Once again, a big NY Times Trump-Russia nothing

Here’s the dead giveaway: big accusation and then, instead of showing us what the Times puts out there as this damning email, it’s described “according to three people with knowledge of the email.”

Meh. I am unimpressed.

There is, however, this admission: “There is no evidence to suggest that the promised damaging information was related to Russian government computer hacking that led to the release of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails.”

And this one, exonerating Trump Jr. from “colluding” with the Russians [always implying, the Russian government]: “Mr. Trump acknowledged that he was interested in receiving damaging information about Mrs. Clinton, but gave no indication that he thought the lawyer might have been a Kremlin proxy.”

And, there is no evidence that the lawyer was a Kremlin proxy.

I have come to believe that there was no Russian government election mischief. I have no doubt they attempt to hack politicians’ correspondence, and into other government computers. I expect that; hope we are successfully doing the same. But, last week we saw the “17 intelligence agencies” boast plop to the floor. And, Clapper is their source for this: Clapper, infamous for assuring us that the NSA was not intercepting our phone calls. Perhaps the Russian government was trying to collect email and other documents to use against Hillary later on. But, then, it was not necessary, was it? Can’t blackmail someone whose party couldn’t get her elected.

Truth: 63 million fed-up voters colluded to put Donald Trump in the White House.

NYT: Weird. Deranged. Not to be believed.

Funding Politically Malignant “Science”

Social science has gone way, way out there Left. This is obvious to most of us, but this article states the stats and raises the alarm. It is fair to say that — if the social sciences were ever sciences at all — now they are just a political movement. So, ultra-liberal college professors and the like, here is the question for you: Why should I, as a conservative taxpayer, fund your Marxist playground?

Expect the people to demand more from university trustees.

Why I wanted Trump to win: fun

We get pretty deep into the weeds here at VM.com, I know. I like to try to weave it all together, from The Fall in The Garden (look it up, agnostics), to The Reformation; through the awful French Revolution to the War Between the States; then World War II and the post-war Iron Curtain, right up to the latest attempt to impose Marxist authoritarianism by the Western, post-Christian Left, I just think that people remain pretty much the same and it plays out in similar old ugly ways. New twists, old sin, ever-present lust for power by some wanting to lord it over others.

So, I’m going to confess, part of my delight in seeing Donald Trump win the election is nothing more than fun. We could have had Hillary Clinton and the entire entourage. No fun at all (other than Bill reoccupying his playground). Instead, we get Trump.

And, he is jerking their chains. Watching them go berserk is a blast! Tweet on and the CNN wrestling video was sheer political genius.

And fun.

Today’s Democrat Illusion Shatterings

FBI: Now, it looks like the FBI’s Democrat Andrew McCabe — tied to Terry McAuliffe through McCabe’s wife — used the FBI to strike back at General Michael Flynn. Flynn took the side of a female, career counter-terrorism officer who made an EEOC sex discrimination claim against McCabe. Two years later, the FBI starts the Russia probe.

Lesson learned: There is absolutely no reason to revere any government institution. Fear, yes, but revere, never. Why can the proponents of kings, kinglets, communism, and Big Brother government not comprehend that top government is made up of people just like us, only corrupted even further by power? The more power we give them, the more we tempt them to abuse their positions of trust. Democrats, you should be frightened at the power you have given to the IRS, the FBI, the NSA and a horde of other government agency employees and appointed functionaries.

CNN: CNN is left with its illusion of credibility in tatters, after the Trump-Russia story cracks, crumbles, and then completely collapses. Someone there has fired three of CNN’s Russia “investigative” team, perhaps in a desperate effort to drain their own swamp and salvage what is left of the network’s credibility.

Lesson learned: I believe nothing the mainstream media say. Nothing. I try to separate those few solid facts out for further scrutiny, and isolate the facts from the descriptive characterizations offered up as news. Mostly — the reporters and editors spew defamatory gushing of anti-conservative propaganda, together with a pepper-spray stream of little slanted stories pieces.

Bernie Sanders: Not the kindly socialist so many Democrats were duped into believing. More shattered Democrat illusions.

Lesson learned: Yes, power corrupts. Duh! At what point, does a good Democrat voter finally recognize that collecting ambitious, power-hungry people in one place, and giving them the power of the US Marshall’s service, the FBI, and the US Army to enforce their demands for our earnings start to not seem like a good idea? Maybe it’s best to quit clamoring for them to steal other people’s money and work your way toward a better job. Keep doing that, and ….


