About Judge Who Blocked California’s Magazine Ban

Judge Robert Benitez just overturned California’s statute not only banning the future banning the sale of magazines holding over 10 rounds, but also mandating that they be confiscated. I took a closer look at the judge who wrote that California’s statute is unconstitutional.

Judge Robert Benitez was appointed a federal judge by President George W. Bush. Elections have consequences. Thank you, President Bush and to all voters who chose him over his Democrat opponents. Not enough voters, and Judge Benitez would not have been there to stop the Communists of California’s Democrat Party.

Judge Benitez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1950. This means that his parents fled Castro’s communist takeover of the island. Perhaps Judge Benitez heard his parents recount the takeover of Cuba by the Communists. Perhaps because of them, he sees himself as guarding against the howling mob demanding dictatorial rule — in California.

While you watch the colorful parade today….

Happy 4th! All over America, Americans will parade to music, grill out with family, and culminate with stunning fireworks displays.

Fighting the American Revolution looked nothing like that.

Today, this 4th of July, Independence Day 2017, I am humbled, thinking about the relatively few men who never gave up, kept putting one foot in front of the other, and endured hardship that we modern Americans cannot even imagine.

When you see colorful uniforms today, you might bear in mind that at one point during the southern campaign, many of our troops literally marched naked, covering themselves with nothing more than their cartridge boxes. In winter. They had no resupply. A surprisingly short time of living rough in the woods and patrolling long distances by night, crossing streams, throwing your body through brier patches, and tripping over logs and rocks will literally tear your clothes to rags. What doesn’t get torn, the rain rots. There was no weekly resupply for the Continental Army.

The Continental Army’s feats are almost unbelievable.

We owe them such a great debt of gratitude.


Why I Chose a Gun

Dutch General Peter van Uhm explains the gun’s necessity to a free, peaceful state. I don’t recommend too many videos to you, but this is one: 17 minutes long, but you can hit “Settings” and speed him up to 1.25. However, General van Uhm’s insights are so keen, you may want to leave him at normal speed, take notes, and watch again. His speech to a varied audience — some of whom were no doubt very uncomfortable in the presence of the AR-15 platform weapon he displayed to them.

Hint: He comes from Nijmegen, where his father tried in vain to hold off the German invaders. Nijmegen, on the Rhine, is a town where they still celebrate the Americans’ liberation of Holland.

I have never before heard a better explanation for taking up arms.


Deadly Police Encounters As the Culture Breaks Down

This Knoxville area police officer mistake should frighten all of us, coming so soon after the Philandro Castile incident trial in which the officer was cleared. You might want to watch the Castile traffic stop and shooting video here first, before reading the article about the Knoxville area arrest.

In both instances, the officer was probably mistaken in believing that the innocent citizen behaved in such a way as to merit the officer’s drawing a gun. In Castile’s case, the officer shot Castile, killing him.

In the Knoxville case, the officer happened to see the citizen doing something that looked like she might be stealing a car: she had bought the car, and was picking it up. During the officer’s questioning, the officer drew his pistol and held the citizen at gunpoint waiting for another officer to arrive.

The city officials insist this was proper police procedure: I get that, don’t permit the lady to reach into the bag to show her purchase paperwork until the other officer arrives. However, it is a serious thing to draw a pistol on someone, escalating the risk that the unarmed person will be shot.

Now, here is the point of this post. In a culture where people still believe in right and wrong, and where right is taught from birth, almost all of the adults in that person’s life exhibit at least the propensity toward good behavior. We all learn what about right and wrong. We may err, but we know better and the mass of us can be trusted most of the time. We get out on our streets with the expectation that we will not be robbed, accosted, run over by a homicidal maniac, or even held at gunpoint by a police officer. In such a culture, crime is rare, the criminal mindset is confined to the rarely encountered few. Police officers share these experiences, and they may start an encounter in a less-stressed frame of mind.

In today’s deteriorating culture, police officers may rationally fear for their lives when simply stopping someone for a taillight out. They may perceive a crime happening where there is none; they may be more likely to believe that someone like Castile “looks like” a bank robbery suspect. They may arrive at the car door already tense, already prepared to draw and shoot upon the next perceived provocation. They may perceive innocuous behavior as that provocation.

I do not believe that either officer in these two cases set out that day to abuse police power, to shoot anyone, or to draw a gun on a woman just buying a car. But, the more demented people there are running around out here, the more likely deadly encounters are. Put another way, those who presume to preside over our culture have led us into anarchy, chaos, and danger.

