Taxpayers Pay for Soldiers’ Sex Change Operations

Yes, I absolutely oppose the Army having to fund some guy’s desire to wear women’s panties, and — I can’t believe we even have to discuss this stuff.

Was the soldier serving adequately before the “coming out”? If so, then it is not necessary for the needs of the service to alter his body and dress him up. If not, then he has the freedom to express his proclivities elsewhere, at his own expense.

In the meantime, we have an actual Army, with actual enemies, who are seeing us as washed up. That’s dangerous.

An Appeal to the Undecided

Begin here: the establishment governments have us $20 trillion in debt. The Democrats have no intention of turning this around, and the Republicans either fear telling the voters what would have to be done, or they enjoy their Washington, D.C. trough-time just as much as the Democrats.

National defense: Both parties commit our armed services to far-flung corners of the world, serving as the international police for people who are not committed to their own security, much less ours. It seems that everywhere we’ve been, we have to stay — and stay, and stay. Yet, their stated top military priorities are climate change and gender transformations. Only Donald Trump had the guts to call all of this into question. He may not know “more than the generals” but the Commander in Chief and his top commanders are presiding over a debacle. And, yes, we should re-negotiate NATO unless you want to see your children called to war on the Russian Front because of an outdated mutual defense pact.

Foreign wars: They already have us mired in what appears to be perpetual warfare in the Middle East, where they deny having “boots on the ground,” and debate how small our troop levels can be instead of asking how high the enemy body count has to be before the enemy begs for mercy. They obviously have no idea what to do. And, the establishment of both parties insists that we remain committed to go to war in Europe, for Europe, even though the Europeans do not field their own forces sufficient to protect themselves. Are you undecided voters for that?

Border security: They have permitted us to be heavily infiltrated by a population that both includes terrorists, and more to the point — includes people sympathetic with the Muslim conquest such that some from among us will hear the call to jihad.

Jobs: The economy is dragging. The Democrat candidate promises government spending and taxes. There is nothing new there. In the meantime, they flood our country with cheap labor from foreign countries.

College: Both parties have perverted the post-World War II push toward a college education, into a bloated “educatocracy,” delaying adulthood, tricking kids into buying useless degrees, and finally spewing the unprepared out into the world burdened by debt.

Law and order: Well-meaning people of all races are alarmed. The Democrat position seems to be — you guessed it, more spending and more taxes and gun control over the law-abiding. In the meantime, rioters overturn cars and burn stores; heroin runners use the interstates and motels to peddle their destruction.

Racial division: Democrats miss no opportunity to call “Racist!” and divide the country further. Who would argue that President Obama has brought us closer together? The Democrat Party seems hell-bent on pandering to the worst sub-slice of the criminal subculture, so long as that segment of the feral subculture is black.

Corruption: Democrats, you seem unable to remove your party blinders. All of the bright promises of Obama exude the putrid stench of corruption. We get secrecy, obstruction of justice, and the worst cronyism, all while the President golfs. Your party has weaponized the IRS, the Department of Justice including the FBI, and the State Department. Perhaps Democrats are fine with this so long as that corrupted power is directed elsewhere.

Neither the Bush dynasty nor the Clinton dynasty nor their mass of sycophants revealed any intention of fixing any of this.

Temperament: We have all been lulled by their smooth words. They have learned that so long as they keep a straight face, utter what we want to hear, and avoid frightening us, they can lull us along like sheep. Trump: he cuts past all of that trickery, and his blunt words of warning frighten some.

You should be frightened. If you doubt that, please review the points above. If you want all to go on just as it has in the past decades, then vote for the establishment candidate. Otherwise, much to the establishment’s outrage, you have an actual choice this time.

Some Credit Due to NPR

I’ll give some credit to National Government Radio this morning. The commentator hosted a conservative blogger, who stated his pro-Trump rationale. Examples are:

Trump’s sometimes crass speaking manner — He is just being who he is, instead of running every word and nuance past a team of propagandists to see first how the rest of us might be most easily duped.

Trump’s immigration talk — Every nation has the right to secure its borders, and determine who is permitted to enter the country. No other candidate comes close; Hillary is secretly “open borders,” as we learned.

The campaign — Trump’s campaign is far more issue-driven than the Clinton campaign, with Trump immediately during the primaries getting key issues to the forefront. The Clinton campaign is all about smearing Donald Trump.

Philippines Warning to American Anarchists

Warning, you Democrat election terrorism operatives caught by O’Keefe, you so-called Black Lives Matters white Marxists and black street thugs “protesting” by blocking streets, burning stores, and overturning cars.

The thing about anarchy is that it is anarchy: without law, the most violent and least moral reign over the rest. Think “Negan.” Once you burn it down, it’s open to other, bigger, meaner gangs, and you might get Negan.

This article tells of a husband and wife vigilante justice team who assassinate drug dealers. Where the government fails to adhere to the law and enforce just laws, well, you see, others may eventually step into do the job. The government that imposes no justice, gets no peace. For example, the government that subverts the law and frustrates a state from executing murderers gets — unsurprisingly — more murderers.

And, history shows that there is nothing pretty about anarchy. Anarchy never ends well. Anarchy always ends in some form of totalitarianism.

So, next time you collect to harass Trump supporters and watch your fellows throw eggs and scream at the conservatives, think of what Negan will do to you after you burn it all down.

Democrat War on Christianity–Military Version

The writer is miffed at units using any nicknames or emblems reminiscent of knights who joined the Crusades 800 to 1,000 years ago.

