What is Germany’s NATO “Fair Share”?

Trump insists that the European nations allocate their agreed-upon 2% GDP to national defense, they and the American Left howl. Absurd. At the same moment they insist that the threat from Russia has never been greater, they insist that some of the European states cannot fund their own national defense at such a miniscule level.

European peoples west of Russia: You are not taking your national defense seriously. If you do not take your own national defense seriously, why should Americans 5,000 miles away — roughly the distance from Knoxville to Berlin?

I write this warning with every good intention; I implore you to come together to field your own defense. You should bristle with weaponry. Every able-bodied man and woman ought to be assigned a unit, trained up for victory, and indoctrinated in organized resistance if initially defeated. Don’t ask where we are? Ask where you are. Sometimes, I think I value Europe more than you do. World Wars I and II are over. Long over. The Barack Obama you wanted so badly as our leader presided over the last 8 years and left you a legacy of Cold War II. Do you really want more of the same? Do you expect pax Americana to go on forever? Is the Iron Curtain a faded memory already?

Get real. Get serious. Prepare to take over your own national defense.

Friday January 20, Inauguration Day

This inauguration day will not be ordinary. The enemy of humanity, and the enemies of the United States of America plan to collect in DC and other cities to wreak anarchy, and chaos.

I pray they will be frustrated, and a great awakening will begin, instead.  i will pray they will be thrown into even greater confusion.

Yes, Donald Trump seems an unlikely instrument. So are we all.

Black Lives Matter in Two Photos and One Tragedy

Orlando officer murdered by lifetime criminal thug — who would have been put away long ago had it not been for anti-white racism by the Left. Click the link, see the thug, and see who we have lost with the demise of this fine police patrolwoman.

Black liberals who vote (D): these weird, mouthy, white, liberal Democrats are not your friends. They are anarchists, bent on tearing all of us apart.

Rest in peace, Master Sergeant Debra Clayton, gunned down in the line of duty by a man with a long arrest record, and pending accusations of murdering his ex-girlfriend.

Measuring how bad Obama scandal regime was

President Obama gave up a pallet of cash to Iran, America’s sworn enemy. Ostensibly, he did this in token return for hostages, but I believe otherwise. I believe he simply betrayed our country, and the hostages served as a convenient excuse. Possibly, they were his pawns in an prearranged, collaboration with the enemy.

But, this post is about something even bigger: the reality of the Obama present, which in the future, will become history. The regime’s spokesminions are running around already, rewriting history to create the “legacy.” The illegal cash-for-hostages betrayal is chosen just to serve as a measure of just how badly the country’s Democrats have led us in the last 8 years.

What incited this morning’s post was a news clip over the weekend of Valerie Jarrett declaring that “no scandal” touched President Obama during his 8 years as President. “No scandal.” The statement would be impudent, a gross insult to the American people who know otherwise, except that she can expect a large percentage to believe her lie, to adopt it, to make it their own over coffee and wine, and to repeat it like mindless zombies: “No scandals, no scandals, no scandals, Imhotep, Imhotep.” In 2017 and years to come, we are going to see in print and hear from our friends, neighbors, and co-workers, with all sincerity, that at least President Obama was untouched by any scandal.

So, this post is a warning to Democrat readers if any stumble across the musterground of the virtual militia. It is important that we preserve what really happened, so that future generations may more wisely shun bad — even traitorous — governance.

By now, I am no longer shocked at anything Democrats say or do. No reality is too stark to be denied. No lie is too big. No scandal is too outrageous to survive. So, I picked one that stood out from the others: remember the money paid to Iran — the initial pallet of cash and the more than 1 billion dollars transferred afterward.

In the most scandal-ridden administration in history, it is hard to pick out one as the measure of just how bad President Obama and his regime were. I nominate the treason committed with his Iran payment as that measure, and invite others to help me recall a scandal worse than this one.

Democrats: don’t become Obama-zombies. Reflect on the realities of the last 8 years. You have many such markers: nearly $20 trillion in debt, the abortive “Arab Spring,” Benghazi, your party’s support for partial-birth abortion and the butcher shop of Planned Parenthood, email breaches of security and efforts to hide from Freedom of Information requests, use of the IRS as a political hit squad, assaults on reporter’s First Amendment rights, the DNC goon squads harassing Trump rallies, and the list goes on. I kept on saying, “If it came out that any Republican had done or said, this or that, ….” But, no treachery “triggered” most of you Democrats. Some of you became too disgusted to vote for the party, but most Democrats just accepted the corruption and ineptitude and lies as business-as-usual; the Obama regime saw your passivity as permission. Thus, we get Valerie Jarrett’s boldface “no scandals” statement.

The above do not even mention that Obama leaves the Middle East in a shambles, from the Israeli alliance, down the ISIS occupied highway to Baghdad, and all the way to the Helmand Province where we just sent more troops though the administration denies we have “boots on the ground.” He even managed to ignite Cold War II.

Yes, Democrats, it’s that bad. Unless his minions succeed in revising history, in which case, the revised lies become “history” and Americans of the future are tricked — again — into supporting a President and party who have betrayed us.

Trump, NATO, and the foreign policy establishment

I listened to General (retired) Jack Keane last night talk about how Donald Trump has to send more troops to the Russian Front.


Do we have “interests” to pursue in Europe? Of course. We travel, we trade, we need the seas open, and we form alliances that benefit the United States.

But, I do not want to see my grandchildren drafted and sent to defend Europe’s countries who will not defend themselves. Most of Europe has enjoyed post World War II’s pax Americana on the cheap. I get that: you’re war-weary after 1,500 years of post pax Romana wars. You’re sickened by what you got into with Hitler, and Stalin. You’re frightened by the nuclear-armed Russians. You should be. But, you’re being war-weary does not make war go away, does it? And, depending on a mighty ally 3,000 miles away, and across an ocean, is more like a hope than a plan, isn’t it.

You need to field serious armies; you need not only to grant your citizens the right to keep and bear arms, but also to demand that they participate in the military defense of their homelands. I am not talking about “community service” either. I’m talking about a weapon, some ammo, and field kit in the closet. Every closet. Every European man and woman ought to be a crack rifle shot. Marksmanship ought to replace “football” as the national passion.

Because, we are not coming back over there to do it for you, again. No, General Keane, your proposals to bolster NATO member nations’ commitments does not go far enough.

Time for Trump to Explain Afghanistan?

Adam Gallagher writing for “The Hill” says “It’s time for Trump to explain what will happen in Afghanistan.”

Uh, Adam, maybe while he’s bragging about his “accomplishments,” Obama should explain what happened in Afghanistan. Trump’s not even in office yet. While Obama’s at it, he might explain why we still have troops in Iraq getting killed.

Guy down the street, yeah, you, who used to have that “Get US out of Iraq” sign and the “Bush lied, men died,” sign. Where are you now? Are you waking up to the reality that you were tricked.

Ally Jordan Warns re Jerusalem Embassy

The Middle East’s uneasy monarchies have more to fear from Islamism than we do. I suggest that the Jordanian minister who is already trying to scare Donald Trump into keeping the US embassy away from Israel’s capital city, re-think his position. After all, appeasing the Islamists has not worked out so well.

Let’s do some reality-based foreign policy: recognize Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and move the embassy there.

Because, there is no “two-state solution” which is the dangerous delusion preached by the Left since Jimmy Carter and continued by John Kerry. There is only a strong state solution. Jordan can either stay on board the strong state solution, or Jordan may re-join the Arab raiding party. Let’s see: how did that work out in 1967, and 1973?