Russians and Election 2016

Nothing our mainstream media say is to be believed. Nothing.

Nothing Democrat politicians say is to be believed. Nothing. Benghazi.

I assume the Russians have attempted to hack into political parties’ and government email for years. They should: that’s what enemy spies do. I assume we are doing the same thing.

I cannot imagine why the Russians would want to place any Republican in high office, when the Russians have the Democrat political party of fellow traveler Marxists destroying America from within. The Russians wanted to hurt Hillary and help Donald Trump win? That is perhaps the zaniest part of this entire farce If you believe that, you are a goony bird.

The rest of the Republican Party establishment had better think real hard about playing any role in this. I was disappointed that the Republicans on the subcommittee let the Democrats get away with the most deceitful and insulting introductory remarks before questioning Comey. The usual mealy-mouth weakness in the face of Democrat attacks does not cut the mustard.

The scandals here are:

–Democrat ineptitude at security

–the breadth and depth of the surveillance state

–embedded Democrat operatives using government agencies to advance their party causes — including the IRS

–along that line, I want the leakers to go to jail.

Here’s a message to the Washington insiders: you just don’t seem to get it. I do not care what dirt you dig up on Donald Trump, or what trumped up charges you level at him. You and your press-minions have exactly ZERO credibility. None. I believe nothing you say. You have misled this country into $20 trillion in debt, endless warfare, porous national security barriers, and you have elevated sexual perversion into a freak show national religion.

Thus, Donald Trump. Thus, professional politicians and followers, your usual political games have no meaning outside your insider circle. You trick yourselves into thinking that it’s business as usual. You can be ousted from your high-horse saddle, just as Hillary was.

Readers here know that I favored Ted Cruz. I think Trump is a jerk. I have, however, become convinced that we needed someone to walk into their fancy little party and toss a hand grenade into the smug corrupt mix. Perhaps out of all of the Republicans, only Donald Trump would have done that.

Keep tossing, Donald. Drain the swamp. Bring down some establishment Republicans, too.

Foreign Aid Money as National Defense

WAPO trots out 120 retired generals in yet another tiresome pout about Donald Trump. President Trump says he will commit yet another federal government sin: he dares to defy the one-way ratchet of federal spending — once a budget goes up, it can never come down! The blasphemous Trump fails to bow down to the idol of government and worship! He wants to cut the temple’s bloated foreign aid budget!

That little group of retired senior officers who repeatedly prove that rising to the top does, for some, reveal a person’s level of incompetence, signs yet another of their tiresome little letters, warning that President Trump should not reduce the amount of tax and debt money America sends to other countries in foreign aid.

What part of “We are $20 trillion dollars in debt,” do they all not understand?

Is there some sort of collective hypnosis that causes this sort of blindness to fact? Are they just rendered stupid by years of Idiocracy? Liberal generals and Democrats in general, let me explain something about Donald Trump, budgets, performance, and success in the real world.

You measure whether or not your spent dollars purchase success. Trump is a graduate of perhaps the finest business school in the country, Wharton. He has years of experience either thriving or crashing in business, and he has learned how to thrive. In the strange world of government, money is spent on “programs,” which then are run by career government employees, who hire staff and rent office space and the like. They become entrenched, regardless of whether or not the money spent on their “program” succeeds in achieving the purpose for which the program was created in the first place.

The State Department is fat and overflowing with such boondoggles.

Democrats, if you are reacting to my post, consider just this one question: “How, exactly, do you measure the degree that any particular foreign aid dollar advances American interests in the target country?”

Corollary questions are: Could we achieve what we want from country X spending 10% less money? What components of our aid package are fruitless, or even counterproductive?

Trump dares to ask these questions, and look at all of the dustup.

The WAPO article is a classic “appeal to authority” logical fallacy argument: instead of studying all components of the foreign aid budget, and answering the questions Donald Trump is rightfully asking, they dodge the fact that we are $20 trillion in debt and trot out those same, old Democrat former generals who, after all, spent decades doing — you guessed it — government.

