Left Pays People to Spy on You

Universities are paying students to spy on other students. Think “denounce” as in citizens sending other citizens to the guillotine during the French Revolution. I’d say it’s Orwellian, but I supposed “Orwellian” is becoming overused. In Communist countries, every neighborhood was organized into cells, and some evil minion of the collective state spied on others.

Democrats, are you at all concerned about what your Party is turning this country into?In China, this is how the “Red Guards” got started. It’s not the ordinary, conservative, American patriot who is snitching on others to make sure that they “get their minds right.” We discover that all of this talk about civil liberties is just that: talk. Orwellian talk.


Trump, Be Trump in Foreign Policy

This story at The Hill is supposedly about leaking, but far more importantly, it’s about the Washington establishment’s repeated, illegal failures in far-flung, longlasting, foreign wars. Specifically, we find that the Eurocentric, world-government types are all worried that Steve Bannon influences Donald Trump: “Bannon is a core architect of ‘America first’ unilateralism and has no interest in continuing forever-wars that lack support among the base in the region,” said Ian Bremmer, the president of the international consulting firm Eurasia Group.

I’m with Bannon. Democrats, are you not? Would you like to let your little kids grow up to be Washington, D.C. cannon fodder, pawns on their chessboard, wasted lives spent in wasted wars, in wasted lands whose people lack the will or desire to free themselves — and turn on us?

Why would we want to pour our youth into forever-wars that lack support among the people of the region — and that lack sufficient support here at home, for that matter? If you want to weaken and eventually destroy America, that’s a good strategy.

Trump actually has an pro-American foreign policy. Previous administrations have not, other than to continue the same institutions and  alliances and expenditures as before. They left us endless peace processes, a maniac with nuclear bombs, an Islamic infiltration, and $20 trillion in debt.

Maybe Washington should consider Bannon’s “America first unilateralism.” I’m all for it.

Trump’s Dismissing Comey

Today, Drudge Report headlines are filled with alarms over Comey firing. I say Trump should have sent Comey home earlier, as part of draining the swamp. Republicans in Washington government had better ignore all outcry for investigations, hearings, special prosecutors, etc. Democrats would. Democrats did. We have not sent Republicans to Washington to cower and submit to Democrat mouthiness as usual. There is far more important work to do. Democrats, you have far more to be concerned about than Donald Trump.

For example, see next post.

British Disrupt Another Terrorist Plot

By the way, liberals, the Brits just used a gun to stop yet another terrorist attack. Oh, yes, more of the British police carry guns now, after Khalid Masood ran down 5 people and then stabbed a police officer to death. I guess Masood was angry that Scotland still has not declared independence, or over the Irish troubles or something. Something. Can’t imagine his motivation, can we?

Trump, the ideal President?

This guy, Donald Trump, is turning out to be my ideal President. Perusing Google News this morning, just to see what the mainstream, liberal spin is, I find:

First, he’s at the NRA convention. I could stop right there. Need I say more?

He’s telling South Korea that, they might — duh — need to pay for their own national defense.

He’s telling the Saudis they might need to pay more to maintain their royal domination over the sandbox.

He’s telling Europe that this whole America-pays-for-NATO thing has to be re-thought and re-negotiated. I might be a bit more blunt about it and, perhaps in secret, he is.

He’s improving the income tax code. I’d scrap it altogether for the many reasons written here before, but it’s a start. If we must have it, then it requires a re-write every few years to get rid of the worst of the congressional abuses that pile up.

He is addressing the threat from North Korea that has been building for decades, and largely either ignored or ineptly handled by past presidents.

De-fund NPR Hate Speech

I decided to let a day pass between their broadcast, and this post. NPR’s public radio is a hate-speech propaganda machine whose commentators relentlessly barrage conservatives. Period.

First, here is the pattern. Pick the latest Democrat Party mantra. Find some liberal squirrel to interview and carry the propaganda. Speak in earnest, concerned voices. And smear Republican conservatives. Here is the example that prompted this post.

They interviewed some guy who claims that he was once a “white supremacist.” Now, he is a liberal, anti-Trump propagandist. His story — I doubt that it is true — could have been an interesting insight; instead, he and the interviewer morphed it quickly into an anti-Trump voter propaganda piece. The guest “hears” white supremacy in everythign Trump voters say. Apparently, it’s not enough to accuse Republicans of being racist. NPR found a way to up the diatribe. Now, Republicans are white supremacists. Concerned over $20 trillion in debt? You are a white supremacist! Concerned over a government bent on stifling enterprise? Think immigration law should be enforced? You are a white supremacist. Concerned over judicial activism and, well, just fill in the blank here ___________________________ with conservative, constitutionalist views of government, and they equate you with the white supremacy movement. How many of those people are there, anyway? Apparently, half the country.

Liberals, can you begin to comprehend how reprehensible and infuriating this is, that we taxpayers have to pay for your favorite program to insult us? Let them carry on their little hate-fest on the dimes of contributions and advertisers.

Deep State Courts on Immigration

A federal judge wrote an order enjoining the Executive Branch from enforcing immigration law through federal funding to rogue cities. Because the lust for power was proven time and again throughout history, our Founders gave us a carefully balanced government. Even then, they suspected some branch of government, or some person, would strive to emerge as king.

Many judges comprehend the constitutional role, and diligently look to the law. Some, however, act as a law unto themselves. Some, are plainly Deep State operatives.

A court order enjoining enforcement of a president’s order will always be couched in scholarly terms, pinning the decision onto some legal authority, no matter how flimsy. But, it appears that we have “sanctuary courts” now, too.

While the most liberal democrats may celebrate this, such judges are anarchists. We have a Congress that makes laws. The Constitution explicitly grants Congress the power to create a uniform system of immigration. The swamp extends to the courthouses, and I hope President Trump will dredge deeply.

In the meantime, Congress should act, making explicit its power to make immigration law.

The science is unsettling

We are reminded that pinning the “scientist” pin on somebody, does not cleanse him from corruption. So, Syrian scientists brewed the Devil’s chemical weapons. Don’t you believe in science? I do, but I also believe that all have sinned and fallen short of theglory of God and are in need of mercy and grace. Indeed, once conferred by self or others, with special status, the scientist may behave like other bad actors elevated to special status: like the Clintons, or Miley Cyrus, or like the last of the French royalty, or like — oh, heck, there are just too many examples of power corrupting for me to go on.

We are right to refuse to defer to the “experts.” Watch them all like hawks.

Embarrassing Investment Experience

Well, this is embarrassing. I’ve tried numerous investments over the years. I traded commodities for a while. I picked the months pre-crash to do some stock day-trading. Actually made some good buys, but decided the market was fixed, got most of my money back, and got out. Land. Apartments. Do not own apartments unless you have fortitude and common business sense. Just don’t.

As it turns out, here is perhaps the best investment I made during all that time. Continue reading

Democrat Spying is Worst Scandal in American History

Democrat use of government spies, to spy on the Republican opposition, is the scandal of the century, if not the worst scandal in American history. It is even worse in that it reveals the alliance among the worldwide Left. Their abuse of government power literally threatens our democratic republic.

Consider for a moment, if Hillary had won, and then we discovered the Obama use of the NSA, FBI, CIA, etc. to defeat the Republicans. Revolution would have been justified.

Their accusations are who they are; the abuses they complain about are the abuses they do.