What to do about the modern Islamic invasion of The West?

London…oh, you already know. This goes on, and on, and on. Our politicians have utterly failed us, betrayed us. What to do? Is it really so difficult to comprehend?

Well, if you read hear, you already know I think we should have imposed a moratorium on Muslim immigration on 9-12, if not before. Our standard politicians from both political parties failed to do that, and now we elected Donald Trump who promises exactly that. It’s a bit late, is it not? I point out again, that 9-11 was the second Islamic attack on the World Trade Center, the first carried out under President Clinton.

This is not about accommodating and incorporating people from all manner of backgrounds. America does that. This is about whether western civilization is subsumed by and subjugated to Islamic barbarism.

You Muslims who enjoy American peace and liberty: you “apostates” know what I am talking about. You don’t really want a predominantly Muslim country, do you? You left one of those. Your version of Islam fares better when you are surrounded by American infidels than when your maniacs take over, you know.

What to do about local politicians who betray their people?

Maryland. Montgomery County, Maryland. Rockville. Here’s what happened.

Suggestion: tar and feather them, and ride them out of town on a rail. That’s what they deserve.

It is incomprehensible to me that Americans tolerate and even embrace, politicians who are indifferent and even hostile to American interests. Despicable Democrats prefer to put our teenage girls in danger, rather than to take ordinary, common-sense, safety measures to protect our country. Hypocritical Democrats, is this how your party looks after the interests of women?

Traitors. No, “traitors” is not too strong a word.

People of Montgomery County, what will you do about your traitorous politicians? Anything? Or are you too weak, too afraid, to paralyzed by leftist propaganda even to protect your daughters?

What to do about Europe?

Why do anything about Europe? That’s what they have Europeans for.

And, if the Europeans cannot come up with a reason to continue to exist as they are, then….

But, it’s funny to watch the EU bureaucrats and the European heads of state tapdance. Hint to European leaders: you would not have to show deference to Trump if you seriously mounted your own national and allied defenses.

What to do about Democrats?

Ignore them. We voters put Republicans in the White House, the House, and the Senate, not to mention most of the states. Congress: Act like it. Keep these hearings short. Mock their mockery; scoff at their scoffing; cut off their hatchet jobs. Do not permit Democrats to excoriate the nominees, without your excoriating the Democrats.

Example: That congressman from California is horrible. Why let him get away with his lies and insults?

Replace the Obama holdovers. Now.

What to do about NPR?

De-fund it now. There is no excuse for government-supported American radio. I listen because the local morning talk shows lack content. Every day it’s confirmed: NPR is nothing more than a taxpayer funded propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

If Big Bird is that valuable a commodity, then people can donate or purchase. I can catch Mozart on Pandora.

Liberals who are miffed: If you had to fund Rush Limbaugh, how would you feel about it? Well, that’s how I feel about funding NPR and PBS too, for that matter. You have turned these “public” corporations into just another little liberal playground.

What to do about Obamacare?

Congress: Tell the President you will accomplish his goal of replacing Obamacare with something “really great.” You are determined to help him keep his campaign promises on Obamacare.

Do it right, and both President Trump and the Republicans in Congress share the credit. Do it wrong, and it’s on Congress.

I still say:

–Congress supersedes state law, requiring that every policy be offered in every state

–open enrollment every two years and when any policy is cancelled

–no group size permitted smaller than 1,000 policies

–leave it to the states to establish their own safety nets, subsidies, vouchers, or whatever they want to do to help those with less money buy health coverage.


Rattling the Russians

Readers here know I do not trust the Russians. By “the Russians” I mean the post-Soviet communists who continue to grow their personal fortunes and carve out Russia’s empire.

Having said that, here are some observations. They have their own interests in national defense, interests derived from centuries of invasions, and specific threats from Germany. They have the rest of restless Europe on one side, and China on the other. Whether it makes sense to us or not, they seem to remain convinced that they must spread their borders outward, conquering territory to turn into some sort of security zone.

And, here we are, conducting operations with one of their former vassal states, in the Black Sea. Yes, we have the right. But, this is a provocation. And, an ineffective provocation at that. It would be far more effective to see Germany and France and the rest mount serious armies in serious defense — and equip their citizens with the Second Amendment right and motivation to arm and defend to the death.

