Most Recent London Islamic Terrorist Attack

Everyone talking among themselves about how they are proud to be “carrying on.”

I hand it to the BBC World Service reporter: she at least asks whether police should be armed: Scottish woman quickly insists, no, no of course not — even though the officer killed was unarmed.

They wonder how they can continue to open Parliament to encourage democracy–but no one states the obvious.

Now British, hear this: Such mewling sheep-sounds are unworthy of your people. Where is your outrage? Where is your demand for the right to keep and bear arms for yourselves? Where are you storming the gates of your government, throwing even more of the bums out of office until you find brave people determined to guard your country?Why are you not demanding that your leaders explain why they opened the gates and ports to the post-modern Islamic invasion? Enough of this silliness about how the best thing to do is just go on as normal.

My sympathy goes out to the families of the bereaved and betrayed. Though, I must say: if you lost a loved one, what did you do to require your government to behave responsibly and protect the country?

World War M has merged with World War Z, and if you are disarmed, you are food.

Paris Louvre Jihad Attack Stopped by Gun

A machete attack by a man yelling — yes, you guessed it — Allahu akbar — is no longer news. In the West betrayed by liberal western leaders, this form of the most recent Muslim invasion of the West is commonplace. I comment only to point out that the Islamic terrorist chose to attack armed police, and got himself shot. It’s a good thing this Frenchman was armed.

Democrats: it took a gun. A good guy, with a gun. On location. When jihad broke out. In of all places, an art museum.

There is a most effective defense against this new form of the Muslim invasion: the armed citizen. Liberals have not figured out, what the terrorist figured out long ago. They are not militarily strong enough to invade in the traditional sense. If Plan A cannot succeed, then adopt different tactics. They have devised tactics that take advantage of the West’s weaknesses in national defense: weak citizens. Brainwashed, cowed, tricked, emasculated, weak citizens.

World War M has merged with World War Z, and sheep are for butchering. Liberals, if you want to see what happens to the slow, weak, and disarmed in World War M-Z, watch an episode of “The Walking Dead.” Do you want to be a surviving member of the group, or do you want to be slaughtered as you watch your family being slaughtered?

I decided for this caption, that if crime is “gun violence,” and it’s the guns doing crime, then the Islamic terrorist at the Louvre was stopped by a gun, instead of by an armed Frenchman.

How much should we worry about criticism from abroad?

AP writers try to get you to worry about foreign nations criticizing the USA for President Trump’s decision to scrutinize applicants for entry from troubled Muslim lands.

It is not possible for me to care any less, about purported criticism from other Marx-infected liberals from the European Left. Perhaps their leftist leaders should worry more about their own political futures, given the uprising of Europeans finally waking up to the treachery of their liberal leaders in opening the gates to foreign invasion. In any sane era and country, that would be called treason.

World War M is on. Those in denial will be swept away. Maybe beheaded first. Angela Merkel should envision her head held aloft by some black-clad jihadi posing on YouTube, and she should be more worried about that, than about our head-of-state. Maybe she thinks there’s safety in greater numbers of captives being marched into the gas chambers, or something.

The Left is insane. Suicidally insane.

Ally Jordan Warns re Jerusalem Embassy

The Middle East’s uneasy monarchies have more to fear from Islamism than we do. I suggest that the Jordanian minister who is already trying to scare Donald Trump into keeping the US embassy away from Israel’s capital city, re-think his position. After all, appeasing the Islamists has not worked out so well.

Let’s do some reality-based foreign policy: recognize Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and move the embassy there.

Because, there is no “two-state solution” which is the dangerous delusion preached by the Left since Jimmy Carter and continued by John Kerry. There is only a strong state solution. Jordan can either stay on board the strong state solution, or Jordan may re-join the Arab raiding party. Let’s see: how did that work out in 1967, and 1973?

The Berlin Christmas Market Jihad Attack

There is really little left to say about the export of Mohammedan mass murder. The Jihadists believe that the West’s paralysis is a Satanically-inspired delusion. I agree with that. I cannot otherwise account for how so many people could be so stupid, on their own.

Germans should rise up in revolt and throw Merkel and her entire crew out of office. While there is still time. If there is still time.

And, yet, both in Germany and here, we still have thousands who even now, will not guard our gates. Half the country voted to leave them wide open. At some point, it matters not whether the governing class’s failure is delusional negligence, or treason.

