Squishy Republicans Unwittingly Self-Identify Over Trump

Now, Romney demands that Trump apologize, even as Romney defends the anarchists who show up at Republican rallies and cause trouble. So, now we know who Mitt Romney really was. If we had any doubt. What a — yet another — Republican disappointment he was.

Americans who are actually for America: We appear to have two major political parties, but, that is a mirage. As a friend of mine says, we have the Government Party, and the rest of us. Romney, Graham, McCain, and my own Senators — I hope you are listening. The Republican establishment was exposed as an adjunct wing of the Democrat Party, which is being revealed now as a modern manifestation of the Communist Party.

So, which side do you Republicans want to go down on record as being for? Yes, Trump is mouthy and he insulted you, personally. Get over it: the country is at stake. Reality check: You have been in charge a long, long time, and you cannot show results that differ from what the Democrats are for: national debt that looms like a giant storm cloud, and maniacal enemies who smell our weakness. Worse, we are undermined from within by enemies who hate America and divide us into fighting factions. As far as I am concerned, you can get on board with Donald Trump, or you are fired!

Credit Card Data Thief Caught

You go out to eat on a Friday night. You’re having a great time. The server brings by the check, and you casually put your credit card in the folder.

The server has your card company, your card number, your expiration date, your name, and that security code on the back. The server may have a scanner which lifts all of this, and your address; or, the server may jot it all down and look your address up online.

Now, the server has all needed either to make online orders, or to sell your data to bigger thieves who will manufacture a duplicate card.

I had this happen to me. In fact, I’ve had my card data stolen 4 times, all in different ways. In my opinion, the proper punishment would be to contact all other people whose data was lifted and offer them the opportunity to serve on the firing squad.

You can go to the website mentioned in the article, and key in your report. There it goes.  I’ve sent it off into the hinterlands before. Apparently, nothing ever happens unless you are an employee of the U.S. Attorney’s office as was the victim in the news article.

You can try calling local law enforcement: “This is now a federal matter, report it online.” You report it online and never hear from anyone again. However, upon my credit card fraud unit alerting me to one stolen data transaction, I demanded to know the delivery address given by the thief. Then, I looked up the address to figure out which governmental entity had jurisdiction, and called the local police department there. Unlike my last efforts to do this, a super-sharp police sergeant from a small town in Pennsylvania literally ran down the guy using my data to make orders which he had mailed to his own address. Turns out, the guy had been duped by a “Make money at home!” scheme, running what he thought was a package forwarding service for people absent from home a long time. Instead, the guy served as the patsy to make orders using stolen credit card data, and forward them from his own address to another. But, the sergeant was all over the case. But, since the next address in the line of delivery was in another state, there was nothing else he could do locally. That report I made at the federal website…. Did someone compile my report with others, and use it in a prosecution? Possibly, but I’ve never heard back from any of my online fraud reports. Off they go….

Nonetheless, congratulations to law enforcement officers for catching David Masoner. These thieves are a blight on society.

By the way liberals who just love big government: our government facilitates some of this theft. My personal background data was lifted by hackers who broke into the government employee database. That included my social security number, my mother’s maiden name, and lots of other stuff that you might use to answer those security questions. I will never know for sure that this data breach opens me up to credit card fraud, but using some of this information that no one else ought to know, one thief then tricked my credit card company into changing my online banking information so that I would never receive any statement to review for fraudulent charges.

Here’s another example. You parents know that, even if your income will disqualify your new high school graduate for financial aid to go to college, you have to fill out that huge, intrusive FAFSA form anyway. They want to know all about you. Guess what? The IRS has access to it. And, their access tool got breached. Thanks, Big Brother. And, the Left in this country want the government to have all information about you and control every aspect of your life. Right. Make America Great Again. Make the swamp smaller while we are draining it. There are reasons for limited self-government.

Now, I pay cash in restaurants — and I watch my statement online very closely. And,

What’s behind the alt-left violence?

A small core of Marxists seizes every opportunity to divide America through anarchy and chaos. Wounds largely healed must be picked at, re-opened, with salt rubbed in.

That is what the so-called “counter-protesters” are about. That is what is behind the current small movement to remove Confederate monuments. That is what is behind BLM. Attend a conservative politician’s rally, and you will find loud rabble-rousers trying to interrupt. This has been going on for years. The only difference today is that they see that government is either unprepared to keep the peace, or infested with Democrats who are complicit with street violence. So, they get away with more now. Instead of just trying to block TV cameras with big signs, they block streets and attack any who try to run the blockade. Their tactics are getting worse. Of course.

There are dupes who join in thinking they are taking the moral high ground. But, the moral question raised is not the impetus for these clashes: anarchy and chaos are.

The entire movement seeks to tear down America, break America into fighting factions, and destroy the unity we have shared over values such as those expressed in the Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights. The news reports carefully screen the available images, but a few hammer-and-sickle and communist party signs are visible among the “counter-protesters” in the background of images selected to emphasize the role of the organized demonstration that obtained the permit.

Americans could once again unite over the dream of limited self-government with maximum personal liberty. Those aspirations inspire Americans of all races — but not of all creeds. There are creeds jealous of liberty and tolerant of no one’s freedom of action but their own.

