Proposed Income Tax Reform

I want to give praise to our federal legislators, where it is merited, and the proposed reform is better.

But, read the Instapundit remarks here by Stephen Green. Note that after the 1986 reforms, the Government Party just went about circumventing the “reforms” so that they could build back in their power. I disagree with Stephen in that there is no income tax reform that corrupt politicians cannot circumvent. Besides, such simple reforms do nothing for the business operator who must still do all of the accounting regarding revenue and expenses.

I’m just going to keep saying this: there is no reforming an income tax. Any talk of “reform” springs either from ignorance, or fraud. Please take up the chant, and say it to your politicians any chance you get: repeal the income tax!

It is possible that mealy-mouthed reform talk springs from a hopelessness — the surrender to what seems to be the inevitable income tax. The income tax is nothing more than an Act of Congress and these come and go all the time. Just look what changes they’ve already wrought in our society! Yes, the income tax can be repealed, and replaced with other taxes. If we insist on it, we get it. If we submit to it, then they continue to abuse us with it.

The IRS is not the problem, except that the income tax sets us all up for such abuse by the tax collecting and enforcement authority. If there were no income tax to seek an exemption from, then Lois Lerner could not weaponize the IRS to be the Democrat Party’s Conservative Oppression Administration. Democrat tyrants could not threaten churches with pulling their First Amendment tax exemption. Cronyism, fraud, tax creep, and government abuse are symptoms of the income tax infection. They are part and parcel of an income tax. Indeed, the witches’ brew of corruption is the government party’s purpose for the income tax.

There is no reform: repeal the income tax. The Founders specifically wrote it out of the Constitution for good reasons, and Karl Marx included the income tax as one of his planks in the platform of communism. Repeal the income tax! Or, submit, minion!

Once you go down that government road…

Create a welfare subculture, and you get it thrown back in your face because they want more. Especially if you advertised yourself as the guy who was going to pass around more candy than anyone before you. It is fitting that it’s Chicago’s Democrat machine base that’s miffed.

Now, if only the purposes of government were to secure our borders and to secure  our liberties, and the rest was up to us.

Dazed Thinking in Baltimore Can’t Stop Crime

Word study on Baltimore Sun article illustrates why dazed Democrats cannot stop their urban murder problem. (Pardon the popups on their site.) Let’s start with the article’s eye-catching, ho-hum, no-action caption: “Standing up for a cause: Baltimore hopes for a 72-hour ceasefire.”

Yep, merely “standing up” for a generic, unnamed, unidentified “cause” will halt those demented murderers in their tracks.

In their fuzzy thinking, they will not identify who from among them, is killing everybody else. A shot interviewee pleads, “Somebody pulled up and shot me on my way to work.” Somebody. Only somebody. He probably has some idea or description, but will not give it. Perhaps he described the shooter, but the reporter scrubbed the details to be more politically correct. So, he pleads, “People” need to put the guns down. Really? My guns don’t drive to Baltimore, pull up, and shoot anyone. You have criminals there, people of inner-city Baltimore. Point them out. Demand that your mayor and police hunt them down and eliminate them. Regardless of their color. Get rid of that mayor and prosecutor, if you have not already.

The same guy begs these same generic “people” to “stand up for a cause.” Okay. Cleaner streets? World peace? Global whatever? What’s your cause, other than bleating like sheep? How about telling your politicians you want the murdering thug gangs hunted down and hung from street corners? Make that your cause, and chase the murderers to New York City. How about “Take back our streets!” or “Shoot the murderers!”?

He says all of Baltimore’s murders are “crazy.” No, the murderers are “evil” but that is a word this anti-Christian culture has virtually eliminated. Evil. There are evil people. Get them off the streets, and your murder problem evaporates.

Unable to figure this out, the writer uses a guy on the way home from the ER with a bullet still in his neck as a “stark reminder of how hard it can be to stem a record pace of shootings and killings in Baltimore.” Hard? Not really: you get the degree of crime you tolerate. Period. Democrats’ — and squishy Republican collaborators’ — social policies have encouraged and enabled murderers over decades. Democrats enable, and then tolerate murderers.

That brings me to the subject matter of the article: a “ceasefire.” They declared a “ceasefire.” That’ll work.

