Fighting the Republicans at Home

I think we conservatives have to be “the resistance” against the Republicans. So, today, I get an email from Governor Scott Walker asking for donations to get more Republican governors elected. Okay, I might donate. But, why? I’m not seeing tremendous difference between the way Republicans and Democrats actually govern.

At the same time, I read that the Republican Senate may use a massive defense funding bill to stall President Trump’s reversal of Obama’s reversal of the longstanding policy of keeping the military free of people so messed up that they pretend to be someone of the opposite sex. The usual Republican suspects are involved, but why would the Republicans essentially now align themselves with the defunct President Obama, against the President we conservative Republicans elected?

Unserious War Against ISIS

In the meantime, take a look at the various factions we permitted to move ISIS fighters around in the sandbox, finally dumping them at the Iraq border. Yeah, that works, doesn’t it? They literally drove ISIS to the border and let them go.

Were we more powerful, more committed, less constrained by our own Rules of Engagement, these factions would not have dared strike such a deal leaving ISIS alive, without our permission and we would not have given it.

This weakness prolongs turmoil in the Middle East. The people there, and our people who deploy, suffer the most.


Identifying the Enemy in North Korea

Communism in 2017 looks different than it did in 1917 or 1957. But, it’s there — all around us — and we do well to comprehend that communists are the enemy of the United States. Yes, they could just behave, get along, and thrive, but that is not their way. From Berkeley’s antifa Marxists to Beijing, they are all the same: foment anarchy and chaos to tear down the dream of limited self government most strongly rooted in America.

Now, we are asking the UN to react with more serious sanctions, including an embargo on oil shipments to North Korea. Well, just look who’s supplying North Korea: Russia and China.

Kim is nothing but China’s puppet. I heard one news commentator speculate over whether Kim’s missile shots into the water are designed to provoke American use of anti-missile defenses so that they can see what we are capable of. Close but wrong: it’s Red China who wants to see what we are capable of, if they do not already know through their massive phalanx of covert agents operating within our defense industry.

China and Russia are playing a dangerous little dictatorship game, using Kim in such provocative ways.

Americans have played carelessly, electing weak leaders who permitted North Korea to obtain nuclear arms.

US Military Fired on by Turkish Proxies

US forces (not identified in article) in the extreme north of Syria, just south of the Turkish border, have been shot at by a Turkey-backed Syrian force. We discover in the article, that this has been going on for some time, with our people out on patrols getting shot at by “indirect fire” (artillery or mortar rounds); the article is vague about whether our people are now targets of rifle fire. The military spokesman admits this is the firs time we have shot back.

We back the Kurd units fighting ISIS. The Turks loathe the Kurds and will not permit them to withdraw from the former Ottoman Empire, to form their own country.

We are in the middle. I say “we” but, really, it’s a few volunteers who are soon forgotten by a people more interested in prancing around buck naked at Burning Man, or pursuing a degree in LGBTQ-whatever studies.

If it’s not so vital to our defense that our populace would accept the draft, then it’s not that important to us. I applaud the volunteers who try to give oppressed people a chance at something better. But, what an uphill battle.

Iraqi Army Reclaims Tal Afar, but…

This article applauds the Iraqi Army’s victory over Islamic State, at Tal Afar. Tal Afar is “liberated” but the article leaves some disturbing questions.

“Victory” in this context is not taking and holding terrain, even urban terrain. Victory will be found in the eradication of every man who thought he would don the garb, buy a sex slave, yammer threats against America, prance around with an AK, and cut some infidel heads off. Were they surrounded and killed trying to escape or surrender? The article implies that insufficient blocking forces were put into place, such that ISIS escaped into the desert.

Along with the absence of residents, the number of Islamic State fighters in Tal Afar appeared to be vastly overstated. Before the operation was launched, Iraq’s intelligence services estimated that between 1,400 and 2,000 militants occupied the city. Iraq’s military said Saturday that 259 Islamic State fighters had been killed, suggesting that many had fled the battle into the vast desert north and west of the city toward Syria.

Only about 2,000 Islamic State fighters occupied the city. Of this number, only 259 were killed? Why were not all 2,000 killed? If the overstated numbers expected to be there was correct, then who let them escape and to where? Who devised a plan that let the remnant maybe flee into the desert? Why do we not know where they are, now? Perhaps US intelligence units do know; perhaps the plan is to let the Satanic warriors die of thirst in the desert and, if so, then that works. Perhaps that looks better on the world stage than simply shooting them all.

