Once you go down that government road…

Create a welfare subculture, and you get it thrown back in your face because they want more. Especially if you advertised yourself as the guy who was going to pass around more candy than anyone before you. It is fitting that it’s Chicago’s Democrat machine base that’s miffed.

Now, if only the purposes of government were to secure our borders and to secure  our liberties, and the rest was up to us.

Life Could Just Be So Good Here in America (P.S. It really is.)

Democrats, your people just keep fussin’, rantin’ and ravin’. They just can’t be happy, now can they? You got football players making millions who just can’t be thankful that somehow, they got to live in the United States of America. You got “professors” with long shaggy hair, gettin’ all “outraged” over Robert E. Lee who — last time I checked — died a few years ago. They would be funny, except they’re so nasty and, the more you try to talk sensibly to them, the meaner they get.

Maybe you more sensible Democrats can get your side to just simmer down, sit down, chill a bit, and think about just how good they’ve got it. But, if you find that they just can’t, then shake them off like the blood-sucking ticks they really are. And, be thankful you live in America. Maybe listen just a little — only a little, now — to your more conservative ex-friends.

Because, your friends are jealous of others and want to tell everybody else what to do, how much to make, what to eat, where to put it — and the list goes on. Why don’t you tell them to go out, get a real job, earn a little money, save some for a boat, and start to live a little. Like this guy singin’ my new favorite song.

NPR on the President Trump Speech at the UN

De-fund NPR. You Democrats are welcome to have your own little radio fits, but on your own dime. There is no justification for the rest of us taxpayers having to contribute to National Democrat Party Radio’s continuous Democrat Party propaganda.

I turned to NPR to see what the “earnest voices” said about Trump’s speech at the UN. They just don’t get it; they seem utterly unable to get it. So, in case any of them get out of their elite bubble and stumble across this blog, here it is; my reply to NPR’s commentators, in plain language.

Decades of our elected leaders’ uttering bland weasel-words have made America weak and disrespected in the world. As a result, the world is more dangerous. Bill Clinton, in particular, is responsible for letting North Korea go nuclear. You Democrats then put Barack Obama in the White House, where he simply ignored the growing North Korea nuclear threat for eight years, though he did find time to comment on how dangerous American cops and citizens with guns are. While he permitted the threat to grow, you enabled him with your gushing praises over nothing, and your silence over his failures.

And, now you throw a little fuss-fit when Trump warns the atomic-armed dictator not to mess with America.

You NPR liberals are not happy that Trump “sounds un-presidential.” The rest of us are sick of the usual smooth, mumbling, meaningless mouthing that most of our politicians deploy to trick the masses. That includes your own Democrat discourse. Your voices may sound earnest, but you are completely biased and blind to what how the rest of us out here see this. Your being more concerned over Donald Trump’s words of truth, than you are over the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese conspiring to give a mad America-hating dictator nuclear weapons, reveals how ridiculous you have permitted yourselves to become.


Pelosi Shouted Down in Ironic Turnabout

Washington’s Democrats were so smug when they urged on the mad dogs of anarchy, and you other Democrats made excuses for them; but — Surprise! — the pack turns around and bites you. If you want to see some poetic justice, then watch this crowd of Marxist anarchist Democrats shout down Nancy Pelosi.

They prove, again, that they will ruin our country.


St. Louis Mayor Thinks Police Are not Also People

Mayor Krewson (D) of St. Louis gives mewling interview to Fox News. In her gushing eagerness to excuse fellow-Democrat anarchists, she mis-speaks about no one being injured, then catches herself and fumbles telling us that, uh,  well, 11 police officers were injured; then, she returns to being happy that no “citizens” were hurt. She expresses her determination to respect the “right to protest,” and she is so sympathetic with the commies and gangsters looting, burning, and terrorizing.

Newsflash, Mayor:  police officers are also both people, and citizens. And, Mayor, the Constitution guarantees the right to peaceably assemble to redress grievances. There is no right to riot. You owe a duty to protect the people from the anarchists, not to protect rioting anarchists.

