Make Everybody Join the NRA!

Picking up on Nancy Sinatra’s idiocy about the “murderous NRA members,” and then joining the Left in making rules to force everybody to do this and that, I apply some statistical reality to arrive at this conclusion: we could nearly eradicate murder in this country if the government forced everybody to join the NRA.

Because, Nancy, NRA members just don’t commit murder. I suppose that someone can find some NRA member somewhere was convicted of a murder at some point in history, but it’s pretty much unheard of. Otherwise, I am sure we would all have heard this from the commie propagandists. Therefore, in a Democrat Big Brother Idiocracy sort of way, I conclude that making everyone join the NRA would stop everyone from killing anyone.

(You might not be able to make them join, but you could impose an extra income tax on them for not joining. The legal precedent is there with Obamacare, right?)

Dogmatic Democrats on NFL Kneeling Rules

To kneel, or not to kneel, that is the question that plagues them now. So, now Roger Goodell says they ought to kneel.

Reader, aren’t you tired of the Democrat Party constantly haranguing us all about what we should and should not say and do? They have so many rules! So, the NFL has to decide what the rules will be. But, what Goodell’s kneeling rules ought to be is the wrong question, the wrong issue. How about this (below) as the issue? Here is what I want to say to the football players who stand in “unity” to show their lack of unity with the rest of us Americans.

The issue is your disloyalty to our country. If you act out to stick your “I hate America!” feelings in all of our faces, then you reveal that your mind has been infected with Marxist propaganda. You are, indeed, a victim —  of decades of Democrat Party anti-American propaganda. You are duped; you have been swayed to believe their lies. Regardless of whether Roger Goodell or some other celeb football player supports your little brat-fit, and regardless of whether they enforce your contract and make you behave, it’s too late. You revealed the “I hate America” boiling in your mind and heart. You declared yourself to be a disloyal American, living among the rest of us.

This focus on whether to kneel is a shallow-minded dodge. The problem is not whether to kneel; the problem is that the Communist Party stole the soul of the Democrat Party, which has been lying to gullible young Americans for decades. We are reaping that whirlwind. The gullible young Americans of earlier decades are now either ragged old hippies or dressed-up fellow-traveler Democrats, and we have a new crop of mindless minions of Marx breaking windows, changing pronouns, filing lawsuits, growing mroe violent and supporting street thuggery. And, these are egged on by the Democrat Party’s political-academia-press machine.

The problem is that these sinister forces have now convinced about half the country that we ordinary Americans are the problem. They constantly screech at us that we ordinary Americans are destroying the planet, enslaving everybody but white men, about to blow the world up with nuclear weapons, and consigning Granny to an early death. They hate America, from Christopher Columbus to anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. Oh, yes, and our guns are crawling out of the drawers and closets to roam the country in search of people to kill. Only their government people should have guns, and they would be in charge of the government — such tyranny never ends well.

I feel sorry for Colin Kapernick and other young black men who felt compelled to show their hatred for their country. In a way, it’s not their fault; they have been tricked over the course of their lifetime by the relentless flood of anti-American propaganda spewing from Democrats.

This trickery pushes us toward anarchy, chaos, and the breakdown of America’s strong institutions. Anything that exhibits strength, honor, morality, and patriotism must be attacked, shamed, and destroyed. This is all by design. Do not think for a second that we just somehow got to this place where the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave accidentally became the target of so much irrational vituperation. If you are infested by the evil spirits of Karl Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, all of this is rational — break America down because America is where Biblical truth took hold of men who applied those truths to the creation of a government with no earthly king. The Christian church is strong in America, and America’s people are emboldened by liberty and armed to defend their freedom.

Can’t have that!

Deterring Murderers

I’m going to write this before we know anything about why Stephen Paddock selected a position high up in a Las Vegas hotel, and targeted outdoor country music fans below. It should suffice that he is a murderer. The dead will never debate his reasons. They were murdered. However, already, I hear the earnest voices of NPR trying to turn “the narrative” toward a ban on citizens owning rifles.

So, this post is addressed to liberal people who purport to be horrified by a mass shooter’s murderous rampage. If you really care about people, and if you really want to deter murderers, then you should be for changing the culture in which some of us find it acceptable or even laudable to drive a car into a crowd, bash someone over the head from behind, start slashing, or load up and start shooting. If you liberals eager to clamor for gun control actually care about people, do you not want to teach this culture that human life is at least valuable — even if you cannot admit that human life is sacred? Do you liberals for gun control not want to permeate the culture with respect for human beings to the point that we broadly teach people not to murder? Can you liberals for gun control take up the chant, “Thou shalt not commit murder?”