More Details on Georgia Escapee Killers

More details here, in the Knoxville News Sentinel.

My takeaway: anyone, anytime, anyplace. I-24 south of Nashville was shut down for a time, during a high-speed chase. The killers stole cars, their first done by carjacking.

Patrick Hale said he loaded every gun in his house after neighbors called to warn him about the chase and shootout nearby.

It was 6:46 p.m.

One minute later, he saw the convicts cross a barbed-wire fence 300 yards away from his back door and come onto his property.

“I prayed like I have never prayed before,” said Hale, 35, during a news conference on Friday with his wife and young daughter by his side.

Armed Tennesseans Capture Georgia Escaped Murderers

Glenn Reynolds likes to remind us all that the police protect the accused from the angry citizens; it’s not the other way around. Police stand between mob vigilantism and the criminal; police impose law on the situation. Punishment for the criminal comes later. Law, the expectation of effective and honest law enforcement officers, and the reliability of the judicial system in finding the facts and imposing punishment, are all that stand between a culture and anarchy. Counting on law enforcement, even the armed citizen need not form a mob to hunt down and kill demented murderers.

Case in point: the armed Tennessean captured the two Georgia demented murderers, and called the police.

The two escapees could have been shot and killed. The armed citizen probably did not want to endure an investigation, a possible prosecution, and a frivolous lawsuit by the families of the fine young tatted-up men who need to visit The Chair.

The law worked this time — but only because an armed citizen stopped the bad guys who could have stolen the car and committed more murder. You liberal Democrats for gun control should thank the armed citizen, and the NRA who supports the armed citizen — and all of us who voted for Donald Trump.

But, you won’t. You’re too busy being deranged.

Armed Homeowner Captures Georgia Escapee Killers

Guns, liberals. You need guns. At the ballpark, too, apparently. Because people like Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose are out there. I don’t know how people get like that, but there they are — tatted-up zombie predators.They murdered two correctional officers to effect their escape.

Merely putting the bad guys behind bars is not enough. They don’t necessarily stay there. It’s best to have a gun when they arrive.

Other sources are reporting this story differently — omitting the capture by the Tennessee armed homeowner, and reporting that the two escapees broke into a home and held the couple there tied up, at gunpoint before stealing their car.


At some point…

London, at some point, after Islamic men and women living among you, again and again murder your people, you should begin to realize:

–your leaders have utterly betrayed your country

–you have an Islamic problem

–your people have learned cowardice, to the point that instead of an angry mob rising up to beat knife-wielding terrorists to death, your police urge you to “run, tell, and hide”

–you need a gun

–you are responsible for letting all of these people — your own government and the Islamic world’s homicidal maniacs — do this to you.

Why we do not trust news reporters

Today, in my local paper taken over by USA Today, the editor writes a piece ostensibly about teen suicide. The caption is: “Guns and suicide go tragically in hand.” The editor and writer, Jack McElroy insists: “Second Amendment advocates may take this column as a call for more gun control. That is not the intent.”

Mr. McElroy is an out-of-place, longtime advocate for a greater government monopoly over guns. Yes, Mr. McElroy, gun control is the reason you wrote this article.

I note that you do not even bother to address why many modern westerners lose hope, and despair. You might address the underlying sickness that pervades the increasingly anti-Christian, post-modern, West. Something is deeply wrong, isn’t it? We don’t have just a drug problem, a crime problem, a “gun problem,” or a teen pregnancy problem. We claim license to deny our Creator, and then wonder why things have gotten so bizarrely out of hand. For all of our purported freedom from all constraints including even our biological being as male or female, somehow, we as a culture are deeply unsatisfied. Some — offered no reason to believe their life has any meaning — give up.

Others, however, hungry for power and wealth, see opportunity to use our crisis-of-being to morph our formerly limited self-government, into their own unaccountable selfish government, corrupted for their own purposes. Yet, you advocate that we should hand our liberty over to them and trust government even more. I remind you, Mr. McElroy of your presidential candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton, and I summarize for you in one word why we should never hand over a monopoly over firearms to the people who comprise government: Benghazi.

You are no more truthful than she, when you say you are not writing to advocate gun control. And, that is just one more reason why you and others in the mainstream media, too, have forfeited all credibility.