fast to the evil of slavery forcing the issue, it’s the EU holding fast to making minions of the Europeans.

Can the voluntary European state union be dissolved? Yes, probably. The EU government lacks the army to compel the rest back into submission, and the European people are not about to pick up arms and go to war to save the posh jobs of bureaucrats.

Infiltration Report: Multiculturalism Bleeds Out

Reported at Buzzfeed: Jihadi John’s accomplice identified:

In Syria, the “Beatles” gained a reputation as the cruellest of all ISIS guards, using electric shocks, waterboarding, and mock executions – including a staged crucifixion – to terrorise their hostages. They beheaded seven British, American, and Japanese hostages, including the British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning, and 18 members of the Syrian army.


All four of the “Beatles” grew up in the same deeply divided pocket of west London and were radicalised in its mosques before travelling to Syria. Elsheikh’s mother said he was heavily influenced by the sermons of Hani al-Sibai, a notorious west London Islamist preacher who described the London 7/7 bombings as a “great victory”, is said to have inspired last year’s Tunisian beach massacre, and has been linked to Mohammed Emwazi.

So, how do we westerners continue to permit visa-less travel back and forth, when you grow “Londoners” like these? And, vice-versa: Why are our leaders permitting the same infiltration? Already, we Americans are herded like minions through airport security agents, who probe us, confiscate our fingernail clippers, and throw away our water bottles. At what price, multiculturalism? Can’t we just be America, Home of the Brave, Land of the Free?

Maybe some national leader should focus on making America great again.


How Liberty?

Stephen Green projects the next revolution in China. A reader responded, hoping for a “truly democratic revolution.” Commenter Nathan reminded everyone that “democracy” is the political expression of a worldview that leads to democracy. Lacking that worldview, how are a people to pull together toward liberty and limited self-government? Nathan put it quite succinctly. Nathan wrote:

China may have a revolution, but the outcome will not be a democratic system.
They have no tradition of democracy.
They have very little tradition of Rule of Law.
They have virtually no trust of anyone outside family, and often even lack trust within family circles.
They have a very long, deep, and broad tradition of exploiting govt systems to enrich their family.
If China has a revolution, the result will look virtually identical to what we see now, just with different people in charge.

I would like to add:
In contrast, American limited self-government sprang from the widely-held tradition (knowledge) that “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” leading to the practical political conclusion that power must be checked, balanced, dissipated among several states, voted out of office, and always held at bay by the Second Amendment. Validating their worldview right now, is the corruption and chaos we Americans see playing out with a government presuming to hold unlimited power, and a people presuming themselves to be gods.

Infiltration Report All Democrats Should Read

This infiltration report of a Somali, infiltrating into our country through Mexico and Arizona, should alarm everyone. It speaks eloquently for itself.

Our Democrats and squishy RINOs in federal government are utterly failing to secure our country.

We Republicans said “Enough!” to the Bush dynasty. Will you Democrats reject the nepotism of another Clinton dynasty? And, do you think Sanders is going to do anything to protect America?

America: Who “has your back” this time?

Congratulations to the officers interdicting this infiltrator.

Bigotry — by Hillary Clinton

If you Democrats wonder why Hillary Clinton sparks such visceral opposition, it is because she misses no opportunity to revile people like me. If you arm to protect your family, Hillary Clinton calls you — she calls me — a “bigot.“*

You elect her as President, and you are just as guilty. You guarantee this country four more years of chaos.

Not to mention the scandals.

*And, the Guardian falls into sycophant line, misleading with the Trayvon Martin facts.