Dogmatic Democrats on NFL Kneeling Rules

To kneel, or not to kneel, that is the question that plagues them now. So, now Roger Goodell says they ought to kneel.

Reader, aren’t you tired of the Democrat Party constantly haranguing us all about what we should and should not say and do? They have so many rules! So, the NFL has to decide what the rules will be. But, what Goodell’s kneeling rules ought to be is the wrong question, the wrong issue. How about this (below) as the issue? Here is what I want to say to the football players who stand in “unity” to show their lack of unity with the rest of us Americans.

The issue is your disloyalty to our country. If you act out to stick your “I hate America!” feelings in all of our faces, then you reveal that your mind has been infected with Marxist propaganda. You are, indeed, a victim —  of decades of Democrat Party anti-American propaganda. You are duped; you have been swayed to believe their lies. Regardless of whether Roger Goodell or some other celeb football player supports your little brat-fit, and regardless of whether they enforce your contract and make you behave, it’s too late. You revealed the “I hate America” boiling in your mind and heart. You declared yourself to be a disloyal American, living among the rest of us.

This focus on whether to kneel is a shallow-minded dodge. The problem is not whether to kneel; the problem is that the Communist Party stole the soul of the Democrat Party, which has been lying to gullible young Americans for decades. We are reaping that whirlwind. The gullible young Americans of earlier decades are now either ragged old hippies or dressed-up fellow-traveler Democrats, and we have a new crop of mindless minions of Marx breaking windows, changing pronouns, filing lawsuits, growing mroe violent and supporting street thuggery. And, these are egged on by the Democrat Party’s political-academia-press machine.

The problem is that these sinister forces have now convinced about half the country that we ordinary Americans are the problem. They constantly screech at us that we ordinary Americans are destroying the planet, enslaving everybody but white men, about to blow the world up with nuclear weapons, and consigning Granny to an early death. They hate America, from Christopher Columbus to anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. Oh, yes, and our guns are crawling out of the drawers and closets to roam the country in search of people to kill. Only their government people should have guns, and they would be in charge of the government — such tyranny never ends well.

I feel sorry for Colin Kapernick and other young black men who felt compelled to show their hatred for their country. In a way, it’s not their fault; they have been tricked over the course of their lifetime by the relentless flood of anti-American propaganda spewing from Democrats.

This trickery pushes us toward anarchy, chaos, and the breakdown of America’s strong institutions. Anything that exhibits strength, honor, morality, and patriotism must be attacked, shamed, and destroyed. This is all by design. Do not think for a second that we just somehow got to this place where the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave accidentally became the target of so much irrational vituperation. If you are infested by the evil spirits of Karl Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, all of this is rational — break America down because America is where Biblical truth took hold of men who applied those truths to the creation of a government with no earthly king. The Christian church is strong in America, and America’s people are emboldened by liberty and armed to defend their freedom.

Can’t have that!

Proposed Income Tax Reform

I want to give praise to our federal legislators, where it is merited, and the proposed reform is better.

But, read the Instapundit remarks here by Stephen Green. Note that after the 1986 reforms, the Government Party just went about circumventing the “reforms” so that they could build back in their power. I disagree with Stephen in that there is no income tax reform that corrupt politicians cannot circumvent. Besides, such simple reforms do nothing for the business operator who must still do all of the accounting regarding revenue and expenses.

I’m just going to keep saying this: there is no reforming an income tax. Any talk of “reform” springs either from ignorance, or fraud. Please take up the chant, and say it to your politicians any chance you get: repeal the income tax!

It is possible that mealy-mouthed reform talk springs from a hopelessness — the surrender to what seems to be the inevitable income tax. The income tax is nothing more than an Act of Congress and these come and go all the time. Just look what changes they’ve already wrought in our society! Yes, the income tax can be repealed, and replaced with other taxes. If we insist on it, we get it. If we submit to it, then they continue to abuse us with it.

The IRS is not the problem, except that the income tax sets us all up for such abuse by the tax collecting and enforcement authority. If there were no income tax to seek an exemption from, then Lois Lerner could not weaponize the IRS to be the Democrat Party’s Conservative Oppression Administration. Democrat tyrants could not threaten churches with pulling their First Amendment tax exemption. Cronyism, fraud, tax creep, and government abuse are symptoms of the income tax infection. They are part and parcel of an income tax. Indeed, the witches’ brew of corruption is the government party’s purpose for the income tax.