Best Git Yo Mind Right — Say the Left’s Climate Priesthood

The Canadian government funded “Competition Bureau.” “Ecojustice”* — in part operated by Canadian politicians — complained to Competition Bureau that three groups were climate deniers. Ecojustice wanted the matter referred to the government for criminal prosecution. Thus, they began their investigation of the three heretic groups

The crime: arguing that the sun is the main driver establishing climate on earth.

The West’s atheists in their variously named Democrat political parties now have a new religion. It is a Godless religion — having excised the God of the Bible — in favor of an entire panoply of little godlets of various names. For some, they are god enough, claiming all knowledge for themselves such that their own prejudices are “settled science.” They should be careful: the communists also claimed “science” as their belief, believing that they held the key to understanding “history” and, therefore, could predict the demise of capitalism and the victory of socialism. Didn’t quite turn out that way, but American socialists now entrenched in the Democrat Party remain blind to what most former communists now can plainly see: that communism starved, imprisoned, and enslaved millions, wrecked people’s livelihood, and betrayed the same workers its high priesthood claimed to be operating the dictatorship for. Meanwhile, where people are most free to work, earn, and enjoy the fruits of their labor in so-called “capitalist” countries, the people thrive.

For others of the new anti-Christian religion, they try to invoke some spirit out there occupying the trees and mountains. They worship “stuff.” But, mostly, that false religion lets them deny God and take His place as master of it all. They think getting rid of God will elevate themselves, but, instead, by elevating the “stuff” they bring us all down to the level of being no better than the mosquitos.

If they went astray on their own, it would be their personal tragedy. But, our deluded neighbors and leaders now insist on the rest of us adhering to their new official religion. The government which is so insistent that the Christian church stay separated from the state, sees no problem in funding a drive to punish those who stray from the fold. There is a new religious dogma, and there is a new Inquisition to punish heretics. And, there is the very melding of the two — religion and state. But, it’s an ugly, anti-human religion. Just look at its street gang enforcers — the new version of Mao’s Red Guard.

With the resurgence of the American version of Marxists behaving badly in antifa, coupled with the Democrat Party’s encouragement of such anarchy and the Republican Party’s failure to protect its own, the American government, too, is complicit in punishing those of us who insist on liberty — including the exercise of liberty in the rigorous pursuit of what can be known about the material world — a pursuit which we call “science.”

* Anytime you see them use the word “justice” you know that Marxist thinking infects their work. Actual justice has nothing to do with their committee, their fund, or their cause. They are out to force you to behave like they want. They follow the communist tactic of co-opting good words, and giving them the opposite meaning. Most of us who expect people to mean what they say and say what they mean, get temporarily befuddled when lied to. Examples: antifa is the fascist mob its haters claim to hate; the Soviets used the word “Democrat” to mean anything but democracy; the Soviets used the word “science” to enforce their authoritarian worldview. Now, modern Marxists want to throw you in jail — or fine you or otherwise chastise you — because your pursuit of actual science conflicts with their false agnostic religious doctrine which they call “science.” And, you won’t agree with the heavy-handed enforcement of what they insist is “justice.”

Punish the deniers — Because what decent person can be against justice and science?

“Counseling” Needed by Taco Bell Employees

These three Taco Bell employees are heroic! Two armed robbers hit the place, order employees to lie on the floor — putting them in possible execution mode. But, three other — armed of course –employees fire them up, killing one.

Anyone, anytime, anyplace. Yo quiero Taco Bell!

Footnote: The company offered “counseling” to all employees. Counseling. I suppose it’s the politically correct thing to do in the Democrat-orchestrated demise of the culture, but it’s laughable. I doubt our armed employees will be going to “counseling” unless it’s here at Rangemaster.

Footnote 2: Pennsylvania is a right to carry state. The NRA convention was held in Pittsburgh a few years ago.