Ignore them. The establishment business-as-usual-in-government crowd just cannot grasp that they have forfeited all credibility in the eyes of the voters who put Donald Trump into office against all apparent odds. So, dismiss their little pout over foreign aid.

I have a feeling that President Trump will.

The World Is Hungry For Capitalism

Literally — the world feeds from the bounty of America’s capitalist liberty. Leftist young students buying those cutesy fluff degrees, read this National Review article. See how American farmers feed the world while you browse for “fair trade” logos. See how capitalism works. Maybe consider getting your hands dirty.

Because, capitalism is not a system, as your Marxist professors have told you. Capitalism is just what free people do when they get up in the morning. And, freedom motivates them to do it well.

Do the news media make us free?

Senator McCain is wrong. The media are made up of people. The media are not holy, or special, or more free to speak than anyone else. We are all guaranteed the right to speak and write, freely.

Senator McCain, it is the truth that we need. The screeching media can say what they like; Trump has every right to say what he likes. And, I like what he is saying about the media.

I know Senator McCain must be bitter, and I understand that. But, his childish fussing is embarrassing and his treacherous alliances with the Left are dangerous.

LGBTQ-whatever science deniers in prison puzzle

I do not want to talk about this stuff. I cringe that we have to talk about this stuff. But, in our bizarre post-Christian, post-modern, breaking-down western world, we have to take on those forces bent on our destruction — or bow to them.

So, in this story bravely reported from the UK in “The Metro,” we learn that a man transferred to a women’s prison because he “identified as a woman” acted naturally. They caught him servicing the actual women who were delighted to find him in their shower room, and they transferred him back ot where he belonged — to the men’s prison. Shock of shocks.

I think every man in prison should report (cc ACLU) that he is a woman, and demand to be transferred to the women’s prison. When caught, they should insist that they are “predominantly” female, or that they are female during all phases of the moon except when the moon is full. Or whatever. Get there no matter how you have to and, when your time is up and you are released, immediately commit some other crime and get caught to go back.

Biology is a science. It is well-established that most life is “sexual” in that there are two versions of critters: male and female. All mammals are classified either male or female. It’s pretty easy: you check between the legs to find what’s there. This is not some right-wing ______ophobic hate-filled bigoted rant. This is scientific fact, unchanged even if the male decides to lick around on another male or put it in a very wrong place.

I do not like talking about this stuff. But, the day will arrive when people of the future look back on our decades, and laugh until tears run down their faces and their jaws hurt, over how stupid people were during the early 2000s.

It’s time we end the princes and princesses of the Idiocracy punishing us for behaving normally. We should, of course, still be kind and courteous to someone who we discern might be doing things in combination with another that is not natural. There is no reason to treat that person differently, unless that person uses his or her proclivity as an excuse to behave in public like a freak.

But, neither should we make national autocratic policy out of absurdity — out of unscientific absurdity. We might as well call night, day, and drink sand instead of water because we call it “water.”

It’s pretty funny that this one guy blows the lid off the entire pronoun changing movement.

How Chicago’s crime problem got so bad

John Lott reviews the recent history of Chicago law enforcement, and states 3 specific things done by Democrat mayors, that account for Chicago’s murder rate.

I will add something that is just never said, otherwise: Democrats have for decades now, undermined the states’ power to fight crime. Nowhere was this more evident, than in my state where a single federal judge overthrew the will of the people and their criminal justice system by stopping executions cold.

John Lott lays 3 specific things at the feet of Rahm Emanuel. Why would Emanuel do these things that were bound to let loose the reins from gang member murderers?

It all makes sense, if Rahm Emanuel intended to foment anarchy and chaos. Emanuel and the hardcore Left intentionally spread anarchy and chaos. They are bent on destroying America as we know her. They are, indeed, well on their way. They thought they were further along the path, and this is why they are so enraged at the Trump disruption.