Lessons Learned From London’s Grenfell Tower Fire

Don’t live in a big city. People were not meant to live swarming all over each other like rats in a warren. Admittedly, my small town prejudices kick in. But, in small towns, people are not stacked into flammable apartments, one on top of the other like kindling prepared to light a bonfire. Two stories high is about it in my hometown.

If you just must live in a big city, don’t live 20 something floors off the ground. Heat goes up, you know.

Your government with all of its councils, regulations, ordinances, and permits, cannot guarantee your safety.

Minions living in over-urbanized metroplexes form mobs when they learn that their government does not keep all of the promises it makes. Even the most leftist government becomes their target.

If you don’t expect so much out of government, then you’re not so disappointed.

Local Democrat Excuses the Shooter

This post is to the local talk radio program caller who justified James Hodginson’s attempted assassination spree. His tight, bitter voice expressed his joy over the “irony” that the conservative congressman from Louisiana — who supports the right to keep and bear arms — was shot.

Then, in this Democrat’s further derangement, the caller added that James Hodginson was just exercising his Second Amendment right.

Dear deranged Democrat: There is no constitutional right to commit murder. Neither is there a moral right. There are both a God-given Commandment against murder, and human statutes based on that commandment against murder. Of course, your own party members fund lawyers who undermine the states’ power to punish murderers.

Democrats, your party has spent years spewing propaganda against conservatives. I have experienced the results of this hatefulness, personally, but the examples are many. If, for example, we conservative people are “killing the planet” then I suppose killing us is justifiable self-defense. You pull up short saying that, but your right to strike back violently is the logical next step after your numerous expressions of “outrage” over this and that. Your othering of conservatives, southerners, men, Christians, gun owners, and people who drive SUVs paves the way for your nasty little bands of rabble-rousers to be paid to show up and agitate violence at conservative political rallies. You feel perfectly justified in locking arms to shut down a street — an implicit threat against all others that you would do violence to them if they attempt to break your mob barricade, or that you would prosecute or sue them.

And, sometimes, one of your number takes it to the next level. James Hodginson is not a rare member of your movement. You radicalized him over your thin, ragged edge. From the NYC acting company, to Hollywood stars, from MSNBC to Democrat members of Congress, from Black Lives Matter rioters to the deranged, bitter local caller excusing James Hodginson, your party has worked itself into a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth hatred — of about half the country. His own friend boasts that he was not crazy, just pushed into this by the “politics.”

Seriously, surely you are re-considering your political alignment. You don’t have to love Donald Trump. I don’t. I worship no politician. I have a healthy respect for the human nature tendency of those who govern, to abuse their power. I recognize that bigger government is just more opportunity for corruption and ineptitude to mess things up.

That causes me to vote for the most conservative politicians who run. None of your Democrat politicians fit that bill. None. Not a single one. There is no place in today’s Democrat Party for a loyal American who has any sense. If you are hanging in there as a Democrat, you should recognize the bizarre reality that your Party has become, and run. It’s not that the Republicans are so great, that’s for sure. But, here is how I see political alignment and engagement: I might be able to influence the Republican Party in a healthy, constitutional, liberty-loving direction. Your party? Gone full Marxist-nuts long ago.

Dangerously so.

About those investigations, though….

About all of these investigations — I’d still like to know who is directly responsible for the Benghazi debacle, why there was no quick reaction force in striking distance, or if there was a QRF standing by,  who ordered them to stand down.

Who is the idiot who parked our consulate in the middle of Benghazi and left it there during the upheaval, in the first place?

I want to know who first came up with the idea that Obama and his officials would lie about Benghazi.

We still don’t know. Democrats who claim to want to know the truth, don’t care. Yet, Americans were either betrayed outright, or official ineptitude caused their deaths. I might add, the Democrat Party then put Hillary Clinton up for election as President, and they wonder why she lost.

Stop the Investigations

Fire the special prosecutor. President Trump: Order the FBI to perform its counterintelligence function of cybersecurity against all foreign hacking efforts and report to you. Stop these Democrats from their obstruction of government.

Republicans in Congress: Stop going along with Democrats using our government, to destroy Republicans.