There is no reform: repeal the income tax. The Founders specifically wrote it out of the Constitution for good reasons, and Karl Marx included the income tax as one of his planks in the platform of communism. Repeal the income tax! Or, submit, minion!

“The Conversation”

I’m disappointed that the massive propaganda machine is succeeding in having us talk about gun control, at all. I don’t think they’ll get anywhere with it. They want to talk about guns for two reasons:

–gun control advances the Marxist agenda of complete government control of the citizenry; and

–talking about “guns” dodges all of the other conversations we ought to be having about how those swayed into the godless Marxist worldview have structured up a modern American culture in which some people logically decide that God’s Commandment against murder is mere fluff.

Here is the truth: The Leftist agenda is breaking our country apart. They have been tearing at the fabric of our strong institutions for decades now, and now we are suffering from their many lies. From abortion to criminal justice reform, they don’t want to talk about those things. So, they immediately start screeching “Guns!”

Keith Olbermann’s Fundamental Misunderstanding

So, has-been MSNBC loudmouth Keith Olbermann brands my National Rifle Association a “terrorist” organisation, speculates on the meaning of the Second Amendment and spews Democrat hatred in general. I hesitate to mention him, but he is useful for the purpose of pointing out the most important flaw in his own argument: he is; he is that most important flaw.

Olbermann would pass laws making me, and millions of other Americans, criminals overnight. He would dispatch SWAT teams to our houses to kick our doors down, seize our weapons, and “justifiably shoot” anyone who appeared to resist. He would be happy to see every NRA member murdered.

To accomplish this, notice that he would not “ban guns.” That is one of the Democrat Party’s persistent lies. They are not for “banning assault rifles” or “high-capacity magazines” or any other firearms. There would be plenty of guns still, and plenty of people with guns. It’s just that those with the guns would be special government people enforcing their monopoly on guns.

Olbermann personifies why the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security of a free country.

He “snapped”

Huh? Stephen Paddock “snapped” and murdered more than 50 people, while trying to murder more?

People have reasons for everything they say and do and feel. They may be way, way off-base with their reasons, but they have reasons.

It is conceivable that Paddock was truly psychotic: that he believed in a reality that was not reality. For example, if Paddock actually believed that the concert goers were a gathering of aliens about to start killing us all, then he did the moral thing that his psychotic mind told him to do: he went to war on our behalf.

I doubt he was psychotic. So, why — why would his “snap” naturally lead to mass murder? We had better explore this. The “conversation” Democrats say they want to have is a dodge, a ruse, a lie: they do not want to talk about the connections between their worldview and murder. They want to talk about more government and more government control.

He snapped? You can get depressed, and snap, and kill yourself; that happens pretty often. I know such people and you probably do too. They killed themselves; they saw no justification or need to take off on a homicidal binge.

The thoughtful murderer does not snap; the thoughtful murderer has a specific reason: revenge, removal of a witness, slaughter of the “infidels” to gain favor with Allah — money. Even a small amount of money apparently justifies murder to some. Situational rage with poor impulse control, maybe: but there’s a target for that murder and an identifiable motive.

How could anyone “snap” and start shooting as many random people as he can?

Well, there are reasons for why we do what we do, and we had better be asking the questions. I disagree with Paddock’s brother who speculated that the killer “snapped.” Paddock did not just “snap.” He was deluded through a process that led him to believe that we others simply do not matter. He believed that his target humans just counted for nothing. Indeed, in such worldview, eliminating “inferior” humans may be desirable. I assure you, Paddock reached that dark place reached by other murderers, where the victim’s life matters less than the killer’s motivation. In Paddock’s case, apparently everybody else’s life mattered for naught. And so, he had reasons for what he did. Sick, evil, deluded reasons, but he had reasons. He did not just “snap.” He saw his victims as things, not valuable children of God. Just “critters.”

It’s how he came to that conclusion that we ought to be having “the conservation” about.

Deterring Murderers

I’m going to write this before we know anything about why Stephen Paddock selected a position high up in a Las Vegas hotel, and targeted outdoor country music fans below. It should suffice that he is a murderer. The dead will never debate his reasons. They were murdered. However, already, I hear the earnest voices of NPR trying to turn “the narrative” toward a ban on citizens owning rifles.