But, “Victory” was not achieved if they were accidentally — or intentionally permitted to escape to infiltrate into Syria.


Yep, They’re Communists

The black masks are on, but “the mask is off” and it’s plain who they are. At a “No Communism in America” rally, the “antifa” Marxist anarchists once, again, got away with jack-booted thug tactics.

Story and images here in SFGate online.

No one should be fooled by their word-twist tactics. They use “Nazi” and “alt-right” as epithets for all opposition, and their signs proclaim love, peace, and justice. It’s quite a clever tactic for fooling the complicit press and liberal government leaders. But, if the sign over the entrance gate at the Nazi’s Dachau concentration camp had read, “No hate” would it still have been an extermination camp? I think even the Democrat leadership is starting to have to admit that they are the home to the modern Marxist mob.

One sign carried by a follower of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, and Chuck Shumer reads “By any means necessary.”

All righty, then. World War Z is on.

It’s not only Afghanistan…

Picking up on the post below, we get too fixated on Afghanistan. We have problems other than the quagmire Afghanistan has turned into.

Red China remains dangerous. The Democrat weakness shown by Clinton and Obama aggravated the risk posed by North Korea, formerly mostly a threat to South Korea. Their Chucky puppet is now long-range nuclear-armed, thanks to the Democrat Party. Our Navy is stretched thin. Pacific power is re-shuffling. That would be good, if we were to structure the new Pacific the way we want it, through our beyond-dispute power. However, our enemies smell our weakness, and exaggerate our internal strife — also caused by the Democrat Party.

Russia should be a has-been world power. Instead of a threat to the rest of Europe, and the opponent of America in the Middle East, Russia should be a willing, pacified, sort-of-European and American partner. The weakness of the Democrat-chosen President Obama, complete with a corrupt and Marxist influenced entourage, and our internal cultural absurdities — like fixation on global warming and cross-dressing perverts — are open opportunities for Russia’s former KGB strongman. The Democrat Party Trump-Russia farce is a poorly orchestrated theater of the absurd which casts us as a prime target for mockery in the world.

NATO: I point out as usual, that NATO is a treaty agreement that obligates us to go to war on behalf of any member-state. A quick glance at the re-drawn map of modern Europe shows the historical hot-spots along the fracture line that we call Eastern Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Balkans — again. Why are Americans committed to go to war in Europe, for Europe? What is the justification in this new era? President Trump is supposed to extract us from this dangerous obligation of mutual defense, and re-negotiate our relations with the European states; I’m waiting for that.

Mexico, our next-door neighbor, remains fragile, even hostile at times. Unreliable for sure.

Much of the rest of Latin America remains fragile, and unfriendly to America.

Cuba: a problem now mostly for the Cubans only, but a potential source of Islamic terrorist infiltration. Same for Venezuela. Any Latin American dictator caught aiding our enemies should be taken out. Killed. Without apology or regret. We probably should have liberated the Cubans long ago to secure our southeastern coast. In contrast to NATO, there are good geographic reasons for The Monroe Doctrine.

Africa. My God, what a mess. Africa tears at your heart. But, when compassion translates to “send other people’s sons to die forgotten in hot, dusty, faraway places that we don’t care enough about to go there ourselves,” it’s not compassion at all; it simply adds to the chaos that characterizes today’s America.

Besides all of the above, and despite challenges worldwide, our military is under-strength, undermined and over-deployed. Insistence on gay this and LGBT-whatever discourages strong young men from joining and making it a career. Young officers experience betrayal by higher-ups and prosecutions for combat actions, causing otherwise-committed soldiers to think again about a career. The Rules of Engagement and general atmosphere seem orchestrated to advance the Left’s anti-American agenda. The military does not seem to have the backs of the men and women we send to hot, dusty, dangerous, faraway places to do battle on our behalf. Neither do we, the people.

The Democrat Party now uses a cynical anti-American strategy of divide and conquer, missing no opportunity to fracture our people into small fighting factions. It’s working.

All of the above serve the Left’s agenda of using anarchy and chaos to undermine America. The Republican Establishment have gone along with it for decades. They are too stupid to get that, after America is “burned down,” they will not get a seat around the new table.