Prescription Opium Scheme, Explained

This Knoxville News Sentinel article describes in detail how corrupt medical care practitioners and others, may run pill mills and associated corrupt businesses.

It’s a good article to delve into how criminals examine a system, find its flaws, and derive ways to get to the government money that fuels the corruption.

In essence, through the lure of easy money available through Social Security Disability, workers’ compensation, and Medicaid, government made all of this criminal enterprise possible, costing taxpayers and businesses untold millions of dollars. Throw money around, and the criminals gather like roaches.

That’s opium the drug and its additive “other people’s money” too.

Charlottesville in Nine Words

So, a small number of weird racist bigots get a parade permit and stage a peaceful march. They attack no one. A larger number of Marxist anarchist bigots target them with black bloc tactics, intending to stir up trouble. The weird racist bigots finish their march and disband. But, the Marxist anarchist bigots remain, threatening drivers trying to use the streets. The Marxist anarchist bigots rely on their press minions to blame the weird bigots for the violence that they start, instead of blaming the inciting cause — the Marxist bigots.

There is a constitutional right to peaceably assemble. That right may be regulated by a municipality which may, for example, require a parade permit. Black bloc tactics deployed against any peaceful demonstrators are not a peaceable or lawful assembly, and the police should police the anarchy accordingly. We learn that the police in Charlottsville were ordered to “stand down.” Police should have arrested those not peaceably assembled, or in violation of the permit requirement.

In a free society, we may listen, watch, abhor, and ignore. One might try to engage and persuade — or not. Our best choices are made in showing love in our personal relationships, and by restricting the power of government to be corrupted into an abusive tyranny. Anarchist street action is designed to stifle free exercise of constitutional rights, and foment anarchy and chaos. Some form of that abusive tyranny is the inevitable result or anarchy and chaos.

To the Democrat and anarchist Left: just because it’s your hate, does not make hate right. Your own incendiary bigotry is on display in this CNN piece by Chris Cillizza, brimming over with blathering hatred. You play a dangerous game when you presume to the moral authority to burn down the country, and applaud America’s version of The Red Guards. Your real aim: after the anarchy, you would replace American republican democracy with some version of ruling class that you have not yet thought out. Except government would be very big, indeed. That works out well, doesn’t it?

Those nine words mentioned in the caption:The remedy to racist hate is not atheist hate. Your strategy of deploying yourselves with black bloc thug Leftists speaks more about you than your little rainbow and “love” signs. You appear all loving and cute, while you use the thugs to do your dirty work. Here you really are, “peacefully” using a flamethrower. (I saved this image before some editor realized the truth it spoke, and took it down.)

Communist Bigotry Against Police and Soldiers

Atlanta gym owner bans police and soldiers.He explains his ugly reasons in the article. He wants his patrons to feel “safe” and he thinks (generalizing his prejudice because of their skin color) a number of his patrons would be nervous in the presence of cops. He does not want to improve cops’ ability to hurt citizens.

In the Idiocracy, it’s fine for the miffed Marx-minded to establish a “left-friendly” business. Like the local cafe owner who expelled a Republican state representative over his conservative views.

But, that’s not hate or intolerance or bigotry.

Computer Fix–Erratic and Slow Keyboard and Cursor

Off topic for this blog, somewhat, but the following might come in handy.

Problem: Very slow startup, computer not responding to keyboard commands except erratically and very slowly, cursor jerking and jumping or freezing up altogether.

Preliminary: Keyboard and mouse batteries (wireless) tested, replacements for keyboard and mouse tried out — keyboard and mouse problems eliminated as cause since these checks made no difference. Check-disk command run, some applications uninstalled. Checked for malware. No attempted fix at this stage worked. 

Nuclear option: I did a reformat of the hard drive, followed by a new installation of Windows 10 — not an “upgrade” from Windows 7 but a new, fresh installation. Hard drive had never been reformatted before. That worked for awhile, thought that was it. Definitely needed doing. A bit of work, and a bit of a radical technical fix, but I did it. Requires getting into those tools that flash at startup. Everything loads much faster now. Note: I always buy physical important software, instead of keys and downloads. I’ve had problems trying to re-install Microsoft software from product key numbers. This time, I bought a USB drive with Windows 10 on it, off the shelf at Best Buy. Cost a bit, but, hey, I’d not bought a Microsoft software product since Windows 7, so prorated out over the years, it wasn’t that much.

Shade tree mechanic fix: Powered down, disconnected all cables including power cord, removed cover. Vacuumed all over. Fabricated a micro-vacuum nozzle out of paper towel roll core, packing tape and 1/4″ tubing, but you can buy kits with these attachments. Found lots of dust particularly in vicinity of cooling fans and heat sinks. Vacuumed thin layers of dust coating electronic components — so pervasive that I wonder if the dust shorted some of them. Then, disconnected numerous electrical connectors, vacuumed, and reattached firmly. Pulled the RAM and re-seated firmly. (Had already done that much earlier but, repeated since poorly connected RAM is reported as a frequent cause of my computer’s spastic keyboard and mouse input symptoms.)

Result: Fixed. No need to junk my 6-year old HP and replace. But, I’m replacing the HD as preventive maintenance. Like radiators and radiator hoses, they don’t last forever.