Lessons Learned From Pikeville Rallies Include Second Amendment

Nazi thugs and commie thugs rallied at Pikeville and screamed at each other. The article in Vocativ is instructive on several key points, and is worth reading.

First: the Nazis held the rally; the commies showed up to cause trouble. No commies, and it would have just been an ugly parade.

Second: both sides exercised the right to keep and bear arms that they would steal from others and, so — instead of gunfights breaking out, there was relative peace. Open carry. Commies too. No one was shot. No one. Not one. The article credits in part the exercise of the participants’ exercise of the right to keep and bear arms. Knowing they would be shot, and after getting punched in the face at Oakland, the commie thugs just acted out verbally. So, even the cursing, screaming zombies had the sense to keep peace so they would not have their ragged bodies shot.

Third: The Nazis essentially obeyed the law and kept to the peace. They parked their cars where they were supposed to. They cooperated with the police escort and boundary. By they way, they were a mere handful, about 70. I often wonder if there are more than a couple hundred of these people in the whole country, not counting the motorcycle criminal gangs.

Fourth: No one in Pikeville wanted them there.

Nazis and commies. You’d think even the most shallow memory of history would cause people to shun them all like the plague. They prove the John Birch Society’s analogy that they do not lie on a right-left continuum, but, rather, are more like the ends of a horseshoe, so close together in their authoritarian extremism that any distinction is barely noticeable. After all, Hitler was a socialist.

Why good people carry guns–the Lillelid murders

No further justification or argument is needed, other than these killers. If you are a Democrat, and your politics still will not permit you to embrace the personal, individual right to keep and bear arms, for others at least, if not for yourself, then you are choosing to be irrational. Dangerously irrational.

Oh, and by the way: World War Z is not only on, but it’s going to get even worse as our culture rages against the last vestiges of its Christian roots.

Thanks to Dr. Helen Smith for the documentary, and for Glenn for reminding us of what these killers did, right here in East Tennessee, along Interstate 81, where I have driven many times.

Eleven million bucks to Russian front

Just so you know, we just spent over $11 million bucks upgrading a military base in Estonia, about 50 miles from the Russian border. The army base is said to “symbolize” our “strength and resolve.”


If the free nations of Europe want to show their strength and resolve, then show strength and resolve. A token force of French, British, and Americans is just that: a token. Estonians — and other Europeans wanting to remain free: Draft every young man and woman of military service age — about 14 through 60 — and assign them to a militia unit. Arm them Swiss style: carbine and kit in every household, ready to go. Train. Encourage the right to keep and bear arms. Bristle with fighters.

Because, you, Estonia, are a tiny country, with Russia to the immediate east. Do you really want to depend on the faraway USA for your survival?


By the way, we Americans just spent $11 million we don’t have. We are, after all, and after Obama, $20 trillion in debt.

The Left’s 3,000 Tyrants of Political Correctness

A raised eyebrow–skeptical? A pause — incredulous? A tone — are you belligerent? A facial expression — are you mocking?

All of the above were the subject of my profession’s effort to engage in totalitarian, leftist control. The Board overseeing ethics violations proposed a rule change — rejected by the state Supreme Court — exactly like the communistic control which is the subject of this article in National Review. For those reprobates not converted, or shamed into submission, there was the threat of being hauled before the governing ethics board for punishment — even the loss of the license to work. The perverted commandment added to the books of commandments the Left wants to force us to live under: shall not express a bias against (insert favored group here) by word or deed.

Express: just to express, no action required for a violation.

“A bias”: just a bias, a leaning, some indication that you might think in a wrong direction.

By word or “deed”: Your facial expression, your tone, your manner of behaving — all could be interpreted as “expressing” the forbidden “bias.”

And, yes, “sexual orientation” was one of the favored classes about whom you would have been permitted only to praise, favor, or otherwise approve of. Heartily. You had better approve heartily; too faint praise could have been interpreted as expression of a bias.

All of these infractions empowered your opponent in a lawsuit to report your ethical violation to the Board for investigation. There’s your little communist street watch collaborator committee, ready to “denounce” you.

Our Supreme Court wisely informed the lawyers of what was going on by soliciting comment from the state’s lawyers, and it got back plenty. The little communists lost. For now. Regardless, their point was made: there is an official dogma; depart from it, and you stand to be punished. If not this year, in the future. And, so, free thought, discussion, analysis, and action are suppressed. It may take some time, they think, for them to prevail and ban the offender outright.

I am sure they took down names. I am sure they are still taking names down, now. Waiting.

And that’s just in the realm of policing the lawyer profession for unethical behavior. There are many, many antisocial behaviors to punish. For example, we just saw two television program stars persecuted for attending a Christian church where people actually take the Bible seriously. And, owning a gun? You know that kind of antisocial behavior cannot be tolerated.

To the Left: The prescription for what you perceive as society’s many dysfunctions is not a subsuming power to control every behavior and word. The prescription is liberty under equally applied law. That way, you have to engage in public debate and convince others you are right, instead of jailing those you think are wrong, or stripping them of their means to earn a living. In our federalist system, we get to see how these debates play out differently, in different states.

Because, none of you out there is anywhere close enough to God to play God.

NYT Lies About Carry Permit Holders

NYT editorial board tells outright lies about “concealed carry.” The editorial is here, “The Threat to Public Safety if ‘Concealed Carry’ Goes National. The writer is anonymous.

The immediate motive for the article is to stir up fright among the Democrat disarmed. Why now? Because the Republican Congress had better pass national reciprocity, if its members want to be re-elected; and President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his support for the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association. The stars are aligned to de-criminalize the ordinary, benign behavior of law-abiding armed citizens.

This gives the Marxists at the New York Times fits. Someone there has decided that the best strategy against national reciprocity is to try to make the public afraid. To do that, the Times lies about the statistics, which strongly support the more broad exercise of the right to keep and bear arms.

