Kangaroo Courts Cause Judicial Jaundice

My liberal friends and attorney colleagues like to talk about “judicial independence.” They wag their heads when conservatives talk disrespectfully of judicial decisions. Too much conservative constitutional honesty can bring out the Board of Professional Responsibility, if a liberal lawyer reports you for an ethical violation.

So, Board, judges, justices, and liberal law professors and lawyers, here is some reality for you. Liberal lawyers and judges are causing the erosion of the judicial branch of government. Judicial activism and “fake law” risk judicial erosion. Judicial disrespect for the real law causes a counter-reaction to restore the checks and balances, and to press the judicial branch back into its lawfully balanced place. Here is an example.

In my own state, decades of liberal Supreme Court interpretations of statutes led to specifically identifiable legislative corrections. In the realm of a major area of my practice, workers’ compensation, the legislature grew so disgusted with ridiculous judicial anti-employer rulings that it simply replaced that plaintiff-friendly judicial system with a brand new system. Poof! The General Assembly took workers’ compensation away from the courts altogether! Plaintiffs’ lawyers blame “the business lobby.” I blame the plaintiffs’ lawyers and their friendly local judges, and a Supreme Court — made up of different justices than the current Court — whose members winked at the rogues and refused to rein them in.

That, liberals, is what causes other forces to rise up and throw judicial bums out, too. It should not be so important who we honor with lifetime federal judicial appointments. You liberals have made these jobs political, not we conservatives. The anti-Trump judicial reaction carries the erosion of the Judicial Branch one step further down toward chaos.

ISIS Mocks Gun Control

PJ Media examines the latest issue of ISIS’s Rumiyah magazine, and  finds advice to the jihadi wannabee on obtaining weapons. ISIS comments on gun shows and the American right to keep and bear arms. ISIS also mocks gun control in Europe, boasting how easy it is to obtain weapons in Europe.

The Left will seize on ISIS commentary about gun shows. But, the real message that emerges about and guns ISIS is this: Continue reading

Overlooked by media in “good shutdown” uproar

This Washington Post piece writer is all kinds of miffed over President Trump’s saying a government shutdown could be good for the country. “All responsible people” oppose shutting down the government. He goes on and on.

Completely overlooking that irresponsible spending has us $20 trillion in debt. But, I suppose all the best (responsible) people do not care.

So, we elected Donald Trump.

And haughty Joe Davidson makes the Idiocracy Report.

Lessons Learned From Pikeville Rallies Include Second Amendment

Nazi thugs and commie thugs rallied at Pikeville and screamed at each other. The article in Vocativ is instructive on several key points, and is worth reading.

First: the Nazis held the rally; the commies showed up to cause trouble. No commies, and it would have just been an ugly parade.

Second: both sides exercised the right to keep and bear arms that they would steal from others and, so — instead of gunfights breaking out, there was relative peace. Open carry. Commies too. No one was shot. No one. Not one. The article credits in part the exercise of the participants’ exercise of the right to keep and bear arms. Knowing they would be shot, and after getting punched in the face at Oakland, the commie thugs just acted out verbally. So, even the cursing, screaming zombies had the sense to keep peace so they would not have their ragged bodies shot.

Third: The Nazis essentially obeyed the law and kept to the peace. They parked their cars where they were supposed to. They cooperated with the police escort and boundary. By they way, they were a mere handful, about 70. I often wonder if there are more than a couple hundred of these people in the whole country, not counting the motorcycle criminal gangs.

Fourth: No one in Pikeville wanted them there.

Nazis and commies. You’d think even the most shallow memory of history would cause people to shun them all like the plague. They prove the John Birch Society’s analogy that they do not lie on a right-left continuum, but, rather, are more like the ends of a horseshoe, so close together in their authoritarian extremism that any distinction is barely noticeable. After all, Hitler was a socialist.

