German man murders woman because she was a Christian

This “anti-theist” anti-Christian who murdered a German woman just because she believed that marriage is between a man and a woman only, got “permission” from the western Left’s latest re-writing of morality.

American notions of “natural rights” and personal liberty derive directly from the God of the Bible, and the way the God of the Bible deals with his created people. He is not a tyrant God; He calls to us, but does not march us around like mindless minions. His rules are few and generally accepted by people around the world.

That is why the libertarian insistence on minimalist government angers the agnostic, anti-Christian Left. My more-or-less agnostic, libertarian, gun-owner, constitutionalist friends do not want to hear this, but, at the root of post-modern liberal authoritarianism, is this: they just hate Jesus — and anything that even begins to sniff of Jesus. Any indication that there might actually be a thing called “sin” reminds them of the Christian belief that Jesus submitted to crucifixion to save us from sin. How dare the Jewish God presume to define what is right, and what is wrong!

And, their fury sparked the murder of a 31-year old Christian German woman, by a self-proclaimed Christian hater.

How much should we worry about criticism from abroad?

AP writers try to get you to worry about foreign nations criticizing the USA for President Trump’s decision to scrutinize applicants for entry from troubled Muslim lands.

It is not possible for me to care any less, about purported criticism from other Marx-infected liberals from the European Left. Perhaps their leftist leaders should worry more about their own political futures, given the uprising of Europeans finally waking up to the treachery of their liberal leaders in opening the gates to foreign invasion. In any sane era and country, that would be called treason.

World War M is on. Those in denial will be swept away. Maybe beheaded first. Angela Merkel should envision her head held aloft by some black-clad jihadi posing on YouTube, and she should be more worried about that, than about our head-of-state. Maybe she thinks there’s safety in greater numbers of captives being marched into the gas chambers, or something.

The Left is insane. Suicidally insane.

Pentagon caught by surprise by “travel ban”?

WAPO spins that Pentagon “caught by surprise” by “travel ban.”

Really? How could they be? Did they turn on their ears when Donald Trump campaigned? How is this a shock to anyone?

I suspect this is more negative press spin. But, if the top brass at the Pentagon were “caught by surprise” by the announcement, then we Americans have a bigger problem at the Pentagon than I thought: way too much being caught by surprise by ISIS strength, difficulty of training Afghan forces, collapse of Iraqi forces, and the list goes on.

It’s the job of military commanders NOT to be caught by surprise. (Yes, I’m shouting.)

Little Nashville Liberal Hissy-fit

Quote from Nashville’s liberal Democrat mayor talking about immigration: “It doesn’t matter how you got here….”

Actually, Mayor, yes it does matter how people from foreign nations get here. Watch the video of the World Trade Center towers coming down: the 19 hijackers got here by applying for permission to the State Department, which issued them visas. They got here masquerading as visitors and students.

Must I remind the mayor that not everyone who comes here, loves America and comes in peace? No, I suppose the necessary reminder happened in the November 2016 election.

And, you, Republican Senator Alexander, if you find the wording broad and confusing, then I ask: Where have you been for the last decade? Why did you not draft, propose, and push through your own protections for Americans?

The election of Donald Trump is the beginning of Americans setting America on a strong footing again, not some aberrational crack in liberalism.

Media Spin on Canada Mosque Shooting

I’m going to watch this one closely to see how the facts develop. Trudeau spins it as “a terrorist attack on Muslims,” but we see further in the article that “they yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!'” as they shot and “it seemed” they had accents sounding Quebecois. Perhaps it is yet another terrorist attack on Muslims, by Muslims.

Regardless of the motive for this particular attack, Trudeau is dangerous for Canada, and with his open borders stance, Trudeau is dangerous to America. We have to reevaluate Canada as an ally.

“Extreme vetting” protects everyone in America, including Muslims who are seen as “apostate” by the maniacs. Muslims died in the World Trade Center attacks; Muslims at prayer are blown up in mosque attacks by other Muslims in the Middle East. As I have said here many times, Muslims are at civil war within Islam and Muslims are the front-line victims.

