Islamic Terrorist Attack in Istanbul

No surprise, no shock. But, 28 people killed.

I no longer have any idea what it will take to awaken The West to the threat of the modern version of the worldwide jihad.

Yes, I understand where Istanbul is. I also understand where Chattanooga, Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, Paris, Madrid, London, New York, and many other places are. I understand where the Achille Lauro was cruising back in the ’80s. Where is Istanbul? It’s here, that’s where. Geography and oceans and customs and gates no longer guard us, thanks to our failed federal government.

Our culture is sick. Our people are lied to by our leaders. Many of us remain willingly deluded. We are ripe for picking off. Except for those of us who are armed and awake.

Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace–even at the corner market

Well, this is quite a little story: Carjacker thwarted. If you are going to attack and carjack, it’s probably best not to throw your knife at those resisting you. And, around here, pull a carjacking stunt like that, and you are lucky not to get shot. So, the culture is stuck with this guy for awhile longer.

I will never forget a similar fracas: Friday afternoon, having lunch in Ruby Tuesday’s, and a woman with a knife carjacks an arriving customer in the parking lot outside. I see this Jeep rolling slowly through the lot at an odd angle — just did not look right. Broad daylight, noon. Most others inside never even knew what was going on. I happened to be seated looking toward the window, when the Jeep caught my eye. Ran with some of the male servers outside to stop her. Some concern about a baby being in Jeep (turned out not to be true). The zombie had just robbed a store in the adjacent shopping center, had run out expecting to find her accomplices in the getaway car outside — only to find them gone!  So much for relying on co-criminals whose brains are fried from narcotics. So, she ran across the lot and intercepted the Ruby Tuesday’s customer arriving for lunch.  Brandished the same knife, demanded her keys and took off.  Hung the jeep up on a curb trying to get away, and ran on foot, finding her accomplices parked elsewhere nearby, and they all took off. I would have liked to have heard that conversation.

Anyone, anytime, anyplace. The zombies pick when to turn and when to bite. Our only choices revolve around how alert we are, and how prepared we are, when they strike.

And, they can pick anyone.


Propaganda Over Brexit Already: “Hate Crimes”?

So, the now irrelevant “Time” magazine reveals itself as a sycophant of the global government minions. They find some professional whiner, to report that “hate crimes” in the UK are already (impliedly measurably) on the rise after the Brexit vote.

I’m calling “Time” out. It’s a lie. Newsflash, miffed little Marxists: you have overused the word, “hate” and, indeed, you are spewing it on the streets of London to L.A.

Russia Harrasses US Diplomats: Cost of Obamafail

Speaking of weakening America’s strong institutions, Russian harassment of U.S. diplomats overseas appears to be on the rise.

Our diplomats are only as effective and safe, as they are perceived to be backed up by strength. Once others perceive the United States as weak, then our diplomacy is a joke, and our far-flung diplomats, civilians, and others are not safe.

  • Carter: weak (Iran takes embassy hostages)
  • Reagan: strong (Iran lets them go)
  • Clinton: distracted, weak, fickle (military destroys Somali warlords, Clinton orders pullout)
  • Bush: likely to blow you to smithereens
  • Obama: pathetic
  • Clinton (“her”): a joke

America under Obama, and seriously considering Hillary Clinton as President: perceived as a weak, has-been, failed, dying giant. Putin sees it, smells it, and starts picking away at our far-flung outposts.

And, we know from Benghazi how much backing they get from these Democrats.


Micro-tyrants at the University of North Carolina expand the banned word list. To invite someone to a “round of golf” is now considered to be a microagression by the microtyrants.

It’s not about being nicer to others. It’s about them, training everyone else to do exactly as they say — at the moment. It’s the kids’ game, “Mother, may I…?” with a the demented Chucky playing Mother.

Here’s one of them, ready to cut off your head because you dared to poke your head out of the box they demand you stay stuffed into. Notice, the demented delight. Don’t you dare show any sign of microliberty!


Now, if Jack jumped out with an AR-15 in his hands….

Victory in Fallujah?

News today announces that Iraqi forces have re-taken Al-Fallujah. Sort of. Almost.

Details please: Did Iraqi Army blocking positions kill every escaping ISIS fighter or did they escape to fight another day?

I want to point out that Fallujah is a mere 25 miles from Baghdad. My county is wider than 25 miles. And please recall that our Marines took it long ago, for Iraq, under President Bush.

Map Fallujah