Marines Prepare for War Against Russia

Marine Corps Times reports a shift back toward preparing to fight what is now called “near-peer” enemy armies: Russia — in Eastern Europe. Specifically, the Marine Corps fields what it calls a Marine Expeditionary Force: a completely supported infantry contingent of about 25,000 men, essentially a reinforced infantry division complete with its own support elements.

Why do I write about this? Let’s put this into some perspective.

With the Monroe Doctrine, early U.S. leaders looked to secure our borders. The Founders were well-aware of the deadly locked-in-conflict history and geography of the European states. We could have had Spain to our south, France to our north and west, and the British in the region of Washington and Oregon. They were there: we actually fought the British briefly over the U.S. and Canada border. The Monroe Doctrine coupled with the vision of Manifest Destiny resulted in an America “from sea to shining sea.”

Some Americans believed with a fervor that Manifest Destiny compelled Americans to export democracy, to export western civilization’s great experiment in liberty to other oppressed lands. That view justified all manner of foreign expeditions: there was a movement pressing the government to conquer Mexico and annex Mexico to the states.

Forward in time brings us to World War I, World War II, the ghost of Manifest Destiny lives on, animating resistance to the worldwide communist insurgencies — to Vietnam, to North Korea, to Bosnia, to the Middle East, to Africa where we just lost men to an ambush, and potentially back into Europe for a third war, this time against nuclear-armed Russia.

This is not amusing.

The Soviet Union broke apart under the economic weight of communism’s inherent defects. Whatever manner of state Russia is today — with her elements of Russian nationalism and North Slav yearnings for border buffer lands against attacks by the former Roman Empire states, Russia remains a nuclear-weapon armed state. It is no exaggeration to commend Russia and her associated states, and the United States for negotiating an end to the Cold War, complete with nuclear weapon threat deescalation. The Russia we now deal with in foreign affairs is not the same worldwide communism spreading cancer it once was. Dangerous, still territorial, and still poised on the edge of the rest of Europe either as an inviting target or as a looming threat, depending on the decade and the perspective.

But, a threat to us? I think not, other than to the extent that the Russians can corrupt the Democrat Party with bribes. So, exactly why are we amassing troops on the Russian border? Are there not people in Europe who could take up arms if they see the need? If desperate enough for defense, can they not put aside at least some of their differences and ally militarily — as they have done in the past?

I would like to think that we could “export democracy,” and evangelize the blessings of liberty all over the world. Experience shows otherwise. I would like to think that cooler heads will prevail so that warfare does not collapse countries into economic starvation. But, I do not see that it is either necessary for our defense, or authorized in our Constitution for the U.S. Marines and the Army to parade around on the Russian border as if they were in Minnesota as a bulwark against an aggressive Manitoba.

It is definitely time to re-think NATO and to make plain to the European states that the United States is a long way off, with little interest in spats among the factions still fighting each other 1500 years after the breakup of the Roman Empire that imposed some peace on the region. I think most of them would agree — except that they do like our paying for their defense. I recall that they opposed President Reagan’s space-based defense initiative because it would return the opposing forces to status quo — leaving the Russians with the larger conventional military than the collective European military. In other words, they were willing to leave us defenseless to nuclear attack to keep our military committed to the defense of their lands.

It’s time for some serious talks with the NATO allies. It’s time to disengage from our commitment to the defense of Europe. Stated differently, where, exactly, does our Manifest Destiny end? Who will pay in blood for foreign misadventures? Your children?

Forming up an offensive Marine Corps invasion force along the Russian border is an aggressive, destabilizing move. If done for diplomatic purposes, I suppose it might make sense, though this approaches brinkmanship. My real question is not whether the Europeans need a strong, aggressive border defense as a deterrent against Russian ambitions; my question is why, exactly is this force to be drawn from across the Atlantic Ocean, from the peoples warned by General Washington to stay out of European wars?

We are having a hard enough time getting our own government back under control.