So, this post is addressed to liberal people who purport to be horrified by a mass shooter’s murderous rampage. If you really care about people, and if you really want to deter murderers, then you should be for changing the culture in which some of us find it acceptable or even laudable to drive a car into a crowd, bash someone over the head from behind, start slashing, or load up and start shooting. If you liberals eager to clamor for gun control actually care about people, do you not want to teach this culture that human life is at least valuable — even if you cannot admit that human life is sacred? Do you liberals for gun control not want to permeate the culture with respect for human beings to the point that we broadly teach people not to murder? Can you liberals for gun control take up the chant, “Thou shalt not commit murder?”

Because, if you cannot, then your primary motive on these occasions is not to make people safer: your primary liberal gun controlling motive is to capture the publicity narrative for the purpose of transferring power to people who govern — and history proves that such does not end well.

I am going to write it again: In this post-Christian, post-modern, nihilistic culture we have let infest the United States, we officially indoctrinate others to believe that:

–human beings infest the planet, destroying the climate, the plants, the other animals, and the earth, all to which we ascribe some sort of semi-sacred life force making the dirt just as sacred as that man, woman, or child over there;

–indeed, before human beings emerge into the room to be seen and heard, we teach that it is permissible to slaughter them if the mother deems them too inconvenient at the moment; we teach that the tiniest human beings are just “stuff,” mere undesirable tissue, like a fingernail clipping;

–our official “science” is that human life is nothing more than a fleeting stage of accidental collisions between chemicals over time, making us different from the worms only by chance; if you think this is the official anti-human propaganda, please visit the official Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.; you — reader — are basically, shit, just noisier than the coral — according to the “official” science — why not just shoot a few of us?;

–we handle our murderers in such a way as to treat their homicides with a lack of seriousness; the consequence of murder is rarely execution, and never a public execution such that the youngster going bad out there in the crowd gets the dramatic and horrifying foretelling of the life of crime he has begun; the utter wrongness of murder gets quickly tucked away — unless you are a policeman accused of a bad shoot;

–some Democrat voices spew constant hatred; those softer Marxists not overtly spewing hatred sympathize with the haters and high-five the  anarchist attackers;

–we promote and financially enable massive consumption of mind-bending prescription drugs, and illegal narcotics;

–finally, we excise from our culture any notion that there is a God who is holy, who has spoken to us, who has instructed us that “Thou shalt not commit murder.” This propaganda has been so effective that, in addition to agnostic or atheist liberals who make government their god, there are also libertarian gun-owning Second Amendment supporters who will not vote for Judge Roy Moore because he committed the horrific culture-offense of taking the Word of God seriously and saying that the Ten Commandments just are;

Well, today, in Las Vegas, we see what happens when we make ourselves gods: Some choose to be evil demented little gods — and, who is to judge them? It’s Lord of the Flies, The Walking Dead, and World War Z, and we who want peace and safety ought to know better. We’ve been told, we’ve been warned, and the truth is right there for us to see.


The Sheer Stupidity of Liberalism

I see all people as intelligent, barring some brain injury or condition that affects learning. I’ve seen people dressed and made up looking like they are dumb as a box of rocks, who then shatter my prejudice. But, intelligence is a capacity, and we each have plenty of capacity to make bad decisions and do stupid things. We can make ourselves “stupid” if we let our prejudices, fears, and emotions overpower our reason. Dierks Bentley sings it well in his country hit, “What Was I Thinkin’?”

At least Dierks has sufficient insight into his own motivations, to recognize why he is subjecting himself to the daddy’s shotgun and the boyfriend’s fists. For a more sinister example, the modern Democrat Party leaders and voters have chosen to make their party one of the last refuges of the completely discredited ideology of communism that crashed with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and continues to prove its proponents as vicious losers in the last places it lodges. They put themselves right up there with Kim and Maduro. Nonetheless, and despite communism’s utter failure, Democrats — and squishy Republicans — just love that income tax that Karl Marx listed as one of the ten planks of communism in his Communist Manifesto. It gives them so much power over our dollars. And, the income tax plays to the prejudices that liberals promote. That brings me to the New York Times, which makes today’s Idiocracy Report.