Because, if you cannot, then your primary motive on these occasions is not to make people safer: your primary liberal gun controlling motive is to capture the publicity narrative for the purpose of transferring power to people who govern — and history proves that such does not end well.

I am going to write it again: In this post-Christian, post-modern, nihilistic culture we have let infest the United States, we officially indoctrinate others to believe that:

–human beings infest the planet, destroying the climate, the plants, the other animals, and the earth, all to which we ascribe some sort of semi-sacred life force making the dirt just as sacred as that man, woman, or child over there;

–indeed, before human beings emerge into the room to be seen and heard, we teach that it is permissible to slaughter them if the mother deems them too inconvenient at the moment; we teach that the tiniest human beings are just “stuff,” mere undesirable tissue, like a fingernail clipping;

–our official “science” is that human life is nothing more than a fleeting stage of accidental collisions between chemicals over time, making us different from the worms only by chance; if you think this is the official anti-human propaganda, please visit the official Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.; you — reader — are basically, shit, just noisier than the coral — according to the “official” science — why not just shoot a few of us?;

–we handle our murderers in such a way as to treat their homicides with a lack of seriousness; the consequence of murder is rarely execution, and never a public execution such that the youngster going bad out there in the crowd gets the dramatic and horrifying foretelling of the life of crime he has begun; the utter wrongness of murder gets quickly tucked away — unless you are a policeman accused of a bad shoot;

–some Democrat voices spew constant hatred; those softer Marxists not overtly spewing hatred sympathize with the haters and high-five the  anarchist attackers;

–we promote and financially enable massive consumption of mind-bending prescription drugs, and illegal narcotics;

–finally, we excise from our culture any notion that there is a God who is holy, who has spoken to us, who has instructed us that “Thou shalt not commit murder.” This propaganda has been so effective that, in addition to agnostic or atheist liberals who make government their god, there are also libertarian gun-owning Second Amendment supporters who will not vote for Judge Roy Moore because he committed the horrific culture-offense of taking the Word of God seriously and saying that the Ten Commandments just are;

Well, today, in Las Vegas, we see what happens when we make ourselves gods: Some choose to be evil demented little gods — and, who is to judge them? It’s Lord of the Flies, The Walking Dead, and World War Z, and we who want peace and safety ought to know better. We’ve been told, we’ve been warned, and the truth is right there for us to see.


Acid Attacks and World War Z

More demented maniacs have sprayed acid in people’s faces in London. The reporters and politicians feign shock and “outrage.” Why?

Why be either shocked or outraged over something entirely predictable? The zombie-genre movies and the TV series The Walking Dead have it right, except that the mysterious cause of the outbreak occurred long ago; it is well-known; and the usual scoffers, mockers, and deniers have mounted the usual propaganda campaign to make us think that we can just “shelter in place” because “everything is OK.

Plainly, objectively: everything is not OK.

Our self-anointed elites presume to some state of evolution beyond the rest of us; they insist that their tribe should rule the rest of us and, if we just got out of the way, they would fix the sick human conditions ranging from global warming to “inequality” to what we eat. We would not need or want guns. We would not need to work but, if we did, then they would micro-manage out of the workplace all of those hassle-factors that make work a labor of something other than love. Cell phones would be free. We would have single-payer government run health care — if only we non-socialists would get out of the way.

We would find our “truths” from our modern day clergy: Marxist academics and the political class.

The awful truth is this; there is good news that follows, but the awful truth is that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There it is: If you consider the statement ridiculous or tiresome, then just look at the news stories about the London acid attacks — or so many other murderous occurrences. The statement explains why we are not going to fix us.

Our elites have no idea whatsoever, what to do about the zombies among us. At least the zombies on The Walking Dead eat mechanically because they must. The real zombies among us believe that the rest of us matter for nothing at all, except to provide them whatever pleasure their homicidal lusts demand — even the pleasure of watching us scream and writhe in pain.

World War Z has already begun, and our elites are part of the propaganda campaign that is in denial. Turns out, they are the real deniers.


Once you go down that government road…

Create a welfare subculture, and you get it thrown back in your face because they want more. Especially if you advertised yourself as the guy who was going to pass around more candy than anyone before you. It is fitting that it’s Chicago’s Democrat machine base that’s miffed.

Now, if only the purposes of government were to secure our borders and to secure  our liberties, and the rest was up to us.

Pelosi Shouted Down in Ironic Turnabout

Washington’s Democrats were so smug when they urged on the mad dogs of anarchy, and you other Democrats made excuses for them; but — Surprise! — the pack turns around and bites you. If you want to see some poetic justice, then watch this crowd of Marxist anarchist Democrats shout down Nancy Pelosi.