Note to Republican Party

People like me consider the Republicans of the past to be just about as bad as the Democrats. The Democrat Party has completely rejected “deplorable” people like me, leaving me with no place in their political party. They don’t even want me.

But, people like me — who actually believe in limited self-government, checks and balances, fiscal responsibility, crime control, strong national defense including border security, and maximum personal liberty — are seizing the initiative within the Republican Party.

Republican “squishers” are on the run.

Now, we had better include in our attention local races, and find some good Tea Party type candidates to put into office.

“The Conversation”

I’m disappointed that the massive propaganda machine is succeeding in having us talk about gun control, at all. I don’t think they’ll get anywhere with it. They want to talk about guns for two reasons:

–gun control advances the Marxist agenda of complete government control of the citizenry; and

–talking about “guns” dodges all of the other conversations we ought to be having about how those swayed into the godless Marxist worldview have structured up a modern American culture in which some people logically decide that God’s Commandment against murder is mere fluff.

Here is the truth: The Leftist agenda is breaking our country apart. They have been tearing at the fabric of our strong institutions for decades now, and now we are suffering from their many lies. From abortion to criminal justice reform, they don’t want to talk about those things. So, they immediately start screeching “Guns!”

Keith Olbermann’s Fundamental Misunderstanding

So, has-been MSNBC loudmouth Keith Olbermann brands my National Rifle Association a “terrorist” organisation, speculates on the meaning of the Second Amendment and spews Democrat hatred in general. I hesitate to mention him, but he is useful for the purpose of pointing out the most important flaw in his own argument: he is; he is that most important flaw.

Olbermann would pass laws making me, and millions of other Americans, criminals overnight. He would dispatch SWAT teams to our houses to kick our doors down, seize our weapons, and “justifiably shoot” anyone who appeared to resist. He would be happy to see every NRA member murdered.

To accomplish this, notice that he would not “ban guns.” That is one of the Democrat Party’s persistent lies. They are not for “banning assault rifles” or “high-capacity magazines” or any other firearms. There would be plenty of guns still, and plenty of people with guns. It’s just that those with the guns would be special government people enforcing their monopoly on guns.

Olbermann personifies why the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security of a free country.

Did we need Trump?

Readers here know I favored Scott Walker and Ted Cruz over Trump. Trump? I did not trust him, and still do not actually “like” him.

But, I have become convinced that even Walker and Cruz have been so beaten down, that they could not throw hand grenades into the advancing Commie hordes, as Donald Trump has done, and not be destroyed. Now, I just listened to Scott Walker mealy-mouth about the Packers and the National Anthem, and I was glad that he lost the primary to Trump.

Because we are so far gone in this country, and Republican “squish” does not stand up to the Commie onslaught which has taken firm hold on the Democrat Party.

I knew the night I watched Donald Trump at the Al Smith dinner in New York, that Trump was intentionally, loudly, plainly, burning his bridges to the Old Club. After his opening remarks, there was no turning back for him. Good. That’s what we needed then and continue to need now as the establishment and the commies trying to take over the country from the establishment roar against President Trump.

So, just like Judge Moore out-Trumped even Trump, I’m urging Trump to keep it up and shake them up even more.

Because I am for America, and the other side — well, they lost their way and they are definitely not for America. They may not know what they are for, but their way is persistently to divide us, to destroy us, to bring on anarchy and chaos, and they think somehow that the socialism that has proven to be a failure will take hold in America. They fantasize that, under their brilliant watch, finally, socialism will prove out to be the thing that brings about “social justice.”

If the rest of us just shut up and submit.

We won’t.

Trump causing problems in North Korea? Hardly

From The Atlantic, published at Defense One. The writer wrings his hands over how President Trump is creating this dangerous condition with North Korea. How he forgets but my edit corrects his delusion:

All spring, the Trump administration [For the last two decades, the Democrat Party’s wonder-candidates] have been sleepwalking through a dream in which North Korea will volunteer to abandon its nuclear weapons, oblivious to the crisis gathering around it. An atmospheric nuclear test cannot be allowed to happen. It’s time to wake up.