Why good people carry guns–the Lillelid murders

No further justification or argument is needed, other than these killers. If you are a Democrat, and your politics still will not permit you to embrace the personal, individual right to keep and bear arms, for others at least, if not for yourself, then you are choosing to be irrational. Dangerously irrational.

Oh, and by the way: World War Z is not only on, but it’s going to get even worse as our culture rages against the last vestiges of its Christian roots.

Thanks to Dr. Helen Smith for the documentary, and for Glenn for reminding us of what these killers did, right here in East Tennessee, along Interstate 81, where I have driven many times.

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Murderer, Regardless

Before the identity and motive are announced, I want to say this.

Execute him: black, white, or whatever.

Execute him: regardless of whether he was doing some jihad, or mad at TSA, or whatever. I do not really care about his motive.

Execute him: quickly. Sure, evaluate whether he believed that the airport was a funnel for alien earth invaders. If truly, criminally insane, we do not execute people for acts they could not comprehend were wrong. But, do not let the leftist lawyers force this to drag on for twenty years and multiple appeals.

Execute him: publicly. For effect. Teach anyone watching that he does not want to end up like that.

The trouble these days is that the very notion of “wrong” is dissolving and morphing into bizarre forms. We lack the moral fiber to execute the murderers among us. We butcher babies as they are being born, and sell their body parts. We loathe human beings for “melting the sea ice and destroying the earth.” We incessantly propagandize that people are just noisy chemical compounds, no better really than worms, certainly no more valuable than wolves. The implication is that we are just a brutal evolutional stage, and that, hopefully, humanity will evolve beyond humans. In the meantime, what matters it if a few of us get slaughtered? Right? We scoff at the notion that a person’s property is sacrosanct, such that bandits, burglars, and muggers are justified if the social class calculus works out in a politically correct way; it’s okay to carjack and loot a store; it’s even okay to beat a disabled white guy just because he’s white.

And, knowing that Americans’ lives are at greater risk, our former establishment leaders permitted our country to be infiltrated by drug gangsters and Islamic terrorists. They persist, even now.

And, these same “leaders” stir anarchy and chaos, encouraging some among us to go over the edge and into the pit of a murderous hell. They have caused the outbreak of World War Z. We in the West preach death and amorality in the vacuum of a “no God” culture, and then we are shocked when a remorseless, amoral murderer takes some of us out. It’s not shocking at all: it’s entirely predictable.

The same people who stir up this anarchy and chaos, demand that we concede police-state power to our government. It makes me conclude that they are not interested in controlling criminals, but they are determined to control the rest of us.

“Thou shalt not commit murder,” but we mock the author of that commandment.

Arm yourself. Resist government gun control. Demand leaders different from those who have presided over the demise of American culture.

Or, don’t, and get more of these demented murderers in our malls, theaters, schools, airports, and streets.

NYT Lies About Carry Permit Holders

NYT editorial board tells outright lies about “concealed carry.” The editorial is here, “The Threat to Public Safety if ‘Concealed Carry’ Goes National. The writer is anonymous.

The immediate motive for the article is to stir up fright among the Democrat disarmed. Why now? Because the Republican Congress had better pass national reciprocity, if its members want to be re-elected; and President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his support for the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association. The stars are aligned to de-criminalize the ordinary, benign behavior of law-abiding armed citizens.

This gives the Marxists at the New York Times fits. Someone there has decided that the best strategy against national reciprocity is to try to make the public afraid. To do that, the Times lies about the statistics, which strongly support the more broad exercise of the right to keep and bear arms.

The NYT editors quote Violence Policy Center, a known anti-gun group. VPC glibly quotes outrageous numbers supplied by a group whose name at least honestly proclaims its purpose, slandering armed citizens as “Concealedkillers.org.” The numbers are so sharply different from my own observations out here, that I checked the source.

And, this is how the communists carry out their dezinformatyia campaigns. A glancing read at concealedkillers.org (to which I refuse to link) shows that these propagandists are very generous to themselves, in deciding which use-of-a-gun instances to count as murder. For example, after a few seconds, I found this one. A quick read illustrates that Anthony Martin drew his lawfully carried pistol in defense of his friend, and has been charged with no crime at all, but the communist propagandists at the NYT would have us all believe the opposite: that Martin is a murderer — a threat to public safety.

