ISIS Infiltrating Caribbean Islands

World War M arrives at your Cancun all-inclusive resort. Islamic terrorist infiltration into and through the Caribbean islands was inevitable. The permeability and proximity to America make the islands ideal for terrorist entry. Thousands of miles of coastline, loose entry for arriving travelers, and a profusion of national border jurisdictions assist terrorists, just as these factors assist drug runners of this age, and pirates of old and now. And, you will be disarmed by airline regulations and international laws leaning toward socialist.

Democrats, you must consider your party’s dangerous “open borders” absurdity. Do any of you Democrats wish the government had given closer scrutiny to the 9-11 hijackers who arrived here holding passports with State Department visa stamps? The San Bernardino couple-from-Hell? The parents of the young Muslims who grew up to bomb the the Boston Marathon and the Orlando nightclub? Until the homicidal cult of Jihad disappears from within Islam, the Muslim lands export murder. It is insanity to pretend otherwise. Remember: they murder first their own “apostates”; then they target the West — especially the United States; then, they will try to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth.

And, the Democrat Party — with collusion by Republican establishment squishers — turns a blind eye, and howls madly that we got Trump. We got Trump because the Republi-crat Government Party disdains the rest of us, while failing on so many levels.

New National Security Travel Restrictions

It’s about time one of our elected officials acted to secure our country. The people against securing our country’s borders are against America. Here are my thoughts, told in two pictures.

There’s this one, featured yesterday in the NYT, carried by a woman at a mouthy protest in Union Square, in Manhattan, telling us that New York is for all.


Then, there’s this image, created by some young Muslim men arriving with visas in New York City, just a few blocks south of her, and a few years earlier:

Iraqi Army Reclaims Tal Afar, but…

This article applauds the Iraqi Army’s victory over Islamic State, at Tal Afar. Tal Afar is “liberated” but the article leaves some disturbing questions.

“Victory” in this context is not taking and holding terrain, even urban terrain. Victory will be found in the eradication of every man who thought he would don the garb, buy a sex slave, yammer threats against America, prance around with an AK, and cut some infidel heads off. Were they surrounded and killed trying to escape or surrender? The article implies that insufficient blocking forces were put into place, such that ISIS escaped into the desert.

Along with the absence of residents, the number of Islamic State fighters in Tal Afar appeared to be vastly overstated. Before the operation was launched, Iraq’s intelligence services estimated that between 1,400 and 2,000 militants occupied the city. Iraq’s military said Saturday that 259 Islamic State fighters had been killed, suggesting that many had fled the battle into the vast desert north and west of the city toward Syria.

Only about 2,000 Islamic State fighters occupied the city. Of this number, only 259 were killed? Why were not all 2,000 killed? If the overstated numbers expected to be there was correct, then who let them escape and to where? Who devised a plan that let the remnant maybe flee into the desert? Why do we not know where they are, now? Perhaps US intelligence units do know; perhaps the plan is to let the Satanic warriors die of thirst in the desert and, if so, then that works. Perhaps that looks better on the world stage than simply shooting them all.

But, “Victory” was not achieved if they were accidentally — or intentionally permitted to escape to infiltrate into Syria.


Deadly Multiculturalism Myth

Austrian couple murdered by “radicalized” Islamic grocery delivery man. The Tunisian man had lived in Austria for 28 years. Years, not days. After 28 years, he murdered the Austrian elderly couple whose groceries he delivered, solely because they were infidels who — he inferred — did not like the modern wave of Islamic invasion.

The report says, “At this stage, he is thought to have acted alone and not under the umbrella of a formal organization.”

This is not true, of course; he acted under the influence of Islam, reading daily headlines about the deeds of ISIS, AQ, and so many more Islamic battle groups, regardless of the shifting leadership, names, and initials. Rather than simply returning to Tunisia, and instead of adopting the kind Austrians as his new countrymen, he resonated to the call of the New Caliphate. After 28 years.

Westerners, take heed. Liberals, you think you will crucify western civilization and it will die because of your mob riots and internal takeover of the government. You are wrong.

Western civilization is being slaughtered, and the Muslim jihad will not spare you just because you vote (D) and are all for LGBTQ+whatever people.

Afghanistan Quagmire in Three Articles

I think it’s fair to say even from afar, as a citizen who has never been there, that after 16 years, that we are mired down in Afghanistan. The quagmire is illustrated in these three articles.

Pakistan’s terrorist “safe space” was and remains a key problem. Hussain Nadim writing for “War on the Rocks” is not optimistic that the US can solve the Pakistan problem.

James Cunningham writing for “The National Interest” states his opposition to just more of the same, but vaguely leaves us with more of the same. His words put your grandbabies in peril:

The Taliban must conclude that it cannot win through violence; ending the conflict will be immeasurably more difficult if Pakistan continues to afford safe haven to the insurgency.

This is a tall order, but there now exists the opportunity to turn the page in the Afghan chapter of the global conflict with violent Islamist extremism. In Afghanistan, the United States has an Islamic partner against terror, and friends and adversaries will be watching Washington’s decisions. Clarity of U.S. intent is absolutely vital. The lack of such clarity under President Obama confused U.S. partners and emboldened adversaries.

President Trump has stated his commitment to defeating Islamist terror. This cannot be accomplished by military means, which are necessary but insufficient, nor in short order. “We understand that we cannot kill an ideology,” a prominent Israeli leader once acknowledged to me. Defeating Islamist terror is fundamentally a political and diplomatic task, requiring the defeat of the twisted ideology that animates it. This is a generational challenge.

“Generational,” Americans. Let that sink in for a moment. We are to be at endless warfare in Afghanistan.

It all comes down to more troops, and now, even after 16 years, more time.


Time to Come Home From Afghanistan

Another murder of our soldiers, by an allied army Afghan soldier.

It’s been 16 years, and now we are into the third Commander in Chief. We punished the Taliban for hosting Bin Laden — long ago. Tell the Afghan government and people that we are turning the war for their liberty completely over to them.

It was a noble cause to attempt to export the American ideal of limited, representative, self-government based on a contract among the people. I admire President Bush for the aspiration. We could write volumes on why democracy is unattainable without specific cultural precedents that lead a people to demand liberty. But, our own culture’s freaks would be “outraged.” Further, given the example of the West, the Muslim world is horrified at the prospect of what has morphed into “western democracy.” I wonder if the deaths of American liberators in the Middle East make any difference to those who live there.

Ending our time in Afghanistan would make a big difference to the loved ones of those soldiers we deploy to hot, dirty, faraway places. Most of us forget, or simply do not care. Their loved ones back home do not forget, and they care deeply that their soldiers return. Sixteen years.

The war was doomed from the start because we left Pakistan and Syria as safe havens. You can’t leave the enemy safe havens. Given the American onslaught, they are prone to go there. And strike from there. And run there, again. To strike from there again. For sixteen years, now.