The Impossibility of Climate Change Research

The next ice age global warming Climate whatever is back in the news. Al Gore. The Pope. The most rabid among Democrats spewing the “denier” epithet like a howling mob storming the Bastille. And, all when a polar mass mocks the madness. So, this is a good time to debunk global warming: “Is the earth’s average temperature worldwide, rising over some as of yet undefined duration that would be “climate” and if so, is the fuel-burning activity of mankind a significant cause?”

Answer: Maybe, maybe not: we have no way whatsoever of knowing. We cannot even define the duration of change in weather patterns over time, that would comprise a “climate” shift. We may be still emerging back to more “normal” from the last ice age. We cannot even state all of the causes for weather, much less isolate them all, control them all in an experiment, and test the effects of burning a tank of gas.

“Experimenting” to prove man-caused global warming is impossible. But, there is a lot of grant money flowing in from the federal government, and where there is cause (grant money) there is an effect (some sort of academic activity). “Experiments” are “conducted” on keyboards, with the “scientists” staring at screens, generating numbers, and going to expensive conferences where chicken is served with white wine.

“Climate.” How persistently over what period of time must a change in average temperature last, before “we” decide that the climate has changed? Think about all of the monkey-business room there is in that question? And, how much of a change in average global temperature must there be, before we can say that it is significant enough to constitute a climate change? How can we test global average temperatures? How reliable is the data collection, given that “climate change” is a false religion cult among the political Left?

All of the above are questions that strike at the statistical validity and reliability of any real-world research; and climate change research is not done on the real world. It’s done on the “models”: those computer statistics programs run by students eager to please their masters and get a degree. They string the “variables” together, chunk in whatever data is the official word, and tell us all they have predicted global warming. Oops: they predicted global cooling into the next ice age first; then, they predicted global warming; now, they just say “climate change” and are mad at the rest of us when we find them ridiculous.

“Variables”: What naturally occurring phenomena churned together to make the weather before human beings came along and messed up their perfect world? Because, to experiment and isolate carbon fuels as the cause or even cause, you have to identify and “control” all of those first. Only then, can you experiment on that tank of gas, watch the effect, and draw inferences called “cause.” Reality check: they cannot even tells us what all makes up the weather, much less tell us that we are causing the world to warm up. They cannot tell us all of the forces of nature that affect the weather, much less that cause longer duration pattern changes.

Consider this simple, common formula we all learned in high school: amps = volts / resistance. If you build a battery of a specific amperage, and put a known resistance in the way, you can control the voltage. If your house current is 120 volts, you can put resistors in the way and make a power source for your computer that puts out predictable amperage. And, since watts of power = volts x amps, you can “set” the power on your power source so your computer is not always getting blasts of power, followed by nothing. There are online calculators you can use to key in these variables, and produce predictable results. No, it’s not quite that simple, but almost. Because, there are only three variables.

But, start trying to write equations for predicting climate change. How many variables have to go into the mix? That question assumes you can even identify what those forces are. Add faraway variables over which you have no control, and cannot even accurately measure, like solar flare activity. And, what are all of the effects of solar flare activity? See what I mean? Without knowing and controlling the variables, the purported researchers cannot isolate “man” as one of them and measure our activity as a cause of any effect on earth weather patterns. It all may produce the illusion of research: computers, professors, papers, data, and those conferences they all love to attend. Oh, yes, and the grant money. But, they cannot even identify the variables that go into the equation, much less control them to test “human activity.”

Climate change is a hoax, an expression of a political movement designed to grow government. Its proponents are wilfully deluded because of their political membership in the Left. They act like they take climate change seriously only to the degree they buy into this modern manifestation of Marxism. The architects of the Left seized on climate change as a convenient means to attack free market buying and selling, and to tear down America in particular. The anti-human bias of the climate change issue is irresistible to them. The minion masses mindlessly follow their masters’ mantras. So, once the masters proclaim “climate change” as the only official religion, the leftist masses turn against anyone who defies their religion.