In 2013 we successfully represented a group of 22 airmen stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. Confronted with a framed poster in their dining hall depicting a  disgusting representation of Christian sectarianism, they reached out for help. I gave the base an hour to take down the insulting image of a supposed serviceman wearing a hideous outfit. His faux uniform screamed “Crusader” right down to the significantly shaped red cross emblazoned on his white uniform clad chest. The image was removed.

Among the offensive, disgusting imagery:



The writer seeks to ban all references to Scripture in military email, too.

Data Thief Called “Collector,” Not Spy

NSA is saying the man who stole top secret information was a “collector” with mental health problems, not a spy. Okay. Seems, he was learning Russian and had been in contact with “someone” in Russia, though.

What difference does this make, now, anyway? Nearly half the country wants to make the worse security breach in modern times, the next President, and we are told we depend on Russian hackers to learn the truth about our own government corruption.

Obama Military Victory

It’s not what you think. Or, considering the history of the last 8 years, maybe it is exactly the only kind of military victory you would think Obama is capable of. NBC News (online) headline boasts: ‘”We Won!” Trans Girl Can Now Use Girls’ Bathroom at Military School”

The 5th grade boy will be allowed to use the girls’ locker room, too, with the promise of greater fun in the 7th and 8th grades, and into high school. Once the stigma is gone, all of the boys will “identify” as girls; the boys’ sports teams will be abandoned, but girls’ sports will certainly thrive.

In case the reader might think this was a local decision, an aberration in policy, the mom got this directly from the Obama Secretary of Defense. The order applies to all 191 of the Department of Defense schools. NBC dutifully refers to the boy as the “daughter.”

We still have a strong military, but the Democrats are working on that. And, if they get their way, someday soon, this post would cost me my law license, if I do not attend “training” to get re-educated, and then exhibit “compliance.” Probably some “community service” involved.


Is NATO For Real?

Is NATO for real? Not the paper agreements; not the fancy headquarters in Brussels; not the pretty flag and fetching logo. The question is, “If a member nation is attacked, will the other member nations and — in particular — the United States, go to war?

The question is not academic. Russia has been asking that exact question, and testing NATO’s mutual defense pacts. The answer they are arriving at is, “No, NATO is not for real, and the allied nations are allies in name only, unlikely to go to war for each other, at least until pressed to the limit.

For example: a direct attack by Russia against the United Kingdom would probably result in the United States going to war. Gobbling up former Soviet states, or reclaiming influence in Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East probably would not.

Consider this, readers. Only a year ago, the hawkish “National Review” warned of increasing Russian aggression, and the writer urged NATO to fight back. (Do you all want to go to war for Turkey?) But, instead, the Russians have seen that President Obama is weak. A year later, in 2016, the Turks are re-aligning with Iran and Russia. Further, I think the Russians are realizing the mood in America. The reality of that mood in America is that we are tired of world wide warfare, with American blood and treasure spent for the sake of others rely on us, and who do not pull together to make their own defense.

Donald Trump throws all of this reality into the western government establishment’s face. Their unhinged voices even accuse him, using Communist language like “useful idiot.” However, Trump is merely stating the reality that NATO is an agreement that may from time to time, be re-negotiated. It may, in fact, be rescinded. It may, in fact, remain on paper though the facts on the ground change over time making its provisions outdated. An American President — Trump asserts — ought to ask what America gets out of the NATO treaty, and what bloody pond the NATO treaty draws us into. America is burdened by debt, unemployment, stagnation, racial division, political corruption, priority confusion, and all while we put weak leaders at the helm.

Here is the reality that only Trump seems willing to state: America is highly unlikely to be drawn into war in Europe or for Europe, at least unless of that kind of aggression that finally brought Neville Chamberlain and his fellow liberals out of their stupor.

There is what we call the “positive law”: the written law. In contrast is what we call “legal realism”: the applied law, as it is out here in real life every day. A simple illustration draws the distinction. We all see that 55 mph speed limit sign; but we are driving 65 and sometimes 70 and almost never is anyone pulled over. Indeed, we have never heard of anyone being given a ticket for doing 56 in a 55 zone. The positive law is 55, but the law “really” is more like in the mid-sixties.

I argue that NATO already no longer exists as a mutual defense pact, except in the most extreme circumstances, involving select members. The Russians smell this and are testing the limits of the new realism, as you and I test the speed limit. The Europeans are slowly waking up to it, sometimes desperately clinging to the old days of Pax Americana and excoriating Donald Trump who dares to simply point out this truth, unthinkable to them: that Americans are not going to war on the Russian Front for Europeans.

Our own establishment is stuck in the last century, during which we fought two world wars. They would obligate your sons and daughters to endless, worldwide warfare, on behalf of nations who refuse to mount their own strong defense. That establishment was evident in most of the Republican presidential candidate field, and that establishment is — strangely enough — firmly ensconced in today’s Democrat Party. That is what Hillary Clinton promises. Her supporters roast Trump for calling into question the value of the NATO mutual defense pact, to America. I suppose they are eager for America to confront Russia in the sky over Syria, in the North Sea, in the Mediterranean, in Ukraine, and — everywhere. Let’s personalize this.

Young mom voting (D): I suppose you are eager for little Jessica to grow up to be an infantry princess and have her guts bayoneted out on the Russian Front after she is gang-raped?

If you vote (D), then I think I care more about your children, than you do.

America should absolutely re-negotiate the treaty, and disconnect from an in-advance mutual defense pact. Because, we already have disconnected from such a mission. The Russians are exploring their new boundaries already, and finding them pretty broad. Trump sees the reality, and perceives the danger to America. He propose to act for America. Our European allies would be far better off waking up to the new reality, too. In that regard, despite all of their hand-wringing and and insults thrown at Donald Trump, his offer to deal with them from reality is exactly what they need to hear — instead of false promises from proven treacherous politicians.