Once you go down that government road…

Create a welfare subculture, and you get it thrown back in your face because they want more. Especially if you advertised yourself as the guy who was going to pass around more candy than anyone before you. It is fitting that it’s Chicago’s Democrat machine base that’s miffed.

Now, if only the purposes of government were to secure our borders and to secure  our liberties, and the rest was up to us.

Pelosi Shouted Down in Ironic Turnabout

Washington’s Democrats were so smug when they urged on the mad dogs of anarchy, and you other Democrats made excuses for them; but — Surprise! — the pack turns around and bites you. If you want to see some poetic justice, then watch this crowd of Marxist anarchist Democrats shout down Nancy Pelosi.

They prove, again, that they will ruin our country.


St. Louis Mayor Thinks Police Are not Also People

Mayor Krewson (D) of St. Louis gives mewling interview to Fox News. In her gushing eagerness to excuse fellow-Democrat anarchists, she mis-speaks about no one being injured, then catches herself and fumbles telling us that, uh,  well, 11 police officers were injured; then, she returns to being happy that no “citizens” were hurt. She expresses her determination to respect the “right to protest,” and she is so sympathetic with the commies and gangsters looting, burning, and terrorizing.

Newsflash, Mayor:  police officers are also both people, and citizens. And, Mayor, the Constitution guarantees the right to peaceably assemble to redress grievances. There is no right to riot. You owe a duty to protect the people from the anarchists, not to protect rioting anarchists.

“Counseling” Needed by Taco Bell Employees

These three Taco Bell employees are heroic! Two armed robbers hit the place, order employees to lie on the floor — putting them in possible execution mode. But, three other — armed of course –employees fire them up, killing one.

Anyone, anytime, anyplace. Yo quiero Taco Bell!

Footnote: The company offered “counseling” to all employees. Counseling. I suppose it’s the politically correct thing to do in the Democrat-orchestrated demise of the culture, but it’s laughable. I doubt our armed employees will be going to “counseling” unless it’s here at Rangemaster.

Footnote 2: Pennsylvania is a right to carry state. The NRA convention was held in Pittsburgh a few years ago.

Yep, They’re Communists

The black masks are on, but “the mask is off” and it’s plain who they are. At a “No Communism in America” rally, the “antifa” Marxist anarchists once, again, got away with jack-booted thug tactics.

Story and images here in SFGate online.

No one should be fooled by their word-twist tactics. They use “Nazi” and “alt-right” as epithets for all opposition, and their signs proclaim love, peace, and justice. It’s quite a clever tactic for fooling the complicit press and liberal government leaders. But, if the sign over the entrance gate at the Nazi’s Dachau concentration camp had read, “No hate” would it still have been an extermination camp? I think even the Democrat leadership is starting to have to admit that they are the home to the modern Marxist mob.

One sign carried by a follower of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, and Chuck Shumer reads “By any means necessary.”

All righty, then. World War Z is on.

South Koreans Who Reject a Missile Shield

This German news source reports that South Koreans are “split” over whether the US should provide South Korea with a defensive missile shield. I have a different interpretation.

Just as America is heavily influenced by Marxist thinking, South Korea is heavily infiltrated with North Korean agents who agitate for the Communists. In both countries — America and South Korea — Marxists pressure the people to tear down their own defenses. It would be insane on the surface, but vulnerability to evil dictators is sold as peace, peace, peace.

If you look closely in the backgrounds of some of the less-used images from America’s recent “counter-protests” you see the hammer-and-sickle flags and communist party banners. The photographers let some of these get published, because the main image advances their narrative, but it is undeniable that members of the Communist Party have participated in these street mob actions. So, we have the Nazi socialists and the Marxist socialists tearing at the fabric of our country.

Those old enough will remember the Al Gore nuclear freeze movement, which turned quickly into calls to unilaterally dismantle our own nuclear weaponry regardless of what the Commies in the USSR and China did. Apart from the “useful idiots” and “fellow travelers” who joined those calls, the people behind these movements were traitors.

“Useful idiots” is a term coined by Stalin. Lots of Americans who would deny being Communists are, nonetheless, “fellow travelers” in that their philosophies and resulting political actions coincide with Communism. From Al Gore to antifa, we are infested with Communist fellow travelers.