Some of them would kill us, if they could get away with it. Weird. Short of murder, they just call us “deplorable.”

Here’s another reality: Except for a very few, no one really takes climate change seriously. The Hollywood actors fly around and collect garages full of vintage automobiles. Al Gore flies private all over the place. Barack and Michelle vacation all over the world, pull along a massive entourage with them, and occupy palaces. Democrats in Congress jet back and forth from coast to coast. A few of the hardcore refuse to own a car, and bike everywhere they go, but who thought Hillary really cared about climate change? What about those leaders, those loudest voices, those who say every election cycle that climate change is a priority? Well, readers here know what I think is the test of the true climate change believer. This test reveals how much anyone thinks our cars are killing us all by heating up the earth, and causing the ice to melt and raise the seas. Put the test before them, and see just how little concerned they are about global warming.

The test: None of them proposes a $5 tax on a gallon of gasoline. Because, if they actually believed that your car was causing climate change and killing us all, they would act like it and punish our use of carbon fuel. They don’t even slow down their own use of modern transportation.

If they truly believed in man-caused global warming, they would try to tax burning carbon fuels out of existence, and right now. They play around with regulatory harassment, but urge us to think that the calamity is upon us. That they exhibit no urgency tells the discerning person all he needs to know about how unserious they are about the climate change they urge the rest of us to buy into.

Democrat Party as Criminal Gang–Local Version

Incidentally, but not incidentally, I currently have no representation in the state’s General Assembly because my long-time Democrat state representative avoided the income tax, was caught, and was convicted. It’s the political cronyism that made the profits that concerns me even more.

The case stems from cigarette tax stamps purchased before a tax increase on which Armstrong voted. The stamps were then sold after the tax hike at a profit. The U.S. Attorney’s office says Armstrong didn’t pay taxes on those earnings.


Armstrong took the stand during the trial, saying he trusted his accountant, who is listed as a co-conspirator in the case. In 2008, Armstrong is also accused of forgetting to mention his $330,000 profit on the stamp tax increase in his disclosure form. Armstrong said he made a mistake.

It is citizen malpractice to vote (D). The people turning our democracy into the Idiocracy are not only idiots: they are corrupt. One day, we will, again, I think, have a healthy Democrat Party whose membership votes to support constitutional government of integrity. The opposition parties will argue over how best to live under lawful, limited self-government.

But, we don’t have that Democrat Party now. Democrats: that Democrat Party’s gone, replaced by a criminal gang buying votes with bread and circuses — and corrupt fortunes for the favored few.


Formula For Dictatorship by Democrat Party

Ignorant + dependent = compliant

I loathe that word, “compliant.”

The Founders meant for American citizens to be anything but compliant. First, there would not be a crushing body of law for them to comply with.

Second, they were to be guided by the Creator who endowed them with natural rights, informed by their freedom to think, speak, write, and assemble, and armed against the inevitable tyrant.

You don’t see the word “compliant” in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution states no dictates to the individual subject: the Constitution tells the government how the government must be compliant — limited in authority and checked in exercise of power. Those governors who would not comply, were to be voted out of office.

We were not to be the subjects of our government. We were to be actively engaged, informed citizens continuously guarding our liberty.

I loathe that word, “compliant.” It smacks of a demented mindset, a free citizen who has forgotten his very nature.

No Room for Condition White During the Great Jihad

Minnesota shopping mall site of Islamic terrorist mass-slashing. Unless people were ambushed from behind, there is no excuse for this. Was no one armed, other than the armed citizen shopper who finally shot the attacker?

I wish this were different. I wish we could go out among all of our fellow-citizens and visitors, and be completely safe. I wish carrying a pistol were an absurd, pointless gesture.

It’s not. Americans: go armed, or go like a slaughtered sheep when the guy yelling “AA” knifes you in the back. Demand the right to keep and bear arms. Vote for no Democrats. Democrats, if you run for public office, switch parties. You have lodged your politics in a strange place that has left you and the rest of us behind.

