Drain NPR Swamp–Now

The earnest voices of NPR (public radio) are an incessant stream of Democrat Party fake news propaganda. Today, it’s all about how Trump’s talk with Russian government official was “lawful but awful.” So, let’s ignore their innuendo and slanders and break down some actual facts.

The POTUS met with an official of the Russian government. That’s probably a good thing; had Barack Obama done it, he would be praised for his statesmanship. We expect the President to meet with leaders of other countries.

POTUS had his staff then brief the CIA, and perhaps other agencies. Okay. This is called a “debriefing.” It is good for the President to actually talk to his intelligence and counterintelligence people about meetings with foreign governments. Share what they said, how they acted, what information they may have let slip., your impressions. Share what you told them. This is routine, despite NPR’s proclamation that this administration is way way out of control. But, it gets worse than the insult we endure of taxpayer funded, Democrat radio propaganda.

Then, some anti-American Democrat operative, deeply embedded within our own spy agencies, calls a reporter. Now, we have a leak — almost certainly a felony — by someone who is supposed to be on our side — America’s side. Now, the Democrats and their press-minions have the world astir (they think) about Trump, intelligence sources, foreign government allies, and how they cannot trust the Trump government. How much of our allied intelligence sharing will dry up now? Never mind that their email to the former Secretary of State resided on her bathroom computer.

Newsflash, newsdogs. Neither we, the American people, nor most of the rest of the world, cares one whit about your little Trump tempest in a teapot.

It’s not the Russians I worry about, it’s the anti-American Democrat saboteurs in Washington who are trying to take down our country.

Fake news. On National Public Radio.

De-fund NPR now.

Kangaroo Courts Cause Judicial Jaundice

My liberal friends and attorney colleagues like to talk about “judicial independence.” They wag their heads when conservatives talk disrespectfully of judicial decisions. Too much conservative constitutional honesty can bring out the Board of Professional Responsibility, if a liberal lawyer reports you for an ethical violation.

So, Board, judges, justices, and liberal law professors and lawyers, here is some reality for you. Liberal lawyers and judges are causing the erosion of the judicial branch of government. Judicial activism and “fake law” risk judicial erosion. Judicial disrespect for the real law causes a counter-reaction to restore the checks and balances, and to press the judicial branch back into its lawfully balanced place. Here is an example.

In my own state, decades of liberal Supreme Court interpretations of statutes led to specifically identifiable legislative corrections. In the realm of a major area of my practice, workers’ compensation, the legislature grew so disgusted with ridiculous judicial anti-employer rulings that it simply replaced that plaintiff-friendly judicial system with a brand new system. Poof! The General Assembly took workers’ compensation away from the courts altogether! Plaintiffs’ lawyers blame “the business lobby.” I blame the plaintiffs’ lawyers and their friendly local judges, and a Supreme Court — made up of different justices than the current Court — whose members winked at the rogues and refused to rein them in.

That, liberals, is what causes other forces to rise up and throw judicial bums out, too. It should not be so important who we honor with lifetime federal judicial appointments. You liberals have made these jobs political, not we conservatives. The anti-Trump judicial reaction carries the erosion of the Judicial Branch one step further down toward chaos.

New Sheriff in Town and New Judge

Leftists break down our culture and our country. One technique they have used for years is creating chaos in the criminal courts and prisons. Specifically, liberal judges and lawyers have hamstrung the states’ power to carry out capital punishment. They claim they are guarding some ever-shifting right, but they simply oppose the death penalty — and other effective crime control.

This time, the attack was Arkansas’ choice of lethal injection drugs. Note the supplier, McKesson’s, gutless response. In a 5-4 decision, Justice Gorsuch made a difference. Thank you, Republican Senators and President Trump.

Democrat Hate Chants Incite Murder in Fresno

All of that disdain directed at white people, and white men in particular, apparently pushed one Muslim black man over the edge. So, Democrats: to what degree are your party’s strident, hateful voices responsible for this crime? I am not looking for an answer to the question; I am looking for you to take a hard look at your party, to reflect on your party’s bizarre and hateful direction, and to reconsider your politics.

Liberal Media False War Propaganda

The liberal media try to lead us to believe that Donald Trump has the US Navy under full sail to attack North Korea. So, exactly where is the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and its strike group?

Defense News reports:

WASHINGTON — For more than a week, media reports in the U.S. and around Asia routinely have mentioned the approach of the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson’s carrier strike group, seemingly implying an attack on North Korea could be imminent. But a week after the U.S. announced the carrier and its escorts would leave Singapore, forego port calls in Australia and instead return to Korean waters, the carrier and its group had yet to head north.

Rather, the ships were actually operating several hundred miles south of Singapore, taking part in scheduled exercises with Australian forces in the Indian Ocean.

On Saturday — according to photographs released by the U.S. Navy — the carrier passed north through the Sunda Strait, the passage between the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java. It’s about 3,500 miles from Korea.

Nothing the liberal media reporters say or write or imply is to be believed. Nothing. They are nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, and truth is a mere irritant standing in the way of the propaganda narrative. Of course, the Clinton and Obama North Korea foreign policy failures are ignored.

