ISIS Mocks Gun Control

PJ Media examines the latest issue of ISIS’s Rumiyah magazine, and  finds advice to the jihadi wannabee on obtaining weapons. ISIS comments on gun shows and the American right to keep and bear arms. ISIS also mocks gun control in Europe, boasting how easy it is to obtain weapons in Europe.

The Left will seize on ISIS commentary about gun shows. But, the real message that emerges about and guns ISIS is this: Continue reading

Lessons Learned From Pikeville Rallies Include Second Amendment

Nazi thugs and commie thugs rallied at Pikeville and screamed at each other. The article in Vocativ is instructive on several key points, and is worth reading.

First: the Nazis held the rally; the commies showed up to cause trouble. No commies, and it would have just been an ugly parade.

Second: both sides exercised the right to keep and bear arms that they would steal from others and, so — instead of gunfights breaking out, there was relative peace. Open carry. Commies too. No one was shot. No one. Not one. The article credits in part the exercise of the participants’ exercise of the right to keep and bear arms. Knowing they would be shot, and after getting punched in the face at Oakland, the commie thugs just acted out verbally. So, even the cursing, screaming zombies had the sense to keep peace so they would not have their ragged bodies shot.

Third: The Nazis essentially obeyed the law and kept to the peace. They parked their cars where they were supposed to. They cooperated with the police escort and boundary. By they way, they were a mere handful, about 70. I often wonder if there are more than a couple hundred of these people in the whole country, not counting the motorcycle criminal gangs.

Fourth: No one in Pikeville wanted them there.

Nazis and commies. You’d think even the most shallow memory of history would cause people to shun them all like the plague. They prove the John Birch Society’s analogy that they do not lie on a right-left continuum, but, rather, are more like the ends of a horseshoe, so close together in their authoritarian extremism that any distinction is barely noticeable. After all, Hitler was a socialist.

Pill Addiction Report From East Tennessee

This Knoxville News Sentinel article is one of many now popping up all over. Fox News ran a series on narcotic prescription medication addiction. The doctor in the KNS article points out that it goes beyond opiates, and encompasses “nerve” medications, as well. But, here is the real scandal.

This problem is decades old, and the following are all complicit: judges, plaintiffs’ lawyers, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and the doctors. Some doctors were too afraid of being sued to “just say no” to their patients. Some doctors permitted themselves to be used because eventually, the entire family trooped through the door with all manner of pain complaints, all wanting pills. The Fox News report mostly blamed the pharmaceutical industry. I mostly blame the doctors for writing the prescriptions, and for pretending that this was all just fine and dandy.

The legal system enabled all of this, and has been doing so for about 25 years. Plaintiffs’ lawyers grew wealthy on fake pain complaints, and encouraged their clients to keep filling those prescriptions. Judges knew what was going on, and winked at it, richly rewarding their local attorney friends. Too many appellate judges looked after their attorney friends and failed to stop it. They had the excuse that the legislature had to act, first.

The legislators were far too slow in responding but, in fairness, anytime someone made the concern public and asked for a legislative cure, purportedly injured people hobbled out of the woodwork with their lawyers to complain about their treatment by the insurance industry and their pain, pain, pain, pain, pain — though, they were caught on video proving they could rebuild their decks, clear land, refinish furniture, and farm. I’ve taken their depositions and seen the video. Many times.

And, even now, it all still goes on. Dr. Thomas is brave for taking this on. The wave of corruption stands above him to crush him.

Why good people carry guns–the Lillelid murders

No further justification or argument is needed, other than these killers. If you are a Democrat, and your politics still will not permit you to embrace the personal, individual right to keep and bear arms, for others at least, if not for yourself, then you are choosing to be irrational. Dangerously irrational.

Oh, and by the way: World War Z is not only on, but it’s going to get even worse as our culture rages against the last vestiges of its Christian roots.

Thanks to Dr. Helen Smith for the documentary, and for Glenn for reminding us of what these killers did, right here in East Tennessee, along Interstate 81, where I have driven many times.

Most Recent London Islamic Terrorist Attack

Everyone talking among themselves about how they are proud to be “carrying on.”

I hand it to the BBC World Service reporter: she at least asks whether police should be armed: Scottish woman quickly insists, no, no of course not — even though the officer killed was unarmed.

They wonder how they can continue to open Parliament to encourage democracy–but no one states the obvious.

Now British, hear this: Such mewling sheep-sounds are unworthy of your people. Where is your outrage? Where is your demand for the right to keep and bear arms for yourselves? Where are you storming the gates of your government, throwing even more of the bums out of office until you find brave people determined to guard your country?Why are you not demanding that your leaders explain why they opened the gates and ports to the post-modern Islamic invasion? Enough of this silliness about how the best thing to do is just go on as normal.

My sympathy goes out to the families of the bereaved and betrayed. Though, I must say: if you lost a loved one, what did you do to require your government to behave responsibly and protect the country?

World War M has merged with World War Z, and if you are disarmed, you are food.

