Soldier Dies First Day of Ranger School

Young officer, athlete, graduate of West Point, dies first day of Ranger School. Apparent cause of death was lack of sodium in the blood. Tragic. Such preparation and high hopes, and the parents receive notice of something shocking like this.

But, it’s summer in the South and it’s hot. And military training goes beyond what most of us experience routinely. I post this mostly as a warning in the era of low-salt diets, and water bottles always in hand. The article warns that people can drink too much water, which lowers the level of sodium in the blood, possibly to dangerously low levels.

Even training is dangerous. Lots of physical exertion, suddenly intense, and often protracted over long periods of time; water, sleep, and food get interrupted; heavy equipment gets moved around, sometimes at night; terrain; heat; rain, cold. And, aircraft–lots of troops moved back and forth by helicopter. You should see a night helicopter insertion, complete with artillery pieces and vehicles slung below the choppers. Lots of big, heavy stuff shifting around out there. And, men mixed in among them. Vehicles moving out through all of the rest.

There is a cost to conducting hard training. But, the military must not let up.

How does that ISIS worldwide invasion work?

FBI Director Comey warns that ISIS will disperse worldwide, swarming into the West including the U.S.

So, exactly how does that work? How do they get here? How do they get past our ports, airports, and borders? What happens to the infiltrators who are caught?

Someone has to let them in. Now, who would be doing that?

We are betrayed by the Democrat Party. But, if you want your Islamic invasion, you can definitely keep the infiltration invasion already taking place.

Happy beheadings to all, from Hillary

The National Defenseless Democrat Convention

Americans should be amazed at the lack of concern for American strength exhibited at the Democrat Convention. Leon Panetta’s appearance notwithstanding, plainly the Democrats want to re-brand Hillary as warm and fuzzy. They wisely stay far away from Hillary as Commander in Chief, Hillary as our military guardian, Hillary as our bulwark against Islamic invasion. We get through Bill’s strange appearance, Hillary as lovey-dovey. It’s Potemkin relationships, all the way down, as Glenn Reynolds might say. We see Hillary the loving wife, not Hillary the woman in charge of all of our armed forces in a dangerous world.

And, so, Democrats project flaccid weakness.

And, our enemies smell it.

Here is North Korea’s Kim threatening war if we hold annual war games with South Korea, taunting Obama with Kim’s own “red line.”

Democrats Want WW III In Europe

Caption overstating it? Well, I might have thought that a few days ago, but, now I’m listening to the MSM and their Democrat masters go insane with accusations leveled at Donald Trump, over Putin and the Russians. Trump pokes them over the emails Hillary deleted, suggesting that maybe the Russians could find them. I think that’s pretty funny.

Instead of critiquing Democrat inability to keep the Russians out of their computers, the leftist press goes berserk and into full defend-Hillary mode. They are challenging Trump’s willingness to go to war with the Russians if the Russians invade any of the Baltic states. Apparently, they are all for sending the U.S. Army to World War III in Europe, if the Russians make a move on Latvia.

So, now the Democrats are hawkish on going to war with our chief nuclear rival? How strange. Liberal millennial moms, do you want the Democrats to send your little ones to the Russian front? You want little Jessica facing off with Olga? While Europeans sit home refusing to take up arms to defend themselves? You need to think through this.

I’m not going to war in Europe, and I don’t want my grandchildren going, either. But, it looks like if we get Hillary as President, we need to gear up with tanks and A-10 Warthogs and TOW missiles and train up the kids with GUNS OMG! because our kids and their transvestite platoon sergeants are going to war with the Russians.

These Democrats are insane. If you are hanging in there with the D party — why? It’s weird.

Marilyn Mosby–the Mouth of Petty Tyranny

Marilyn Mosby, the out-of-control Baltimore prosecutor, got her comeuppance, but she did not get the message. Thank God and the Founders that they built in checks and balances. Her little career-building hissy fit tried to destroy the lives of the six police officers charged with Freddie Gray’s death, but a judge stopped her.

Watch the video of her rant to listen to the voice of petty tyranny.

The Sheep Pen Stirs

I comment on this Washington Post article, only because it may signal that the West is finally waking up to the obvious fact that it is heavily infiltrated by Islamic people who harbor among their number dangerous raiders who loathe the West. “German Mood is Shaken as Attacks Show Vulnerability to ISIS” is at least some sign that western people are beginning to realize what they have done.

But, “Shaken…?” That’s it? Just “shaken”? And, watching the Democrat Party convention in America offers me no encouragement whatsoever: they remain not only oblivious, but defiant against their own defense.