The NYT editors quote Violence Policy Center, a known anti-gun group. VPC glibly quotes outrageous numbers supplied by a group whose name at least honestly proclaims its purpose, slandering armed citizens as “Concealedkillers.org.” The numbers are so sharply different from my own observations out here, that I checked the source.

And, this is how the communists carry out their dezinformatyia campaigns. A glancing read at concealedkillers.org (to which I refuse to link) shows that these propagandists are very generous to themselves, in deciding which use-of-a-gun instances to count as murder. For example, after a few seconds, I found this one. A quick read illustrates that Anthony Martin drew his lawfully carried pistol in defense of his friend, and has been charged with no crime at all, but the communist propagandists at the NYT would have us all believe the opposite: that Martin is a murderer — a threat to public safety.

Concealed Handgun Permit Holder: Anthony Martin  PENDING

Date: March 2, 2015
People Killed: 1

On March 2, 2015, concealed handgun permit holder Anthony Martin allegedly shot and killed Anton Fisher following an altercation outside the Hope Food Store.  According to a preliminary investigation, Fisher was outside the store when an altercation took place between his friend and another man.  Fisher pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the other man.  Martin saw the altercation and Fisher’s gun.  Fisher then allegedly pointed his gun at Martin.  Martin then allegedly pulled out his own gun and shot Fisher, who died on the way to the hospital.  The State Attorney’s Office has yet to determine if any charges will be filed against Martin.

Source: “Tampa police investigating fatal shooting at Hope Food Store,” US State News, March 3, 2015.

The New York Times is unfit to read, and unfit to print. It is the propaganda flagship of American Marxism, whose parody on the Second Amendment is: “An armed citizenry being anathema to the communist State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms must be suppressed.”

Left Continuing to Incite Race Hatred

This NBC piece is a sick classic piece of hate propaganda. These people are determined to divide Americans by race, income, geography, and every other way possible. It’s about anarchy and chaos.

Having said that, I am always encouraged to see law-abiding Americans lawfully possess the means to defend themselves, others, and the country, with firearms. So, congratulations to Yolanda, on her exercising her right to keep and bear arms.

This quote is packed with irony:

“You feel that racists now feel like they can attack us just because the president is doing it,” one gun shop owner told NBC News.

Yep, the President has been doing that for about 8 years, and racists are burning stores, overturning cars, shooting police, and attacking school girls, Trump supporters, and white subway riders, all with the encouragement of the Justice Department. Oh, that’s not NBC meant?

But, NBC does mean to lie, trick, and otherwise propagandize to inflame race hatred. I’m having no part of it. Ordinary, well-meaning Americans of all races, who do not deal drugs, rob convenience stores, carjack, and break into houses will all be just fine. If armed and trained, then they’ll be even safer.

So, I congratulate the “fiery young financial analyst” and recommend that Yolanda join the NRA with the rest of us. If “small caliber” means .22, then I recommend an upgrade. Because, despite what NBC would have us all believe, it’s not “white people” in general she has to worry about. It’s black drug gangsters, and white pillhead home invaders, and MS 13, and Mexico’s drug cartels. And, her federal government. Except, she can ease up a bit on the government, now. Her right to keep and bear arms — even against the purported great white threat — was guarded for her by the rest of us who voted Republican. Where’s the racism in that?

I suspect Yolanda just wants to protect herself from criminals, and NBC made a big deal about racial strife. That kind of thing is why NBC has no credibility anymore. None. Gone. Evaporated. Poof!

Democrat Anarchists Sharpen the Guillotine

Most Democrats probably do not even realize it, but they are practicing 19th century Marxist anarchism. Some know it.

I will not let my country be taken over by an illegal, minority mob, as was France under Robespierre. Today’s Democrats are little different, screaming, threatening, bribing, railroading, tricking and rioting to suppress even the sniff of opposition to their dogma.

If they steal the election yet, then let the revolution begin.The answer to 1984 is 1776. And, yes, this is a threat from a “Second Amendment” person.

In 1789, our Founders barely kept the new USA from descending into chaos. They gave us a piece of paper, and wiser Americans chose the rule of law. In that same year, 1789, the French Revolution began with the erosion and then abolition of monarchy. But, instead of resulting in an American-style Constitution and rule of law, it rapidly degenerated into the despotism and violence that France is still infamous for: “The Terror.” It is said that the Revolution lasted until 1799, when finally Robespierre who had sent so many to the guillotine, lost his own head there. Then, a Corsican artillery officer rose to dictatorship and embroiled the entirety of Europe in years of warfare until his defeat at Waterloo.

I say the French Revolution never ended at all, and you can hear its demonic spirit playing out on MSNBC, in the streets of Baltimore, and in the Facebook posts of the deluded masses of Marx-infected thinkers. You heard it from Barack Obama, and you heard if from Hillary Clinton. They would send us all to the guillotine, if we were not armed.

Think I’m overstating this? Read their hate-filled rhetoric. I have been othered into a “deplorable,” and am “irredeemable.” I am a racist, misogynist, homophobe, blah blah blah. That’s the kind of stuff you say about people as you work up your fury toward declaring that they have no right to exist. That’s what happened in France after 1789. And,  It’s happening here. The Parisians never thought it would get so out of hand, either. But, it did. It does, when anarchists break down the rule of law.


Democrats Harassing Electors?

Democrat operatives harassing electors to vote for Hillary? This is reminiscent of Joe Kennedy’s tricking the mob into pressuring the union bosses to harass members to vote for JFK against Nixon — all on the promise that Joe would call off AG Robert Kennedy’s investigations into the Mafia.

If the Democrat Party wants the next American Revolution to begin, that’s a good way to start it.