Democrats, your political party morphed into something bizarre and sinister. They did this while pretending to still be a loyal, liberty-loving, liberal political force. They have been tricking you for decades now. They find that your tolerance for their lies is quite high: after all, you swallowed Benghazi. It is past time to relegate them to a strange chapter of American history, and take your government back. Fasten that government to the constitution; cut its allowance; punish its rogue bandits; and bounce its nutcase communists out of office.


Russians and Election 2016

Nothing our mainstream media say is to be believed. Nothing.

Nothing Democrat politicians say is to be believed. Nothing. Benghazi.

I assume the Russians have attempted to hack into political parties’ and government email for years. They should: that’s what enemy spies do. I assume we are doing the same thing.

I cannot imagine why the Russians would want to place any Republican in high office, when the Russians have the Democrat political party of fellow traveler Marxists destroying America from within. The Russians wanted to hurt Hillary and help Donald Trump win? That is perhaps the zaniest part of this entire farce If you believe that, you are a goony bird.

The rest of the Republican Party establishment had better think real hard about playing any role in this. I was disappointed that the Republicans on the subcommittee let the Democrats get away with the most deceitful and insulting introductory remarks before questioning Comey. The usual mealy-mouth weakness in the face of Democrat attacks does not cut the mustard.

The scandals here are:

–Democrat ineptitude at security

–the breadth and depth of the surveillance state

–embedded Democrat operatives using government agencies to advance their party causes — including the IRS

–along that line, I want the leakers to go to jail.

Here’s a message to the Washington insiders: you just don’t seem to get it. I do not care what dirt you dig up on Donald Trump, or what trumped up charges you level at him. You and your press-minions have exactly ZERO credibility. None. I believe nothing you say. You have misled this country into $20 trillion in debt, endless warfare, porous national security barriers, and you have elevated sexual perversion into a freak show national religion.

Thus, Donald Trump. Thus, professional politicians and followers, your usual political games have no meaning outside your insider circle. You trick yourselves into thinking that it’s business as usual. You can be ousted from your high-horse saddle, just as Hillary was.

Readers here know that I favored Ted Cruz. I think Trump is a jerk. I have, however, become convinced that we needed someone to walk into their fancy little party and toss a hand grenade into the smug corrupt mix. Perhaps out of all of the Republicans, only Donald Trump would have done that.

Keep tossing, Donald. Drain the swamp. Bring down some establishment Republicans, too.

Foreign Aid Money as National Defense

WAPO trots out 120 retired generals in yet another tiresome pout about Donald Trump. President Trump says he will commit yet another federal government sin: he dares to defy the one-way ratchet of federal spending — once a budget goes up, it can never come down! The blasphemous Trump fails to bow down to the idol of government and worship! He wants to cut the temple’s bloated foreign aid budget!

That little group of retired senior officers who repeatedly prove that rising to the top does, for some, reveal a person’s level of incompetence, signs yet another of their tiresome little letters, warning that President Trump should not reduce the amount of tax and debt money America sends to other countries in foreign aid.

What part of “We are $20 trillion dollars in debt,” do they all not understand?

Is there some sort of collective hypnosis that causes this sort of blindness to fact? Are they just rendered stupid by years of Idiocracy? Liberal generals and Democrats in general, let me explain something about Donald Trump, budgets, performance, and success in the real world.

You measure whether or not your spent dollars purchase success. Trump is a graduate of perhaps the finest business school in the country, Wharton. He has years of experience either thriving or crashing in business, and he has learned how to thrive. In the strange world of government, money is spent on “programs,” which then are run by career government employees, who hire staff and rent office space and the like. They become entrenched, regardless of whether or not the money spent on their “program” succeeds in achieving the purpose for which the program was created in the first place.

The State Department is fat and overflowing with such boondoggles.

Democrats, if you are reacting to my post, consider just this one question: “How, exactly, do you measure the degree that any particular foreign aid dollar advances American interests in the target country?”

Corollary questions are: Could we achieve what we want from country X spending 10% less money? What components of our aid package are fruitless, or even counterproductive?

Trump dares to ask these questions, and look at all of the dustup.

The WAPO article is a classic “appeal to authority” logical fallacy argument: instead of studying all components of the foreign aid budget, and answering the questions Donald Trump is rightfully asking, they dodge the fact that we are $20 trillion in debt and trot out those same, old Democrat former generals who, after all, spent decades doing — you guessed it — government.

Ignore them. The establishment business-as-usual-in-government crowd just cannot grasp that they have forfeited all credibility in the eyes of the voters who put Donald Trump into office against all apparent odds. So, dismiss their little pout over foreign aid.

I have a feeling that President Trump will.

The World Is Hungry For Capitalism

Literally — the world feeds from the bounty of America’s capitalist liberty. Leftist young students buying those cutesy fluff degrees, read this National Review article. See how American farmers feed the world while you browse for “fair trade” logos. See how capitalism works. Maybe consider getting your hands dirty.

Because, capitalism is not a system, as your Marxist professors have told you. Capitalism is just what free people do when they get up in the morning. And, freedom motivates them to do it well.

Do the news media make us free?

Senator McCain is wrong. The media are made up of people. The media are not holy, or special, or more free to speak than anyone else. We are all guaranteed the right to speak and write, freely.

Senator McCain, it is the truth that we need. The screeching media can say what they like; Trump has every right to say what he likes. And, I like what he is saying about the media.

I know Senator McCain must be bitter, and I understand that. But, his childish fussing is embarrassing and his treacherous alliances with the Left are dangerous.