To the South Korean people: You lack the Pacific Ocean between you and the Communist dictator up north. I would think that this profound fact would be foremost in your minds, and that your entire country would be a collections of organized militias, ready to rise up as one to defend your country. It is insane for you to forego a defense against a missile attack. Those within your country who agitate for you to lie prostrate before Kim Jong Un are either crazy, duped, or they are Communist agents. It will not matter which if you are next to have the lights turned out.

And, we Americans are pretty much ready to leave it all to you. You think I’m showing up at the 38th parallel to fend off an attack on Seoul? Ha! You want to be Kim’s slaves, you can just go there. You want to be free, then take up your own national defense. That you are debating THAAD tells this American that it is long past time for us to come home, look after our own country, and look to our own defense.

I doubt that you are truly as split as the liberal German press reports but, if so, this American is happy to leave South Koreans — and Germans — to their own defensive devices. I say this in part, because our own Marxist politicians mired us $20 trillion in debt, and are out to literally cut the balls off of our military forces — all of which is part of their demonic plan.

Dazed Thinking in Baltimore Can’t Stop Crime

Word study on Baltimore Sun article illustrates why dazed Democrats cannot stop their urban murder problem. (Pardon the popups on their site.) Let’s start with the article’s eye-catching, ho-hum, no-action caption: “Standing up for a cause: Baltimore hopes for a 72-hour ceasefire.”

Yep, merely “standing up” for a generic, unnamed, unidentified “cause” will halt those demented murderers in their tracks.

In their fuzzy thinking, they will not identify who from among them, is killing everybody else. A shot interviewee pleads, “Somebody pulled up and shot me on my way to work.” Somebody. Only somebody. He probably has some idea or description, but will not give it. Perhaps he described the shooter, but the reporter scrubbed the details to be more politically correct. So, he pleads, “People” need to put the guns down. Really? My guns don’t drive to Baltimore, pull up, and shoot anyone. You have criminals there, people of inner-city Baltimore. Point them out. Demand that your mayor and police hunt them down and eliminate them. Regardless of their color. Get rid of that mayor and prosecutor, if you have not already.

The same guy begs these same generic “people” to “stand up for a cause.” Okay. Cleaner streets? World peace? Global whatever? What’s your cause, other than bleating like sheep? How about telling your politicians you want the murdering thug gangs hunted down and hung from street corners? Make that your cause, and chase the murderers to New York City. How about “Take back our streets!” or “Shoot the murderers!”?

He says all of Baltimore’s murders are “crazy.” No, the murderers are “evil” but that is a word this anti-Christian culture has virtually eliminated. Evil. There are evil people. Get them off the streets, and your murder problem evaporates.

Unable to figure this out, the writer uses a guy on the way home from the ER with a bullet still in his neck as a “stark reminder of how hard it can be to stem a record pace of shootings and killings in Baltimore.” Hard? Not really: you get the degree of crime you tolerate. Period. Democrats’ — and squishy Republican collaborators’ — social policies have encouraged and enabled murderers over decades. Democrats enable, and then tolerate murderers.

That brings me to the subject matter of the article: a “ceasefire.” They declared a “ceasefire.” That’ll work.

They staged a “free-hug event” at a park. LOL. I wonder how many gang members showed up. They planned more than 30 other “events” designed to “pressure” [Who?] to “halt the violence.” How about showing up with baseball bats at a local drug den, kicking the doors down, and driving the thugs away?

They held up printed signs begging, “Nobody kill anybody for 72 hours.” Pathetic.

So, what was this really about, since it was not about stopping Baltimore murderers? That sign I mentioned — and another paragraph in the article — reveal what the entire charade was really about: it was a Democrat community activist gun control farce, dressed up like a “grass roots” response to crime.  The sign asking for a “cease fire” uses the profile of a semi-automatic pistol with an “X” through it in the word “fire.” Press release to the Sun, get a reporter to show up and interview a few select people, and you stage a little political gun control propaganda. The newspaper’s reporters obediently showed up with microphones. I bet no more than 25 people did the whole thing, but the the ACORN-like spawn groups can count on the leftist press and government grant money for printing the signs and paying rabble-rousers’ salaries.