We’re past that point. (Thus, Donald Trump)

As always, for everyone here who wants a better life — atheist, Jew, Muslim, Christian, or whomever — there is a worldwide Islamic civil war going on. This is a fact. A bloody, obvious, indisputable fact. The West cannot accommodate the worldwide Islamic civil war, and conquest, and still survive. The freedom that attracts immigrants to the West, will crumble in the police state that we demand catch and punish the infiltrators in our midst. American Muslims in particular: if you want to hold onto the better way of life you sought here, then you must come alongside patriotic Americans and resist importing the jihad.

Otherwise, you have brought ISIS with you. They will blow up your weddings, markets, and places of worship, right alongside ours. You will find here, that awful anarchy you thought you left behind.

War in Yemen Underscores Complexity in Bloody Middle East

The Obama administration and its press sycophant-minions carefully avoid talking about the Saudi war against Yemen’s rebels. We support the House of Saud, our ally, through arms and intelligence and, in some instances, operations. Thousands in Yemen starve, young men look to AQ; Sunni vs. Shi’i; bombs and drones dropping from the sky. If George Bush were still President, the Left and its press-minions would be howling. But, the Democrat down the street took down that sign complaining about all of the civilians the President is murdering in the Middle East. President Obama is silent. MSNBCABCCBSCNN and the like say nothing, raving instead over the most trivial stories if they fit an anti-Trump narrative.

But, this post is not a partisan argument. I comment here not even to attempt to offer any analysis or solution. The Middle East is a mess.

I comment on the Saudi-US war in Yemen only to underscore what by now ought to be obvious: that Islam’s civil war was not caused by the United States; neither will it be ended by the United States. Other than our support for Israel and perhaps for the King of Jordan, our every alliance, arms sale, naval foray, and intervention chooses sides in this civil war without end and without winners. Even if our chosen faction of the moment wins, then we empower people bent on conquest, first against people within their own nation state, then against all opposing tribal-religious groups, certainly always against Israel’s existence, and then, more broadly, “Allah is for the world.”

This administration, accommodating to Islamic influence, has been unwilling to say what is the undeniable reality: whatever else Mohammedanism is, Islam is a military-political worldwide conquest. Yes, Islam is personal, religious, ethnic, tribal, and ancient. But, Islam has been since its beginning, consistently over centuries, and plainly today for all of those who will open their eyes and minds, a violent conquest of the world. The only difference between the earliest invasions of the Middle Ages and today, is that technology has erased the West’s chief defenses. Europe never enjoyed the distance and oceanic expanses that protect the United States; now, and largely due to our leaders’ ineptitude and treachery, those barriers are intentionally eroded.

“Peace on earth, goodwill to men,” is not the creed of Islam — unless you understand the peace to be peace forced on others, by the sword.

Iranian-Americans Seized by Government of Islamic Republic of Iran

Under the ongoing debacle of the Obama presidency, we learn that two more Americans were seized by the Iranian government and jailed — in July.

My advice for Americans of Iranian background: don’t go home. I know you want to visit relatives, or do some international business, but you may be treated by the government of Iran like a pawn, and arrested, and “disappeared” into prison. Though the Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize dual citizenship, it does recognize the opportunity to seize hostages from a weakened America.

My advice to Iran: feed the hostages well, be nice, and arrange for their release and transportation back. Before it’s too late for you.

Well before January 20, 2017.

More sympathetic to American Muslims than you might think…

Listened to a Somali man from Ohio this afternoon. He is the head of this organization. I appreciated and agreed with everything he had to say. I believe he is sincere in his insistence that he and most other Somalis here are loyal to America. I sympathize with him, and understand that he may feel under suspicion because of the Somali student who went Islamo-berserk. And the mall attacker. And the airport shuttle driver. And, well, the list does go on.

So, I want to say, again, what I think is just the reality. The Islamic world is at civil war. At stake, they think, is the soul of Islamic people everywhere first; then, there is this sense that Allah is for the world. Most Muslims try to avoid their civil war altogether, and most by far are just like everybody else in that they want a better way of life.

The problem is that when they emigrate, they bring the civil war along with them. Most do not mean to import the conflict; but, its seeds are within Islam, not just within the crazies blowing themselves up. And, so, when the voice of Al Qaeda or ISIS or whatever the current Caliphate movement may call itself, calls, there are Muslims who answer. Obviously. Is this debatable?

I do not want the Islamic Civil War playing out in the streets of America. I think most Muslims already here would agree. And, so, the issue becomes for all of us already here, “Does America continue to open the ports, airports, and borders to the Islamic world?”

I say no. For the good of all of us here, already. Or, we, too, will culture and grow the centuries old violence that plagues Islam, like a virulent strain of bacteria rubbed across a Petri dish.