Perplexed desperation here at

I have to say, it’s very frustrating to see how many Americans still apparently plan to vote Democrat this time, in spite of the years-long track record of failures, betrayals, power-mongering, and cover ups. I hardly know what to say, anymore. “Liberty” is a lost value. “Getting over” on the system is the new value. The higher up you are, the more you get over — and tell everyone else to “Get over it.” Too few among the “everyone else” seem to care. Indeed, we have an entire political party delighting in Clintonesque corruption.

We in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave are being re-fashioned into some sort of bizarre, neutered, bratty, lazy, impoverished landscape ruled over by a political oligarchy. Sometimes, I think nothing remains standing against our being short-circuited into mindless minions, other than the Second Amendment — and the Redcoats of 2016 are definitely marching down the road to Lexington and Concord to confiscate the holdouts’ weapons.

You see, liberals, despite the disinformation campaign you subscribe to and endorse, gun control does not get rid of guns. By “gun control” they mean that only they will control the guns. They and theirs get the guns. They control who gets the guns — and who gets shot. What is going on in your thoughts that you cannot see this?

Funniest Democrat Accusation This Election Season

The most absurd accusation this go-around is that Trump is in with the Russians. The Russians want Donald Trump. The Russians may be hacking our voting machines to rig the election for Donald Trump. NPR and CNN are all on board with this foolishness. Right.

That is about the stupidest thing I’ve heard, yet. You have to be an idiot to buy it.

Democrat voters: I surmise that your party’s leaders think you are idiots. Are you going to prove them right? Prove them wrong.

Anarchy and Chaos at JFK

“Active shooter” warning at JFK ignites chaos. Uniformed officers immediately start pointing shotguns and M-4s and ordering the disarmed sheep to shelter in place.

The official word is: “This went exactly by the book.”

I get the need to sound off loudly and clearly, to get control of the chaos. I just don’t want my country to be subjected to continual guerilla warfare for the next 200 years, until there is not vestige of liberty left.

No more presidential libraries

Not a single penny for NPR or for ex-presidents’ monuments in the form of “libraries.” Seriously, aren’t we barraged with enough propaganda already?

And, I might add, we are nearly $20 trillion in debt.

Overheard: “That was all?” when young college student learned why Nixon resigned. Compared to Hillary Clinton’s multifarious scandals, Nixon did nothing.

The Sheep Pen Stirs

I comment on this Washington Post article, only because it may signal that the West is finally waking up to the obvious fact that it is heavily infiltrated by Islamic people who harbor among their number dangerous raiders who loathe the West. “German Mood is Shaken as Attacks Show Vulnerability to ISIS” is at least some sign that western people are beginning to realize what they have done.

But, “Shaken…?” That’s it? Just “shaken”? And, watching the Democrat Party convention in America offers me no encouragement whatsoever: they remain not only oblivious, but defiant against their own defense.

It’s as though the wolves circle the sheep pen; from time to time, one wolf darts through the gate, seizes a sheep, bleeds it out right in front of the others, and runs out to eat the corpse. The sheep debate about what to do, and one faction simply denies to the others that it happened.

“See all of the blood!”

“That was just an accident.”

“Look out there and see the wolves! Look at how they lick their chops for the next meal!”

“Well, I think that last one was mentally ill.”

“So? Sheep are still dead. And, look at that crowd out there! They are high-fiving. Are they all mentally ill? And, if they are, what does that matter to us?”

“Well, most are not threatening us. We should send out someone to talk with them.”

“They will kill our ambassador!”

“You don’t know that. Do you have proof of that?”

“Idiot! You can’t have proof of that, until you send out the ambassador and they eat him! Besides, muttonhead, don’t you remember Penghazi?”

“I am offended by your use of the male pronoun.”


How do you reason with such people sheep?

You don’t. But, you might out-vote them. Wolves are watching. And licking their chops.