Good black people of Baltimore and other Democrat controlled urban hell-holes. Wake up! You are being used and duped by the minions of Karl Marx who have taken over the Democrat Party. They hate America, and they care nothing about you. If they did, they would hunt down your murderers and hang them in public on your street corners as a warning to MS-13, the Bloods, Crips, and any young man being lured into a life of crime. That’s what NRA members like me want to do. Don’t you agree? No? Want your sons back? Want your streets back? Want shops to return to your blighted neighborhood? Want your schoolyards safe? Then, execute your murderers; send your drug dealers away to prison for a long, long time; tolerate no carjacker or convenience store bandit. Tell the police when your son tells you about a local gang pressuring him to join.

Listen to what these white and black liberal commies are telling you to do. They are telling you to disarm. Obey. Depend solely on the government. Look where that’s gotten you. Instead of slavishly “putting down your guns,” you should master your own city by picking up a gun, getting some training, and shooting back — accurately and effectively. Throw out the bums in city hall and find someone who will support your police.

Or don’t: just bleat like sheep, hold free-hug events, and descend further into the hell created by your community activists. But, don’t expect the rest of us out here in America to go along with the tyranny of gun control.

Why I Chose a Gun

Dutch General Peter van Uhm explains the gun’s necessity to a free, peaceful state. I don’t recommend too many videos to you, but this is one: 17 minutes long, but you can hit “Settings” and speed him up to 1.25. However, General van Uhm’s insights are so keen, you may want to leave him at normal speed, take notes, and watch again. His speech to a varied audience — some of whom were no doubt very uncomfortable in the presence of the AR-15 platform weapon he displayed to them.

Hint: He comes from Nijmegen, where his father tried in vain to hold off the German invaders. Nijmegen, on the Rhine, is a town where they still celebrate the Americans’ liberation of Holland.

I have never before heard a better explanation for taking up arms.


Deadly Police Encounters As the Culture Breaks Down

This Knoxville area police officer mistake should frighten all of us, coming so soon after the Philandro Castile incident trial in which the officer was cleared. You might want to watch the Castile traffic stop and shooting video here first, before reading the article about the Knoxville area arrest.

In both instances, the officer was probably mistaken in believing that the innocent citizen behaved in such a way as to merit the officer’s drawing a gun. In Castile’s case, the officer shot Castile, killing him.

In the Knoxville case, the officer happened to see the citizen doing something that looked like she might be stealing a car: she had bought the car, and was picking it up. During the officer’s questioning, the officer drew his pistol and held the citizen at gunpoint waiting for another officer to arrive.

The city officials insist this was proper police procedure: I get that, don’t permit the lady to reach into the bag to show her purchase paperwork until the other officer arrives. However, it is a serious thing to draw a pistol on someone, escalating the risk that the unarmed person will be shot.

Now, here is the point of this post. In a culture where people still believe in right and wrong, and where right is taught from birth, almost all of the adults in that person’s life exhibit at least the propensity toward good behavior. We all learn what about right and wrong. We may err, but we know better and the mass of us can be trusted most of the time. We get out on our streets with the expectation that we will not be robbed, accosted, run over by a homicidal maniac, or even held at gunpoint by a police officer. In such a culture, crime is rare, the criminal mindset is confined to the rarely encountered few. Police officers share these experiences, and they may start an encounter in a less-stressed frame of mind.

In today’s deteriorating culture, police officers may rationally fear for their lives when simply stopping someone for a taillight out. They may perceive a crime happening where there is none; they may be more likely to believe that someone like Castile “looks like” a bank robbery suspect. They may arrive at the car door already tense, already prepared to draw and shoot upon the next perceived provocation. They may perceive innocuous behavior as that provocation.

I do not believe that either officer in these two cases set out that day to abuse police power, to shoot anyone, or to draw a gun on a woman just buying a car. But, the more demented people there are running around out here, the more likely deadly encounters are. Put another way, those who presume to preside over our culture have led us into anarchy, chaos, and danger.