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I do not promise to be an expert blogger. The software has lots of “quirks.” For example, the “From” heading in email omits the last letter, so you have received email saying that “her” musters at Virtual Militia, instead of “The Virtual Militia musters here.” I think I have finally fixed that bug. But, there’s worse….

I found my site updating me with “new posts” as 5 a.m. the next morning! Not funny, unless you have some app killing off your notifications and sounds during the night. I had deadened my app a few nights ago, and got machine-gunned with a flurry of post notifications at full volume at 5 a.m. Made me think, maybe you, too, are hit with these things.

I apologize.

So, I’ve attempted to change that. If you have any complaints about how the site works, please do let me know, and I’ll try to figure out the fixes.

Having said that: I blog because I must, it’s something I do because writing helps me think about what is going on in the world. I just can’t make figuring out how all of this works, into a full time job.

Democrats Used Your Government As Political Hit Agency

It’s official: Democrats got the word out to “their” government to collect all information possible on Trump before Obama left office and use it, and conceal their inside-the-government sources — because once Trump replaced the heads of the NSA, CIA, FBI, ETC. they would lose their power of government surveillance over the rest of us.

Off with their heads.

Better yet: go to polls, send them packing. Oh, we did that. Now, drain the swamp!

More and more, the Democrat Party behaves like the insidious enemy working from within the destroy the country.

This is, perhaps, the standout major scandal of the last 100 years. This is a crisis of government.

All of this jabbering about “the Russians” is a smokescreen delusion, meant to take our attention from the Democrat Party’s treachery.

Good discussion of our alliance with NATO right here. Also a good example of saying one thing, but signalling conflicting messages: “You’ve got to pay more of your share,” but “The defense of Europe is a vital US interest.”

If it’s vital, then we’ll pay what we have to do defend Europe.

So, why is it vital, again? If defending Germany is not vital to Germans from Cologne, then why is it vital to Americans from Cincinnati? I’m not seeing it.

Our past leaders have consistently failed to evaluate European defense as an American interest, and to adjust the alliance and its cost accordingly. Along comes Trump….

Back to the ‘Raq

Troops from the 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg are headed back to Iraq. The mission: to help the Iraqi Army re-take Mosul.

Mosul — been around a long time. Ninevah. As in where Jonah reached out to the Assyrians to tell them about God. Long time ago.

It seems almost as long ago that the battle to retake Mosul started. First, think about this: the junior varsity ISIS took Iraq’s major northern city in 2014. Held it. The planning to retake Mosul advanced at the speed of cold molasses. The headlines were almost humorous, with the battle “beginning” in 2015, spanning 2016, and here we are in 2017.

Here is what I think about it: if the men of Iraq are not interested enough in throwing out Islamic maniacs, slaughtering all of them in the sand, and establishing an actual country, then why should young men from America? If the men among the 400,000 Mosul refugees were all armed and fierce, then surely they could seize their own city.

I’m sure the “situation is complicated.” ISIS is mixed among the women and children; roadside bombs and suicide bombers; Kurds fighting alongside Iraqis.

Men of Iraq: do you want a country or not? Because I think Americans did a noble thing, giving you the opportunity to live in peace and security without an evil dictator, and out from under the yoke of Islamic authoritarianism. Now, that chance is yours to do something with.

I might add, we are, after all, $20 trillion in debt. We cannot justify resuming major support and operations thousands of miles away for dubious results fighting tangential threats.

The one viable reason for Americans to fight there is to create a meatgrinder that attracts Islamic fighters to a place of our choosing, where we slaughter them wholesale until they give up this modern Islamic invasion and decide to open bakeries and car repair shops.

But, we are not doing that. We, like the battle for Mosul, just go on and on in Iraq with warfare that literally spans generations of Americans.

Overcriminalization as The King’s Power Booster

Excellent article by Rafael Mangual writing for National Review. Please read it: it explains so much of what is wrong in America today. Even better: President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Gorsuch, gets it and lays it out for us.

To put “overcriminalization” in context, think about how any problem or idea works its way through a legislature and makes it into legislation. Someone says to a legislator, “There ought to be a law….” Somebody drafts one. Some legislator proposes it. It gets assigned to a committee. The committee holds “hearings” where all manner of experts and interested people come in and make their pitch.

The pitches always sound so reasonable: they state their strongest case. But, the law is full of weasel words and its enforcers target new groups of people to sock it to with the verbiage. “We don’t want violent criminals to have easy access to guns!” So, they want every “transfer” to require a background check and federal paperwork. Reasonable? Should a brother and sister be arrested when the brother loans a pistol to the sister for her drive through a crime-infested, blue model, Democrat machine run cesspool of a city? Are they the intended targets of such legislation? No, but the real motive behind the law’s advocates was always a broader limit on freedom. Requiring federal paperwork for such a “transfer” overcriminalizes the original intent of the law.

Such overcriminalization also equips the government with powerful and loosely defined prosecutorial discretion. Thus, Republican A gets prosecuted for leaking a secret, and Hillary Clinton gets a free pass. The FBI is disinterested in Democrat criminal conspiracies to deprive Republicans of the First Amendment to assemble and speak, but the Justice Department will send teams to coach local mobs in how to flout the law.

That’s why I call overcriminalization “The King’s Power Booster.”

Less law; less government; more freedom. Or you wake up one day living life just barely outside of prison.


Most Recent London Islamic Terrorist Attack

Everyone talking among themselves about how they are proud to be “carrying on.”

I hand it to the BBC World Service reporter: she at least asks whether police should be armed: Scottish woman quickly insists, no, no of course not — even though the officer killed was unarmed.

They wonder how they can continue to open Parliament to encourage democracy–but no one states the obvious.

Now British, hear this: Such mewling sheep-sounds are unworthy of your people. Where is your outrage? Where is your demand for the right to keep and bear arms for yourselves? Where are you storming the gates of your government, throwing even more of the bums out of office until you find brave people determined to guard your country?Why are you not demanding that your leaders explain why they opened the gates and ports to the post-modern Islamic invasion? Enough of this silliness about how the best thing to do is just go on as normal.

My sympathy goes out to the families of the bereaved and betrayed. Though, I must say: if you lost a loved one, what did you do to require your government to behave responsibly and protect the country?

World War M has merged with World War Z, and if you are disarmed, you are food.