I’m counting on President Trump to do what he said he was going to do: take on Washington, D.C.’s corrupt oligarchy and either get the Republicans to follow or get them out of the way. If he loses, The Government Party consisting of both major political parties will be emboldened into growing their power for decades to come.

Thoughts on the Next 17 Years of War in Afghanistan

This article pretty much expresses what I think:

  • We had to go kill as many evil people behind 9-11 as we could hunt down.
  • There was no way we were ever going to make Afghanistan into a nice, friendly, Americanized (whatever that means anymore) state. As the article’s writer put it, “We’ve enabled our military’s dreams of turning Afghanistan into Arizona long enough.” I do not think this was the military’s dream; they were told to go over there and win hearts and minds, and in the military way, they saluted, said “Yes sir!” and went for it — even at the expense of our own troops. If some senior leaders have spent so much time in-country and in-mission, that they have bought into the mission of making Afghanistan our friend, then I point out again that we are 17 years into their endeavor, and “failure” looks like an accurate assessment.
  • Our support for ongoing warfare is equivocal, causing our troops to suffer the consequences in supply, replacements, and rules of engagement.
  • How can we now train Afghan men to succeed, if we have not succeeded at that for all of the time, blood, and money it has cost us?
  • What we have been doing has not worked — surely, even the most entrenched can see that after 17 years.
  • What is our mission now, anyway?

I’m willing to see President Trump try something new. But, more troops and good tweaks to the ROE don’t look much like a strategy change, to me. Find that mission that we can and should accomplish, do it, or just bring the troops home now.

Black and White in America

Despite the agitprop spewed out by reporters, here is what I experience every day in America, insofar as race relations are concerned.

Ordinary, well-meaning, black people and white people go shopping together, work together, dine together, joke together, and all without the kind of hatred the Left keeps trying to stir up. These weird pockets of academia and urban agitation are an isolated minority, magnified by their willing media mouths and paid organizers.

I am sure racial prejudice exists. We people harbor all manner of prejudices: we do not necessarily act these out, and Americans utterly reject that government should sort us into skin colors, and favor one over the other. Indeed, the more positive interactions we experience, the more we put our personal prejudices in perspective. It is fair to say, that in America in this decade, it is a widely-shared American value that people do not hate one another or treat one another rudely or unfairly, based on race.

That statement would spark some more of that immediate faux rage if read by some of the foaming-at-the-mouth Marxist agitators. But, that’s my experience — every day. We — generally — simply no longer care whether a person is black or white.

So, here is a note to young, left-leaning, black college students being lured into Marxist anarchy:

Your Marxist professors in these worthless academic programs you get tricked into, aim to destroy all of us through division and hate. Next time you hear one of them trying to convince you how bad white people are, be on guard: they are preaching the same racial prejudice they purport to despise, and they are trying to draw you into the same cesspool. All while keeping you economically hard-pressed and making you jealous of others who work hard to succeed.

To the extent we in America can share the same good values, skin color simply fades into a workaday harmony. How about courtesy, kindness, generosity and responsibility? Don’t steal or commit murder. Do your job. Do it well. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Leave others free, without presuming to superiority and control over their livelihood. What matters race when a people labor together under those values?

And, instead of stewing in the lie that you are a victim of some other group, count your blessings. Every one of us in America should get down on our knees every day and thank God that some ancestor got on a ship and made it to these shores whether as a peasant driven off the farm in central Europe, or as an indentured servant desperate to escape poverty in the worst streets in London — or as a slave captured by one African tribe, sold to Muslim Arab slave traders, and then delivered into slavery in America by the Dutch. Thank God that, somehow, even strangely and sometimes tragically, you are an American. Black Americans have their own unique reason for being grateful for the blessing that is America.

Because, in America, the admonition of the Holy Bible led us to believe that all were created equal by God; all have sinned and fallen short of His Glory; none is superior to any other, in His eyes. That inescapable Biblical belief that we are all God’s children, led us to reject the abhorrent notion that one might “own” another. Go to a Civil War National Park, walk among the Yankee graves in the cemetery, and thank The Dead every day, that they shed their blood to free you. Which from among the gravestones owes you “reparations”?

Modern commies aim to replace old, rusted iron chains with a new Iron Curtain. They play on the most base human motives to divide us into fighting factions. They are tearing our country apart, miring us in debt, corruption, warfare, and street fights. They intend anarchy and chaos, after which they imagine they would play some new overseer role, and the rest of us would be the field hands.

Together, we can all make America great, again.