Who is to blame, if Donald Trump wins?

Democrats. You are to blame, if Trump wins.

Oh, sure, many words will be written analyzing the election of Donald Trump in 2016, but you, Democrats, you will have only yourselves to blame.

Democrats, you offered up the most flawed political candidate for presidency in history. Corrupt. Conniving. Connected in all of the ways that got us where we are today. Experienced only in the sense of marrying her way into lifetime-politician status. We are $20 trillion in debt, with HRC proposing massive new government spending programs and higher taxes. Foreign affairs in all corners of the world are unglued — and she is largely silent, except to complain about Donald Trump.

Inept at national security, you offer her as our Commander-in-Chief.

On top of all of that, she would return Bill Clinton to the White House intern stable.

If she loses, you have only yourselves to blame. At least we Republicans said “NO!” to the tired, old offerings from the same old pool of the political class. You? You are the same old tired political class.

You do have one alternative to being used by your political masters. He’s Donald Trump. As strange as that may seem, if you want “change,” he’s your choice.

Why aren’t Republicans racing to defend Trump?

So, the question I hear today from the ernest voices of D-NPR (Defund D-NPR NOW!) is, “Why aren’t Republicans defending Trump against Hillary’s ‘Racist!’ accusation?”

Because, Democrats always revert to such smears when dodging their scandals. Hillary will not apologize for her Benghazi lies, her email lies, or anything else. But, just call _______________(Here, just fill in the blank with the conservative or Republican target of the hour) a racist, and it all goes away!

So, why bother? We know it’s a lie, like everything else Crooked Hillary says. Let’s talk about your candidate, Democrats.

The real shame is that purported reporters follow like the sycophants they are, instead of asking Hillary what the hell is going on with her email, her foundation, her Huma, and… the list is too long.

So, this time, do the 95% of black voters usually voting D stay tricked? Or, do they reject HRC and vote Trump? We’ll see.

Italian General Calls for European Army

Take NATO for example. Yes, go ahead EU — take it.

Instead of trying to cobble together some new EU army, call Donald Trump, tell him you get it, and that you will take over NATO. Trump will agree to collaborate with the EU and Britain over tactics, weapons, and other common materiel.

The Europeans are beginning to comprehend that the United States is no longer the reliable power that keeps the Soviets at bay. Yes, I use the word “Soviets” because while that form of the Russian empire went away, the ambitions, weapons, army, navy, air force and authoritarianism remain. Plainly, American weakness has invited new Russian aggression.

This Italian general is “looking to his powder” and does not expect either the United States or the United Kingdom to continue to shoulder the burden of defending Europe. He expects no help, unless he can do what Romans always did: find allies.

Find ’em. They’re right there. Hope you can wake them up, General.

Anarchy and Chaos at JFK

“Active shooter” warning at JFK ignites chaos. Uniformed officers immediately start pointing shotguns and M-4s and ordering the disarmed sheep to shelter in place.

The official word is: “This went exactly by the book.”

I get the need to sound off loudly and clearly, to get control of the chaos. I just don’t want my country to be subjected to continual guerilla warfare for the next 200 years, until there is not vestige of liberty left.

One Man Illustrates Syria Policy Shambles

I sympathize with Hamdi Alqudsi. The man from Sydney, Australia was caught helping brother Muslims travel to Syria and join ISIS. His defense: he thought they were going over there to help the anti-Assad resistance.

Our own government has aided men who turned out to be ISIS fighters. We have no idea whom to help and whom to bomb, in Syria. Except, we know we should help the Kurds. Except the Turks hate the Kurds, and the Turks are our ostensible allies.

I comment on this story, only because western nations continue to import the great Muslim civil war. Best to keep it there. In that sense, Alqudsi was helping out.

But, I am sure that HRC will figure it all out. Her strength of will and character will quiet our enemies and command that they listen. Her operational and security savvy will make America strong like a fortress. Her selfless efforts will be respected by foreign powers.

Does that sound like the Hillary we know? Democrats: your candidate is already a proven failure. Stay home, or this time, take a chance, join the other Republicans rejecting their party’s business-as-usual Republicans, and give someone different a chance.

Because the world is a dangerous place and she is not up to taking the 3:00 a.m. phone call.

Hillary’s Tired Old “Racist” Accusations Cover Her Scandals

To black Americans who habitually vote D: at some point, aren’t you tired of the Democrats’ always falling back on name-calling their political opponents “racist.” At some point? Like now?

Hillary Clinton is in trouble. She cannot run on her record of accomplishments. Her tenure at State was part of the overall debacle that our foreign policy has become on all fronts: the Middle East, Russia, China, and even in Europe. There was Benghazi, and it did not get any better.

She is a major security risk. One of our agents in the Middle East had his name surface in her unsecured email. He was executed.

And, she just lies about it all. This is beyond debate.

So, instead of showing any contrition or telling you how she will differ from both President Obama and the Republicans to fix this mess, she can’t. She has no idea what to do other than the office of President of the United States will make her more powerful, and more wealthy. Any other candidate would have withdrawn from the race long ago. She does not have to because she knows that you demand so little of her. She knows that the liberal press and you prop her up. All she has to do is avoid talking about all of her scandals.

But, from time to time, she does have to speak. So, she fills the time with the same, old, tired accusations tossed out so airily. Racist.

The question is: are you so easily tricked, this time?

They are dividing this country, pitting us against each other. They succeed only to the extent you let them succeed.

Create the crisis, demand more government power

Another retired general officer spreading propaganda against a free people, exercising the Second Amendment: Peter Chiarelli.

Omitted from the general’s analysis: our treacherous leaders permit the United States to be infiltrated by enemies, and terrorized by criminals. Then, they blame “the gun lobby,” and cry for more government control over the rest of us.

I’m the gun lobby. So, you can take your little anti-gun group and ….