Steven Hayward, wrote the following observation at Powerline, commenting on the biased “reporting” done by the NYT reporter, Binyamin Applebaum:

[In] Binyamin Applebaum’s story on how Trump’s tax cut plan helps the rich, this sentence appears: “The plan would not benefit lower-income households that do not pay federal income taxes.”

What a breathtakingly stupid thing to say! Of course, no tax plan will benefit those who do not pay taxes already — which is almost half of the country!

Binyamin, you have chosen to turn yourself into an idiot. But, I suppose you make sense, if I consider your audience, whose own biases will have them nodding their heads, and saying “Yes! That awful Trump and those awful Republicans!” Prove me wrong, readers of the Times: laugh Applebaum right out of the newsroom.

I think you  will not. But, do you begin to see how Democrat prejudice leads to some really stupid arguments?


Did we need Trump?

Readers here know I favored Scott Walker and Ted Cruz over Trump. Trump? I did not trust him, and still do not actually “like” him.

But, I have become convinced that even Walker and Cruz have been so beaten down, that they could not throw hand grenades into the advancing Commie hordes, as Donald Trump has done, and not be destroyed. Now, I just listened to Scott Walker mealy-mouth about the Packers and the National Anthem, and I was glad that he lost the primary to Trump.

Because we are so far gone in this country, and Republican “squish” does not stand up to the Commie onslaught which has taken firm hold on the Democrat Party.

I knew the night I watched Donald Trump at the Al Smith dinner in New York, that Trump was intentionally, loudly, plainly, burning his bridges to the Old Club. After his opening remarks, there was no turning back for him. Good. That’s what we needed then and continue to need now as the establishment and the commies trying to take over the country from the establishment roar against President Trump.

So, just like Judge Moore out-Trumped even Trump, I’m urging Trump to keep it up and shake them up even more.

Because I am for America, and the other side — well, they lost their way and they are definitely not for America. They may not know what they are for, but their way is persistently to divide us, to destroy us, to bring on anarchy and chaos, and they think somehow that the socialism that has proven to be a failure will take hold in America. They fantasize that, under their brilliant watch, finally, socialism will prove out to be the thing that brings about “social justice.”

If the rest of us just shut up and submit.

We won’t.

Missing from NYT’s apocalypse survival list

It’s interesting that mid-town New Yorkers are now thinking about bugout bags. Their local paper (found only in NYC and libraries) published some advice a few days ago, in an article entitled “How to Survive the Apocalypse,” by Alex Williams. I cite it to be thorough; the article is a bit whimsical, a bit funny, a bit revealing of how the Times’ elite squad of geniuses view the rest of us out here in flyover country, but the advice is shallow. You’ll find lots better advice on other sites.

It’s not that I disagree with Alex that you should have a “NASTY lookin’ knife.” It’s that much of what Alex recommends is illegal under New York City law. If the police catch you with a hatchet, you’re probably going to jail. Despite the Second Amendment that so many New York democrats disdain, carrying weapons in NYC is banned. Not just guns — weapons — anything that is carried as a weapon. For example, I like this multi-purpose tool as a weapon, but unless I am on my way with a crew of carpenters to demolish some urbanite’s kitchen and rebuild it, I’d better not get caught with it:

Stanley FUBAR available at Home Depot for about $30

That Alex-recommended $1,300 — “it’s foldable!” — kayak for escaping across the Hudson River is cool, but, Alex, I have a question for you. As you and your family set out in a few thousand dollars worth of kayaks, how are you going to defend them from the pirates? What will you do when the gangsters who plague your city steal a motorboat, chase you down, rape your wife, and butcher you and your kids for food? You’ll utterly fail to protect them, Alex, and you’ll die. That brings me to what you do acknowledge is “fundamental” to self-defense.

Alex, you omitted a gun from your list. A gun, Alex. Ditch the backpack parachute, and get a gun. Oh, that’s right, you point out that “the most fundamental survivalist self-defense staple — the gun — is highly restricted by law.”

So, Alex, applying basic to reasoning to this problem, rather than just succumb to your government’s totalitarianism, I conclude since we are in a free country, that it is fundamental to your survival that you change the law. That means that you must stop voting for (D) people and find yourself some upstate type conservative (R) people — and I’m not talking about squishy sort-of-Democrat-Lite people.

It is fundamental to your — and our — survival to stop electing Democrats to office.

But, I’d say it’s encouraging just to see you starting to think about weapons.