They staged a “free-hug event” at a park. LOL. I wonder how many gang members showed up. They planned more than 30 other “events” designed to “pressure” [Who?] to “halt the violence.” How about showing up with baseball bats at a local drug den, kicking the doors down, and driving the thugs away?

They held up printed signs begging, “Nobody kill anybody for 72 hours.” Pathetic.

So, what was this really about, since it was not about stopping Baltimore murderers? That sign I mentioned — and another paragraph in the article — reveal what the entire charade was really about: it was a Democrat community activist gun control farce, dressed up like a “grass roots” response to crime.  The sign asking for a “cease fire” uses the profile of a semi-automatic pistol with an “X” through it in the word “fire.” Press release to the Sun, get a reporter to show up and interview a few select people, and you stage a little political gun control propaganda. The newspaper’s reporters obediently showed up with microphones. I bet no more than 25 people did the whole thing, but the the ACORN-like spawn groups can count on the leftist press and government grant money for printing the signs and paying rabble-rousers’ salaries.

Good black people of Baltimore and other Democrat controlled urban hell-holes. Wake up! You are being used and duped by the minions of Karl Marx who have taken over the Democrat Party. They hate America, and they care nothing about you. If they did, they would hunt down your murderers and hang them in public on your street corners as a warning to MS-13, the Bloods, Crips, and any young man being lured into a life of crime. That’s what NRA members like me want to do. Don’t you agree? No? Want your sons back? Want your streets back? Want shops to return to your blighted neighborhood? Want your schoolyards safe? Then, execute your murderers; send your drug dealers away to prison for a long, long time; tolerate no carjacker or convenience store bandit. Tell the police when your son tells you about a local gang pressuring him to join.

Listen to what these white and black liberal commies are telling you to do. They are telling you to disarm. Obey. Depend solely on the government. Look where that’s gotten you. Instead of slavishly “putting down your guns,” you should master your own city by picking up a gun, getting some training, and shooting back — accurately and effectively. Throw out the bums in city hall and find someone who will support your police.

Or don’t: just bleat like sheep, hold free-hug events, and descend further into the hell created by your community activists. But, don’t expect the rest of us out here in America to go along with the tyranny of gun control.

About Judge Who Blocked California’s Magazine Ban

Judge Robert Benitez just overturned California’s statute not only banning the future banning the sale of magazines holding over 10 rounds, but also mandating that they be confiscated. I took a closer look at the judge who wrote that California’s statute is unconstitutional.

Judge Robert Benitez was appointed a federal judge by President George W. Bush. Elections have consequences. Thank you, President Bush and to all voters who chose him over his Democrat opponents. Not enough voters, and Judge Benitez would not have been there to stop the Communists of California’s Democrat Party.

Judge Benitez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1950. This means that his parents fled Castro’s communist takeover of the island. Perhaps Judge Benitez heard his parents recount the takeover of Cuba by the Communists. Perhaps because of them, he sees himself as guarding against the howling mob demanding dictatorial rule — in California.

Big Brother Is Listening and Unmasking–and Lying About It

I think the way this works is that the NSA is able to sift digital data for connections to enemy suspects. Once a connection is made, the NSA then may target the suspect for surveillance including the modern equivalent of “wiretapping.” As with any such monitoring, whomever calls or is called by the suspected enemy gets overheard, too.

I know many libertarians have been up in arms since the Snowden revelations about NSA data collecting. I am not. First, I always assumed that any call with a foreign national from Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and the like would be overheard. I have held no “expectation of privacy” during such calls. I assume if I speak with someone who has been involved in counter-terrorist warfare, that the NSA may be monitoring. Technology has moved beyond breaking into the telephone wire box and clipping leads on to listen in.

So, move all of this from digital data collection, spotting those connections to enemy suspects, and then actually recording the conversations with American citizens. We are told that a very limited number of people get to do that, and decide which citizens get “unmasked” and reported to higher up. Of course, this is where the Devil plays politics.

Again, if we are going to sift data, sort the connections to enemy suspects, and then selectively listen in, we are going to overhear Americans talking. As our country sorts out how to handle advances in technology and Islamic terrorism, international drug money laundering and the like, we at least need scrupulous accountability among the government officials dancing close to the Fourth Amendment’s cliff-edge with the NSA.