It’s as though the wolves circle the sheep pen; from time to time, one wolf darts through the gate, seizes a sheep, bleeds it out right in front of the others, and runs out to eat the corpse. The sheep debate about what to do, and one faction simply denies to the others that it happened.

“See all of the blood!”

“That was just an accident.”

“Look out there and see the wolves! Look at how they lick their chops for the next meal!”

“Well, I think that last one was mentally ill.”

“So? Sheep are still dead. And, look at that crowd out there! They are high-fiving. Are they all mentally ill? And, if they are, what does that matter to us?”

“Well, most are not threatening us. We should send out someone to talk with them.”

“They will kill our ambassador!”

“You don’t know that. Do you have proof of that?”

“Idiot! You can’t have proof of that, until you send out the ambassador and they eat him! Besides, muttonhead, don’t you remember Penghazi?”

“I am offended by your use of the male pronoun.”


How do you reason with such people sheep?

You don’t. But, you might out-vote them. Wolves are watching. And licking their chops.

Paul Simon at DNC Sings a Shaky “Bridge”

I probably should not even comment. It seems petty, given the gravity of our country’s situation. But, they put him on to make a statement about the unity they say they so yearn for, so here goes.

Paul Simon sounded awful singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” From the sound of it, the water is definitely troubled there at the DNC and whatever bridge they imagine they are building is about to collapse.

I’m raising my Trump landslide margin to 60-40. There just cannot be enough people in this country still brain-dead enough to give the Democrats 40%. If any of my Democrat-voting former friends out there stumble across this, I’m sort of sorry but not much. Your foolishness is destroying our country. Get your mind straightened out, or good riddance.

Democrats Cry: The Russians Are Coming!

It’s hard to sort through this Democrat convention, to identify the most bizarre of their mad ravings. Perhaps the strangest assertion is that those rascally Russians hacked the DNC email and leaked them to the public to get Donald Trump elected. That’s laughable, but Democrats have proven that they will say anything.


Perhaps the Democrats are remembering another time when one of their own went to the Russians to influence the outcome of an American election. That darling saint of the Democrat Party, Teddy Kennedy of Chappaquiddick infamy, actually sought Russian aid to interfere and defeat Ronald Reagan in 1984. It is no exaggeration to accuse Kennedy of offering himself as a Russian provocateur, an agent. They did not even have to recruit him. He volunteered his help and asked for theirs. All he wanted was what all Democrat politicians want: power.

Treason. Note that the traitor Democrat Senator Teddy Kennedy offered the Russians American television time, which he could arrange through the collaborator media. They could all work together to try to talk us into nuclear disarmament.

We are so infiltrated by traitors.

Thanks to Sean Davis writing for The Federalist for the history lesson about the despicable Teddy Kennedy, and to Ed Driscoll at Instapundit for bringing the article up.

It is time for the voters to obliterate the Democrat Party in its current malevolent manifestation, rejecting all of this hideous freak of a beast’s Hydra-headed candidates at the polls.

NPR Moans About Americans’ “Fear”

We are all such simpletons, out here in flyover country. The earnest voices of NPR this morning were complaining that Donald Trump and others are playing on Americans’ fears. They whine that Republicans play to fears to incite the voters’ most base motives.

And, today, an ISIS beheader slits the throat of a French priest, at mass. Sometimes, you earnest voices at NPR and at the DNC convention — they really are out to get you.

You who have historically voted (D): Are you willing to just sit back and take this intermittent slashing, bombing, shooting, and chopping as President Obama and the Democrat Party think you should? Your party has gone insane. Are you really with them? Why?

No, for now, “ISIS” cannot take over America. But, I read some history, and it’s not hard to foresee the outcome if your party continues to open our borders to Islam. Hell, you don’t have to read history. Just read today’s news. And last week’s news. And the week before that…. All the way back to 9-11.

Oh, by the way, the Normandy church was on one of the ISIS kill lists. Snopes scoffed, telling us that these lists are just propaganda ploys. And, why is there a news blackout on the lists?

Democrats, Are You Awake Yet? We Are at War

French priest Father Jaques Hamel murdered by Muslim infiltrator, at Normandy church.

Normandy. Basically, small-town France. In a church built about 1,000 years ago. At mass. While Democrats in America revel in their weird downward spiral, the Muslim invasion is on.

But, I guess it was American “guns” that caused this.

Americans: these people are traitors. Not the infiltrators, the Americans who permit them to come into our country. Democrat voters, leave your bizarre and dangerous party before it’s too late.