While you watch the colorful parade today….

Happy 4th! All over America, Americans will parade to music, grill out with family, and culminate with stunning fireworks displays.

Fighting the American Revolution looked nothing like that.

Today, this 4th of July, Independence Day 2017, I am humbled, thinking about the relatively few men who never gave up, kept putting one foot in front of the other, and endured hardship that we modern Americans cannot even imagine.

When you see colorful uniforms today, you might bear in mind that at one point during the southern campaign, many of our troops literally marched naked, covering themselves with nothing more than their cartridge boxes. In winter. They had no resupply. A surprisingly short time of living rough in the woods and patrolling long distances by night, crossing streams, throwing your body through brier patches, and tripping over logs and rocks will literally tear your clothes to rags. What doesn’t get torn, the rain rots. There was no weekly resupply for the Continental Army.

The Continental Army’s feats are almost unbelievable.

We owe them such a great debt of gratitude.


Why I wanted Trump to win: fun

We get pretty deep into the weeds here at VM.com, I know. I like to try to weave it all together, from The Fall in The Garden (look it up, agnostics), to The Reformation; through the awful French Revolution to the War Between the States; then World War II and the post-war Iron Curtain, right up to the latest attempt to impose Marxist authoritarianism by the Western, post-Christian Left, I just think that people remain pretty much the same and it plays out in similar old ugly ways. New twists, old sin, ever-present lust for power by some wanting to lord it over others.

So, I’m going to confess, part of my delight in seeing Donald Trump win the election is nothing more than fun. We could have had Hillary Clinton and the entire entourage. No fun at all (other than Bill reoccupying his playground). Instead, we get Trump.

And, he is jerking their chains. Watching them go berserk is a blast! Tweet on and the CNN wrestling video was sheer political genius.

And fun.

Afghanistan Quagmire in Three Articles

I think it’s fair to say even from afar, as a citizen who has never been there, that after 16 years, that we are mired down in Afghanistan. The quagmire is illustrated in these three articles.

Pakistan’s terrorist “safe space” was and remains a key problem. Hussain Nadim writing for “War on the Rocks” is not optimistic that the US can solve the Pakistan problem.

James Cunningham writing for “The National Interest” states his opposition to just more of the same, but vaguely leaves us with more of the same. His words put your grandbabies in peril:

The Taliban must conclude that it cannot win through violence; ending the conflict will be immeasurably more difficult if Pakistan continues to afford safe haven to the insurgency.

This is a tall order, but there now exists the opportunity to turn the page in the Afghan chapter of the global conflict with violent Islamist extremism. In Afghanistan, the United States has an Islamic partner against terror, and friends and adversaries will be watching Washington’s decisions. Clarity of U.S. intent is absolutely vital. The lack of such clarity under President Obama confused U.S. partners and emboldened adversaries.

President Trump has stated his commitment to defeating Islamist terror. This cannot be accomplished by military means, which are necessary but insufficient, nor in short order. “We understand that we cannot kill an ideology,” a prominent Israeli leader once acknowledged to me. Defeating Islamist terror is fundamentally a political and diplomatic task, requiring the defeat of the twisted ideology that animates it. This is a generational challenge.

“Generational,” Americans. Let that sink in for a moment. We are to be at endless warfare in Afghanistan.

It all comes down to more troops, and now, even after 16 years, more time.


20 Congressional Republicans to Replace With Tea Party Conservatives

The “Tuesday Group” Republicans oppose Representative Diane Black’s proposed spending cuts. Every $1 has its constituency. It’s not “their money” It’s not even tax money, anymore: it’s debt. Their appetite for our money is insatiable.

Thus, we are $20 trillion in debt and the Tuesday Group is part of the problem.

Nothing they say is to be believed

I’m again disappointed in my local paper, worse now that USA Today owns it. Headline: people at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are frantic over the proposed budget which “could mean” “massive layoffs.”

They go to Democrat Diane Feinstein’s office, and get her spokes-dweeb to whine about Trump. Big surprise there. The article is short of facts, long on speulation adn gushing hyperbole characterization of the budget. “Massive.” We are to be “outraged” I suppose.

Perhaps the budget is designed to reset priorities for ORNL. The former top priority — “climate change” — is probably not this President’s top priority for a nuclear weapons manufacturing facility and its associated national lab.

Good: find the climate change waste and eliminate like mosquitoes inhabiting the swamp. Refocus on making America great again.

Staff at ORNL: Relax. You cannot believe anything these Democrats say. Anything. Surely, you are getting that by now. Benghazi, Russians, and so much more.

Angriest when finally caught

What’s hilarious, is watching them go berserk when they are finally caught and called out, and they don’t yet quite realize that no one who actually thinks, believes anything they say anymore. Chris Cuomo, you and your CNN network are the very manifestation of “fake news.”

Definitely making the Idiocracy Report.

CNN, it is so not about you. Your accusations are like home invasion robbers blaming armed citizens for making their work dangerous. You might just try telling the truth.

The First Amendment is not merely the province of establishment TV and newspaper media. They imagine it is, but free speech is far bigger than a few miffed little news-pups.