How Chicago’s crime problem got so bad

John Lott reviews the recent history of Chicago law enforcement, and states 3 specific things done by Democrat mayors, that account for Chicago’s murder rate.

I will add something that is just never said, otherwise: Democrats have for decades now, undermined the states’ power to fight crime. Nowhere was this more evident, than in my state where a single federal judge overthrew the will of the people and their criminal justice system by stopping executions cold.

John Lott lays 3 specific things at the feet of Rahm Emanuel. Why would Emanuel do these things that were bound to let loose the reins from gang member murderers?

It all makes sense, if Rahm Emanuel intended to foment anarchy and chaos. Emanuel and the hardcore Left intentionally spread anarchy and chaos. They are bent on destroying America as we know her. They are, indeed, well on their way. They thought they were further along the path, and this is why they are so enraged at the Trump disruption.

We Americans are so betrayed, that most of us cannot bring ourselves to believe it. I hope that well-meaning Democrats tricked by the relentless propaganda, begin to wake up and vote accordingly.

Paris Louvre Jihad Attack Stopped by Gun

A machete attack by a man yelling — yes, you guessed it — Allahu akbar — is no longer news. In the West betrayed by liberal western leaders, this form of the most recent Muslim invasion of the West is commonplace. I comment only to point out that the Islamic terrorist chose to attack armed police, and got himself shot. It’s a good thing this Frenchman was armed.

Democrats: it took a gun. A good guy, with a gun. On location. When jihad broke out. In of all places, an art museum.

There is a most effective defense against this new form of the Muslim invasion: the armed citizen. Liberals have not figured out, what the terrorist figured out long ago. They are not militarily strong enough to invade in the traditional sense. If Plan A cannot succeed, then adopt different tactics. They have devised tactics that take advantage of the West’s weaknesses in national defense: weak citizens. Brainwashed, cowed, tricked, emasculated, weak citizens.

World War M has merged with World War Z, and sheep are for butchering. Liberals, if you want to see what happens to the slow, weak, and disarmed in World War M-Z, watch an episode of “The Walking Dead.” Do you want to be a surviving member of the group, or do you want to be slaughtered as you watch your family being slaughtered?

I decided for this caption, that if crime is “gun violence,” and it’s the guns doing crime, then the Islamic terrorist at the Louvre was stopped by a gun, instead of by an armed Frenchman.

Black Lives Matter in Two Photos and One Tragedy

Orlando officer murdered by lifetime criminal thug — who would have been put away long ago had it not been for anti-white racism by the Left. Click the link, see the thug, and see who we have lost with the demise of this fine police patrolwoman.

Black liberals who vote (D): these weird, mouthy, white, liberal Democrats are not your friends. They are anarchists, bent on tearing all of us apart.

Rest in peace, Master Sergeant Debra Clayton, gunned down in the line of duty by a man with a long arrest record, and pending accusations of murdering his ex-girlfriend.

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Murderer, Regardless

Before the identity and motive are announced, I want to say this.

Execute him: black, white, or whatever.

Execute him: regardless of whether he was doing some jihad, or mad at TSA, or whatever. I do not really care about his motive.

Execute him: quickly. Sure, evaluate whether he believed that the airport was a funnel for alien earth invaders. If truly, criminally insane, we do not execute people for acts they could not comprehend were wrong. But, do not let the leftist lawyers force this to drag on for twenty years and multiple appeals.

Execute him: publicly. For effect. Teach anyone watching that he does not want to end up like that.

The trouble these days is that the very notion of “wrong” is dissolving and morphing into bizarre forms. We lack the moral fiber to execute the murderers among us. We butcher babies as they are being born, and sell their body parts. We loathe human beings for “melting the sea ice and destroying the earth.” We incessantly propagandize that people are just noisy chemical compounds, no better really than worms, certainly no more valuable than wolves. The implication is that we are just a brutal evolutional stage, and that, hopefully, humanity will evolve beyond humans. In the meantime, what matters it if a few of us get slaughtered? Right? We scoff at the notion that a person’s property is sacrosanct, such that bandits, burglars, and muggers are justified if the social class calculus works out in a politically correct way; it’s okay to carjack and loot a store; it’s even okay to beat a disabled white guy just because he’s white.

And, knowing that Americans’ lives are at greater risk, our former establishment leaders permitted our country to be infiltrated by drug gangsters and Islamic terrorists. They persist, even now.

And, these same “leaders” stir anarchy and chaos, encouraging some among us to go over the edge and into the pit of a murderous hell. They have caused the outbreak of World War Z. We in the West preach death and amorality in the vacuum of a “no God” culture, and then we are shocked when a remorseless, amoral murderer takes some of us out. It’s not shocking at all: it’s entirely predictable.

The same people who stir up this anarchy and chaos, demand that we concede police-state power to our government. It makes me conclude that they are not interested in controlling criminals, but they are determined to control the rest of us.

“Thou shalt not commit murder,” but we mock the author of that commandment.

Arm yourself. Resist government gun control. Demand leaders different from those who have presided over the demise of American culture.

Or, don’t, and get more of these demented murderers in our malls, theaters, schools, airports, and streets.