We Americans are so betrayed, that most of us cannot bring ourselves to believe it. I hope that well-meaning Democrats tricked by the relentless propaganda, begin to wake up and vote accordingly.

It’s time to re-name liberals

So much for free speech: “liberals” protest conservative speaker, and torch stuff.

Liberal Democrat readers, are you reconsidering your worldview? As it turns out, the real threat to freedom of speech, religion, and association comes from — unexpectedly! — the Left.

The headline should be, “LDAs protest free speech and destroy property.” LDAs are liberal Democrat anarchists. Anarchists for short. Because, that is what your political party and movement have morphed into, a “burn it down” nihilistic howling mob.

Funded by Soros and organized by Democrat Party covert operatives, we discover.

Are you really a member of that? Why? Where do you think they want to take all of this?

If their true aims are chaos and anarchy, then that explains why they do what they do, from redefining marriage, to altering pronouns, to putting teenage female troops in pup tents with teenage male troops, to Black Lives Matter.

Liberals, it turns out that you have met the fascists you are always complaining about, and you are they are the same people.

Update: From the article,

Berkeley police said five people were injured and some people, including a man who said he had hoped to see Yiannopoulos speak, were seen with their faces bloodied.

Police said protesters threw bricks and fireworks at police officers. University police locked down all buildings and told people inside them to shelter in place, and later fired pepper balls and paint balls into the crowd of protesters who defied orders to leave the area. Police called in support from nine of the 10 UC campuses and the Oakland Police Department and Alameda County sheriffs department.

and, this classic line that explains it all: “There were no arrests.”


Your Country on Socialism: A Traveler’s Guide to Cuba

This travel blog post is hilarious — or, it would be, if it were not a real traveler’s account of his trip to that Marxist paradise so dear to the American Left — Cuba. By way of Instapundit, “read the whole thing,” it’s a “must read.”

American socialists are idiots. They are found only in the Democrat Party. Democrat voters, you are associating with idiots. You should reconsider your party affiliation. Unless, you want to persist in associating with and voting for idiots. Vote against Democrat politicians.

Or, watch the US become like Cuba.

We should have liberated the place the day after the Berlin Wall fell. But, the Democrat Party pretends that Cuba is a thriving experiment in socialism, instead of recognizing the reality this traveler encountered. That’s how the traveler got tricked into visiting.

By the way, my Dominican son-in-law loves how “organized” America is. Things work. Customer service exists. People more or less obey traffic signs, lanes, and signals. You can actually arrange for services. You order stuff and it arrives before you can blink. Meals out actually arrive before hours pass. Your wedding planner does not disappear on you minutes before the grand entrance. Even the government is open for business at expected hours. In America. Not in the DR. Then, there’s a Marxist country like Cuba.

Make America great again — or, vote (D) and make America like Cuba.

Seriously, we should just take the place over and put Communism out of its misery.

Biden Knew? Then why didn’t he speak up?

Joe Biden pretends to have been prescient about Hillary losing the election. Joe: it’s hard to be prescient–after the fact.

If you knew that Democrat disdain for all of the rest of us was spiraling the party and Hillary’s campaign downward, then why did you not speak up on our behalf? You listened to them despise us, and you cheered them on.

You are worse than the deluded liberal haters: you are just a cynical power-mongering politician, willing to say whatever.

But, it’s fun to watch your party come apart at the seams.

Did Obamacare Insure 20 Million?

No, the often repeated claim is false. This false Democrat talking point assumes that all who bought health insurance through the Obamacare “Exchange” arrived there with no insurance. This is not true.

The entire topic of insurance bores me. Health insurance really bores me. It irks me to no end that such drivel occupies so much of our talk and public policy when we should be engaged in the thrilling exercise of liberty under self-government. We should be talking about, well, guns! But, the never-ending effort to turn a free people into serfs draws us to the government. So, today, I am picking up on an article published by the Heritage Foundation, and joining them to further blast the lie that Obama got health insurance for 20 million Americans. If you are interested in this topic, then … Continue reading