Concealed Handgun Permit Holder: Anthony Martin  PENDING

Date: March 2, 2015
People Killed: 1

On March 2, 2015, concealed handgun permit holder Anthony Martin allegedly shot and killed Anton Fisher following an altercation outside the Hope Food Store.  According to a preliminary investigation, Fisher was outside the store when an altercation took place between his friend and another man.  Fisher pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the other man.  Martin saw the altercation and Fisher’s gun.  Fisher then allegedly pointed his gun at Martin.  Martin then allegedly pulled out his own gun and shot Fisher, who died on the way to the hospital.  The State Attorney’s Office has yet to determine if any charges will be filed against Martin.

Source: “Tampa police investigating fatal shooting at Hope Food Store,” US State News, March 3, 2015.

The New York Times is unfit to read, and unfit to print. It is the propaganda flagship of American Marxism, whose parody on the Second Amendment is: “An armed citizenry being anathema to the communist State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms must be suppressed.”

Armed Detroit homeowner shoots, kills, lives

The nightmare came true at 3 a.m. for a Detroit man, but since he was armed, he controlled the outcome, not the two teenaged invaders who broke into his home. He shot one dead; police are looking for the other who ran.

I thank the Republicans of Michigan, the NRA, and the Republicans in the federal government who passed legislation and appointed judges who secure the right to keep and bear arms against the never-ending efforts of those possessed by the evil spirit of Marx, efforts always bent on disarming Americans.

Democrats: Yes, your party would forcibly impose gun control and confiscation on the rest of us, if the voters let your party get away with it. Part of the “Lock her up!” chant motivation is that she — and you if you voted for her — would lock us up. Yes you would, if you clamor for “universal background checks.”

I point out that your party is, however, generally soft on the actual criminals. Your top Democrat pardoned drug dealers and sent them back out onto the streets — perhaps to be shot by brave, prepared armed citizens.

Note, Democrat readers, that I have no idea of the race of either the homeowner or the criminals. I do not care. Murder is a terrible crime. The armed citizen killing another in self-defense should be honored, protected, celebrated, and assured that the weight of the law will not be slammed against him for protecting his own life, or the lives of others.

Is Trump Muslims’ “Worst Nightmare”?

CNN delightfully finds a Muslim propagandist and reports her quote that Trump is a Muslim’s “worst nightmare.” The CNN story is complete with the usual string of hateful accusations against Donald Trump and the entire half of the voting country who voted for him.

No, Wardah Khalid, an American Muslim’s worst nightmare is that Islam turns America into Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, or any one of a dozen other Islamic nations. Would you like to edge toward an Islamic Republic like Turkey, where you might be a “dissident” to be rounded up and disappeared?

Here, while the memory of the Christian influence persists in our law and culture, you are free to worship, wear your garb from another land, and to propagandize all you want against Israel and even against America.

Prudent immigration preserves American peace and liberty, for us all.

New Orleans Airport Machete Attacker Quiz Question

In 2015, Richard White approached the TSA security area, pushed past the line of waiting travelers, and attacked. Video here.

Question: What weapon was missing from his “arsenal”?


Anyone, anytime, anywhere. From any direction.

Some of the interview quotes:

“Everyone started screaming and got down on the floor.”

“Yeah, what else do you do”?

Exactly, when citizens are “compliant.”

Israel Buys New German Submarines

What a strange world we live in: Israel is buying U-boats.

If you’re Israel, you want your many enemies to understand this: even if you send a missile swarm to destroy Tel Aviv, it’s not over. It’s just begun. There are those Star of David marked, nuclear missiles out there, lurking beneath the deep, carried on the most advanced, stealth technology submarines. One might cruise the Persian Gulf, one the Red Sea. The German-made submarines are said to be state of the art.

Because anyone, anytime, anyplace — but as history has shown, especially if you are Israel.


Death Row Inmate Found Dead 32 Years After Sentence

David McNish, age 63 at death by natural causes, in prison in Nashville. I post this only because McNish was convicted of murder and sentenced to death 32 years ago, in 1984.

When the Left tells you that capital punishment doesn’t work, they omit that they find devious ways to keep the death penalty from ever being carried out. Mostly, Democrat voters have stacked the courts with Democrat appointees. Some of these Democrat voters fail to comprehend the long term consequences of their historic voting patterns. Liberal elites mostly oppose capital punishment, and feel free to subvert the law and the justice system. They would dispute that they have subverted the justice system, but they have created a reliable system of pretenses and court precedents over the decades. It’s easy now to overturn the death penalty. But, it sure is hard to get one of these convicted murderers to the electric chair, so to speak.

We, the people, should rise up in outrage that our will, expressed in our legislature and in our courts by our juries and judges, has been subverted. McNish should have been executed literally decades ago.

Better: we should enforce our will at the polls.