I suggest to Trudeau that — like his American counterpart socialists — he is probably on his way out as the modern western bureaucratic welfare state is revealed for the corrupt club of petty tyrants that it is.

Flag-burning as Inciting to Riot

When the Supreme Court declared that behavior is the same as speech, they opened Pandora’s Box to the anarchy which characterizes the Left. The First Amendment protects speech because speech is thought set free. The First Amendment does not say anything about protecting people who riot, overturn cars, loot stores, burn neighborhoods, or torch the American flag.

That burning the American flag is protected by the First Amendment now seems like a mindless mantra, repeated by all sides. I do not believe the First Amendment assures a constitutional right to burn the American flag.

But, rather than propose all manner of local ordinances, state criminal laws, and sweeping federal legislation to stop flag-burning, I have a simpler remedy, based on centuries-old solid law.

Those who erupt their little Marxist emotions in public by torching Old Glory, deserve no protection from the government. Those who love America might justifiably be outraged into striking back. Like the FedEx worker who stopped a flag-burning, a confrontation might ensue. So, let vigilante justice prevail. If someone breaks your jaw while you stomped all over the flag, then I propose there is neither criminal penalty nor civil remedy against the American who defended the flag. But, if you take to the streets with the American flag in hand, and the crowd attacks you, then you started a riot and should be arrested.

It is more than reasonably foreseeable that in a sane society, such a traitor is recognized for what he is, and chastised.

How much voter fraud is “significant”?

The question infuriates me: one stolen vote threatens our democracy.

Let me be plain: the Republican Party’s weak establishment has been lackluster in safeguarding the citizen’s right to vote.  The Democrat party — knowing that it benefits from its operatives’ fraudulent voting schemes — encourages voter fraud and resists safeguards.

The Republican voters overthrew both and insist on the sacrosanct nature of one-person, one vote, and only eligible citizens at that. That axiom seems foundational to me.

People who vote twice should go to jail. Non-citizens who vote should go to jail, and then be deported. Lawful voters who just moved to another neighborhood, and show up in the old precinct to vote — well, I’ll cut them some slack because they are not stealing someone else’s vote in a national election, maybe not even in their state election.

But, if you are the citizen whose vote was stolen by some Democrat Soros-financed street minion, then it’s significant.

Every loyal, patriotic, honest citizen ought to be completely in favor of safeguards on the vote. Those who oppose and block such efforts are traitors who threaten our democracy.

To answer my own caption question: One. That is the number. One stolen vote is significant.

800,000 stolen votes are a cause for revolution. But, we gave them that revolution this time, regardless. Peacefully. Keep up the fraud, and I cannot promise peace.

Re-defining who Congress works for

This National Review article by Kevin Williamson is long, and rambles a bit back and forth between what it means to be “rich” and his main point, but I recommend it. Why?

Because his bigger point is that we, the people, choose our government and we have chosen poorly for a long time. Worse, instead of correcting our bad choices once discovered, and voting them out of office, we have returned them time after time. We become accustomed to the dissonant music of stupid reporters parroting lying lines, instead of stating facts honestly, and choosing leaders who will operate in reality.

Thus, we get $20 trillion in national debt and a vastly bloated bureaucracy picking at us and telling us what to do. Half of us seem to love it and ask for more.

I say all of this, this morning, to take Mr. Williamson’s point, and zero in on one facet of it: When did we let our federal legislators become government employees? Why do they get a federal salary, and benefits of federal employees? The name on your paycheck is who you work for. Let me state a simple example of how this changes everything.

Once elected for a term, they get federal employee health coverage for life. So, they do not care about the rest of us. Some might care a little, but nothing makes you “care” about another person like experiencing that same pain personally. Remove Congress’s health coverage benefit and watch them get real busy, real fast to study and fix what is wrong with health treatment and product pricing in America. (There is plenty wrong when a $20,000 hospital bill gets written down and settled for a fraction — only if you have insurance coverage.)

But, we the people, do not demand that our legislators transfer their loyalty back to us.