They prove, again, that they will ruin our country.


St. Louis Mayor Thinks Police Are not Also People

Mayor Krewson (D) of St. Louis gives mewling interview to Fox News. In her gushing eagerness to excuse fellow-Democrat anarchists, she mis-speaks about no one being injured, then catches herself and fumbles telling us that, uh,  well, 11 police officers were injured; then, she returns to being happy that no “citizens” were hurt. She expresses her determination to respect the “right to protest,” and she is so sympathetic with the commies and gangsters looting, burning, and terrorizing.

Newsflash, Mayor:  police officers are also both people, and citizens. And, Mayor, the Constitution guarantees the right to peaceably assemble to redress grievances. There is no right to riot. You owe a duty to protect the people from the anarchists, not to protect rioting anarchists.

“Counseling” Needed by Taco Bell Employees

These three Taco Bell employees are heroic! Two armed robbers hit the place, order employees to lie on the floor — putting them in possible execution mode. But, three other — armed of course –employees fire them up, killing one.

Anyone, anytime, anyplace. Yo quiero Taco Bell!

Footnote: The company offered “counseling” to all employees. Counseling. I suppose it’s the politically correct thing to do in the Democrat-orchestrated demise of the culture, but it’s laughable. I doubt our armed employees will be going to “counseling” unless it’s here at Rangemaster.

Footnote 2: Pennsylvania is a right to carry state. The NRA convention was held in Pittsburgh a few years ago.

Yep, They’re Communists

The black masks are on, but “the mask is off” and it’s plain who they are. At a “No Communism in America” rally, the “antifa” Marxist anarchists once, again, got away with jack-booted thug tactics.

Story and images here in SFGate online.

No one should be fooled by their word-twist tactics. They use “Nazi” and “alt-right” as epithets for all opposition, and their signs proclaim love, peace, and justice. It’s quite a clever tactic for fooling the complicit press and liberal government leaders. But, if the sign over the entrance gate at the Nazi’s Dachau concentration camp had read, “No hate” would it still have been an extermination camp? I think even the Democrat leadership is starting to have to admit that they are the home to the modern Marxist mob.

One sign carried by a follower of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, and Chuck Shumer reads “By any means necessary.”

All righty, then. World War Z is on.

South Koreans Who Reject a Missile Shield

This German news source reports that South Koreans are “split” over whether the US should provide South Korea with a defensive missile shield. I have a different interpretation.

Just as America is heavily influenced by Marxist thinking, South Korea is heavily infiltrated with North Korean agents who agitate for the Communists. In both countries — America and South Korea — Marxists pressure the people to tear down their own defenses. It would be insane on the surface, but vulnerability to evil dictators is sold as peace, peace, peace.

If you look closely in the backgrounds of some of the less-used images from America’s recent “counter-protests” you see the hammer-and-sickle flags and communist party banners. The photographers let some of these get published, because the main image advances their narrative, but it is undeniable that members of the Communist Party have participated in these street mob actions. So, we have the Nazi socialists and the Marxist socialists tearing at the fabric of our country.

Those old enough will remember the Al Gore nuclear freeze movement, which turned quickly into calls to unilaterally dismantle our own nuclear weaponry regardless of what the Commies in the USSR and China did. Apart from the “useful idiots” and “fellow travelers” who joined those calls, the people behind these movements were traitors.

“Useful idiots” is a term coined by Stalin. Lots of Americans who would deny being Communists are, nonetheless, “fellow travelers” in that their philosophies and resulting political actions coincide with Communism. From Al Gore to antifa, we are infested with Communist fellow travelers.

To the South Korean people: You lack the Pacific Ocean between you and the Communist dictator up north. I would think that this profound fact would be foremost in your minds, and that your entire country would be a collections of organized militias, ready to rise up as one to defend your country. It is insane for you to forego a defense against a missile attack. Those within your country who agitate for you to lie prostrate before Kim Jong Un are either crazy, duped, or they are Communist agents. It will not matter which if you are next to have the lights turned out.

And, we Americans are pretty much ready to leave it all to you. You think I’m showing up at the 38th parallel to fend off an attack on Seoul? Ha! You want to be Kim’s slaves, you can just go there. You want to be free, then take up your own national defense. That you are debating THAAD tells this American that it is long past time for us to come home, look after our own country, and look to our own defense.

I doubt that you are truly as split as the liberal German press reports but, if so, this American is happy to leave South Koreans — and Germans — to their own defensive devices. I say this in part, because our own Marxist politicians mired us $20 trillion in debt, and are out to literally cut the balls off of our military forces — all of which is part of their demonic plan.