Now, we learn that the Obama administration including the known liar Clapper greatly under-reported the numbers of Americans snooped on in this way.

Liberty is a fragile condition, bought by shooting would-be tyrants, and coveted by wannabee kings. Liberty is a difficult to cling to wisp. Lying to the American people about how many of us are being spied on by our own government, is how we wake up one day in chains.

As always, I point out that the only reason our government takes measures like NSA data sifting and surveillance of American citizens and unmasking, and TSA probes for that  matter, is that the same government betrayed us by letting the enemy into the gates.

The Impossibility of Climate Change Research

The next ice age global warming Climate whatever is back in the news. Al Gore. The Pope. The most rabid among Democrats spewing the “denier” epithet like a howling mob storming the Bastille. And, all when a polar mass mocks the madness. So, this is a good time to debunk global warming: “Is the earth’s average temperature worldwide, rising over some as of yet undefined duration that would be “climate” and if so, is the fuel-burning activity of mankind a significant cause?”

Answer: Maybe, maybe not: we have no way whatsoever of knowing. We cannot even define the duration of change in weather patterns over time, that would comprise a “climate” shift. We may be still emerging back to more “normal” from the last ice age. We cannot even state all of the causes for weather, much less isolate them all, control them all in an experiment, and test the effects of burning a tank of gas.

“Experimenting” to prove man-caused global warming is impossible. But, there is a lot of grant money flowing in from the federal government, and where there is cause (grant money) there is an effect (some sort of academic activity). “Experiments” are “conducted” on keyboards, with the “scientists” staring at screens, generating numbers, and going to expensive conferences where chicken is served with white wine.

“Climate.” How persistently over what period of time must a change in average temperature last, before “we” decide that the climate has changed? Think about all of the monkey-business room there is in that question? And, how much of a change in average global temperature must there be, before we can say that it is significant enough to constitute a climate change? How can we test global average temperatures? How reliable is the data collection, given that “climate change” is a false religion cult among the political Left?

All of the above are questions that strike at the statistical validity and reliability of any real-world research; and climate change research is not done on the real world. It’s done on the “models”: those computer statistics programs run by students eager to please their masters and get a degree. They string the “variables” together, chunk in whatever data is the official word, and tell us all they have predicted global warming. Oops: they predicted global cooling into the next ice age first; then, they predicted global warming; now, they just say “climate change” and are mad at the rest of us when we find them ridiculous.

“Variables”: What naturally occurring phenomena churned together to make the weather before human beings came along and messed up their perfect world? Because, to experiment and isolate carbon fuels as the cause or even cause, you have to identify and “control” all of those first. Only then, can you experiment on that tank of gas, watch the effect, and draw inferences called “cause.” Reality check: they cannot even tells us what all makes up the weather, much less tell us that we are causing the world to warm up. They cannot tell us all of the forces of nature that affect the weather, much less that cause longer duration pattern changes.

Consider this simple, common formula we all learned in high school: amps = volts / resistance. If you build a battery of a specific amperage, and put a known resistance in the way, you can control the voltage. If your house current is 120 volts, you can put resistors in the way and make a power source for your computer that puts out predictable amperage. And, since watts of power = volts x amps, you can “set” the power on your power source so your computer is not always getting blasts of power, followed by nothing. There are online calculators you can use to key in these variables, and produce predictable results. No, it’s not quite that simple, but almost. Because, there are only three variables.

But, start trying to write equations for predicting climate change. How many variables have to go into the mix? That question assumes you can even identify what those forces are. Add faraway variables over which you have no control, and cannot even accurately measure, like solar flare activity. And, what are all of the effects of solar flare activity? See what I mean? Without knowing and controlling the variables, the purported researchers cannot isolate “man” as one of them and measure our activity as a cause of any effect on earth weather patterns. It all may produce the illusion of research: computers, professors, papers, data, and those conferences they all love to attend. Oh, yes, and the grant money. But, they cannot even identify the variables that go into the equation, much less control them to test “human activity.”