And, we could just mind our own business.

Russians and Election 2016

Nothing our mainstream media say is to be believed. Nothing.

Nothing Democrat politicians say is to be believed. Nothing. Benghazi.

I assume the Russians have attempted to hack into political parties’ and government email for years. They should: that’s what enemy spies do. I assume we are doing the same thing.

I cannot imagine why the Russians would want to place any Republican in high office, when the Russians have the Democrat political party of fellow traveler Marxists destroying America from within. The Russians wanted to hurt Hillary and help Donald Trump win? That is perhaps the zaniest part of this entire farce If you believe that, you are a goony bird.

The rest of the Republican Party establishment had better think real hard about playing any role in this. I was disappointed that the Republicans on the subcommittee let the Democrats get away with the most deceitful and insulting introductory remarks before questioning Comey. The usual mealy-mouth weakness in the face of Democrat attacks does not cut the mustard.

The scandals here are:

–Democrat ineptitude at security

–the breadth and depth of the surveillance state

–embedded Democrat operatives using government agencies to advance their party causes — including the IRS

–along that line, I want the leakers to go to jail.

Here’s a message to the Washington insiders: you just don’t seem to get it. I do not care what dirt you dig up on Donald Trump, or what trumped up charges you level at him. You and your press-minions have exactly ZERO credibility. None. I believe nothing you say. You have misled this country into $20 trillion in debt, endless warfare, porous national security barriers, and you have elevated sexual perversion into a freak show national religion.

Thus, Donald Trump. Thus, professional politicians and followers, your usual political games have no meaning outside your insider circle. You trick yourselves into thinking that it’s business as usual. You can be ousted from your high-horse saddle, just as Hillary was.

Readers here know that I favored Ted Cruz. I think Trump is a jerk. I have, however, become convinced that we needed someone to walk into their fancy little party and toss a hand grenade into the smug corrupt mix. Perhaps out of all of the Republicans, only Donald Trump would have done that.

Keep tossing, Donald. Drain the swamp. Bring down some establishment Republicans, too.

Foreign Aid Money as National Defense

WAPO trots out 120 retired generals in yet another tiresome pout about Donald Trump. President Trump says he will commit yet another federal government sin: he dares to defy the one-way ratchet of federal spending — once a budget goes up, it can never come down! The blasphemous Trump fails to bow down to the idol of government and worship! He wants to cut the temple’s bloated foreign aid budget!

That little group of retired senior officers who repeatedly prove that rising to the top does, for some, reveal a person’s level of incompetence, signs yet another of their tiresome little letters, warning that President Trump should not reduce the amount of tax and debt money America sends to other countries in foreign aid.

What part of “We are $20 trillion dollars in debt,” do they all not understand?

Is there some sort of collective hypnosis that causes this sort of blindness to fact? Are they just rendered stupid by years of Idiocracy? Liberal generals and Democrats in general, let me explain something about Donald Trump, budgets, performance, and success in the real world.

You measure whether or not your spent dollars purchase success. Trump is a graduate of perhaps the finest business school in the country, Wharton. He has years of experience either thriving or crashing in business, and he has learned how to thrive. In the strange world of government, money is spent on “programs,” which then are run by career government employees, who hire staff and rent office space and the like. They become entrenched, regardless of whether or not the money spent on their “program” succeeds in achieving the purpose for which the program was created in the first place.

The State Department is fat and overflowing with such boondoggles.

Democrats, if you are reacting to my post, consider just this one question: “How, exactly, do you measure the degree that any particular foreign aid dollar advances American interests in the target country?”

Corollary questions are: Could we achieve what we want from country X spending 10% less money? What components of our aid package are fruitless, or even counterproductive?

Trump dares to ask these questions, and look at all of the dustup.

The WAPO article is a classic “appeal to authority” logical fallacy argument: instead of studying all components of the foreign aid budget, and answering the questions Donald Trump is rightfully asking, they dodge the fact that we are $20 trillion in debt and trot out those same, old Democrat former generals who, after all, spent decades doing — you guessed it — government.

Ignore them. The establishment business-as-usual-in-government crowd just cannot grasp that they have forfeited all credibility in the eyes of the voters who put Donald Trump into office against all apparent odds. So, dismiss their little pout over foreign aid.

I have a feeling that President Trump will.