British Disrupt Another Terrorist Plot

By the way, liberals, the Brits just used a gun to stop yet another terrorist attack. Oh, yes, more of the British police carry guns now, after Khalid Masood ran down 5 people and then stabbed a police officer to death. I guess Masood was angry that Scotland still has not declared independence, or over the Irish troubles or something. Something. Can’t imagine his motivation, can we?

Obama surprises his base with his post-POTUS corporate greed

In the meantime, in contrast to the post below, former President Obama “stuns” liberals by speaking to Wall Street for $400,000.

Fees like these are how they pad the pockets of the insider Left. Cush academia jobs; book contracts; government grants; NPR specials. They view government as their personal playground, not service to the people.

And, you Democrats thought Barack Obama was different.


Trump, the ideal President?

This guy, Donald Trump, is turning out to be my ideal President. Perusing Google News this morning, just to see what the mainstream, liberal spin is, I find:

First, he’s at the NRA convention. I could stop right there. Need I say more?

He’s telling South Korea that, they might — duh — need to pay for their own national defense.

He’s telling the Saudis they might need to pay more to maintain their royal domination over the sandbox.

He’s telling Europe that this whole America-pays-for-NATO thing has to be re-thought and re-negotiated. I might be a bit more blunt about it and, perhaps in secret, he is.

He’s improving the income tax code. I’d scrap it altogether for the many reasons written here before, but it’s a start. If we must have it, then it requires a re-write every few years to get rid of the worst of the congressional abuses that pile up.

He is addressing the threat from North Korea that has been building for decades, and largely either ignored or ineptly handled by past presidents.

De-fund NPR Hate Speech

I decided to let a day pass between their broadcast, and this post. NPR’s public radio is a hate-speech propaganda machine whose commentators relentlessly barrage conservatives. Period.

First, here is the pattern. Pick the latest Democrat Party mantra. Find some liberal squirrel to interview and carry the propaganda. Speak in earnest, concerned voices. And smear Republican conservatives. Here is the example that prompted this post.

They interviewed some guy who claims that he was once a “white supremacist.” Now, he is a liberal, anti-Trump propagandist. His story — I doubt that it is true — could have been an interesting insight; instead, he and the interviewer morphed it quickly into an anti-Trump voter propaganda piece. The guest “hears” white supremacy in everythign Trump voters say. Apparently, it’s not enough to accuse Republicans of being racist. NPR found a way to up the diatribe. Now, Republicans are white supremacists. Concerned over $20 trillion in debt? You are a white supremacist! Concerned over a government bent on stifling enterprise? Think immigration law should be enforced? You are a white supremacist. Concerned over judicial activism and, well, just fill in the blank here ___________________________ with conservative, constitutionalist views of government, and they equate you with the white supremacy movement. How many of those people are there, anyway? Apparently, half the country.

Liberals, can you begin to comprehend how reprehensible and infuriating this is, that we taxpayers have to pay for your favorite program to insult us? Let them carry on their little hate-fest on the dimes of contributions and advertisers.

Deep State Courts on Immigration

A federal judge wrote an order enjoining the Executive Branch from enforcing immigration law through federal funding to rogue cities. Because the lust for power was proven time and again throughout history, our Founders gave us a carefully balanced government. Even then, they suspected some branch of government, or some person, would strive to emerge as king.

Many judges comprehend the constitutional role, and diligently look to the law. Some, however, act as a law unto themselves. Some, are plainly Deep State operatives.

A court order enjoining enforcement of a president’s order will always be couched in scholarly terms, pinning the decision onto some legal authority, no matter how flimsy. But, it appears that we have “sanctuary courts” now, too.

While the most liberal democrats may celebrate this, such judges are anarchists. We have a Congress that makes laws. The Constitution explicitly grants Congress the power to create a uniform system of immigration. The swamp extends to the courthouses, and I hope President Trump will dredge deeply.

In the meantime, Congress should act, making explicit its power to make immigration law.