Climate change is a hoax, an expression of a political movement designed to grow government. Its proponents are wilfully deluded because of their political membership in the Left. They act like they take climate change seriously only to the degree they buy into this modern manifestation of Marxism. The architects of the Left seized on climate change as a convenient means to attack free market buying and selling, and to tear down America in particular. The anti-human bias of the climate change issue is irresistible to them. The minion masses mindlessly follow their masters’ mantras. So, once the masters proclaim “climate change” as the only official religion, the leftist masses turn against anyone who defies their religion.

Some of them would kill us, if they could get away with it. Weird. Short of murder, they just call us “deplorable.”

Here’s another reality: Except for a very few, no one really takes climate change seriously. The Hollywood actors fly around and collect garages full of vintage automobiles. Al Gore flies private all over the place. Barack and Michelle vacation all over the world, pull along a massive entourage with them, and occupy palaces. Democrats in Congress jet back and forth from coast to coast. A few of the hardcore refuse to own a car, and bike everywhere they go, but who thought Hillary really cared about climate change? What about those leaders, those loudest voices, those who say every election cycle that climate change is a priority? Well, readers here know what I think is the test of the true climate change believer. This test reveals how much anyone thinks our cars are killing us all by heating up the earth, and causing the ice to melt and raise the seas. Put the test before them, and see just how little concerned they are about global warming.

The test: None of them proposes a $5 tax on a gallon of gasoline. Because, if they actually believed that your car was causing climate change and killing us all, they would act like it and punish our use of carbon fuel. They don’t even slow down their own use of modern transportation.

If they truly believed in man-caused global warming, they would try to tax burning carbon fuels out of existence, and right now. They play around with regulatory harassment, but urge us to think that the calamity is upon us. That they exhibit no urgency tells the discerning person all he needs to know about how unserious they are about the climate change they urge the rest of us to buy into.

Democrat Party as Criminal Gang–Local Version

Incidentally, but not incidentally, I currently have no representation in the state’s General Assembly because my long-time Democrat state representative avoided the income tax, was caught, and was convicted. It’s the political cronyism that made the profits that concerns me even more.

The case stems from cigarette tax stamps purchased before a tax increase on which Armstrong voted. The stamps were then sold after the tax hike at a profit. The U.S. Attorney’s office says Armstrong didn’t pay taxes on those earnings.


Armstrong took the stand during the trial, saying he trusted his accountant, who is listed as a co-conspirator in the case. In 2008, Armstrong is also accused of forgetting to mention his $330,000 profit on the stamp tax increase in his disclosure form. Armstrong said he made a mistake.

It is citizen malpractice to vote (D). The people turning our democracy into the Idiocracy are not only idiots: they are corrupt. One day, we will, again, I think, have a healthy Democrat Party whose membership votes to support constitutional government of integrity. The opposition parties will argue over how best to live under lawful, limited self-government.

But, we don’t have that Democrat Party now. Democrats: that Democrat Party’s gone, replaced by a criminal gang buying votes with bread and circuses — and corrupt fortunes for the favored few.


Formula For Dictatorship by Democrat Party

Ignorant + dependent = compliant

I loathe that word, “compliant.”

The Founders meant for American citizens to be anything but compliant. First, there would not be a crushing body of law for them to comply with.

Second, they were to be guided by the Creator who endowed them with natural rights, informed by their freedom to think, speak, write, and assemble, and armed against the inevitable tyrant.

You don’t see the word “compliant” in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution states no dictates to the individual subject: the Constitution tells the government how the government must be compliant — limited in authority and checked in exercise of power. Those governors who would not comply, were to be voted out of office.

We were not to be the subjects of our government. We were to be actively engaged, informed citizens continuously guarding our liberty.

I loathe that word, “compliant.” It smacks of a demented mindset, a free citizen who has forgotten his very nature.

No Room for Condition White During the Great Jihad

Minnesota shopping mall site of Islamic terrorist mass-slashing. Unless people were ambushed from behind, there is no excuse for this. Was no one armed, other than the armed citizen shopper who finally shot the attacker?

I wish this were different. I wish we could go out among all of our fellow-citizens and visitors, and be completely safe. I wish carrying a pistol were an absurd, pointless gesture.

It’s not. Americans: go armed, or go like a slaughtered sheep when the guy yelling “AA” knifes you in the back. Demand the right to keep and bear arms. Vote for no Democrats. Democrats, if you run for public office, switch parties. You have lodged your politics in a strange place that has left you and the rest of us behind.