Italian General Calls for European Army

Take NATO for example. Yes, go ahead EU — take it.

Instead of trying to cobble together some new EU army, call Donald Trump, tell him you get it, and that you will take over NATO. Trump will agree to collaborate with the EU and Britain over tactics, weapons, and other common materiel.

The Europeans are beginning to comprehend that the United States is no longer the reliable power that keeps the Soviets at bay. Yes, I use the word “Soviets” because while that form of the Russian empire went away, the ambitions, weapons, army, navy, air force and authoritarianism remain. Plainly, American weakness has invited new Russian aggression.

This Italian general is “looking to his powder” and does not expect either the United States or the United Kingdom to continue to shoulder the burden of defending Europe. He expects no help, unless he can do what Romans always did: find allies.

Find ’em. They’re right there. Hope you can wake them up, General.

Russia Harrasses US Diplomats: Cost of Obamafail

Speaking of weakening America’s strong institutions, Russian harassment of U.S. diplomats overseas appears to be on the rise.

Our diplomats are only as effective and safe, as they are perceived to be backed up by strength. Once others perceive the United States as weak, then our diplomacy is a joke, and our far-flung diplomats, civilians, and others are not safe.

  • Carter: weak (Iran takes embassy hostages)
  • Reagan: strong (Iran lets them go)
  • Clinton: distracted, weak, fickle (military destroys Somali warlords, Clinton orders pullout)
  • Bush: likely to blow you to smithereens
  • Obama: pathetic
  • Clinton (“her”): a joke

America under Obama, and seriously considering Hillary Clinton as President: perceived as a weak, has-been, failed, dying giant. Putin sees it, smells it, and starts picking away at our far-flung outposts.

And, we know from Benghazi how much backing they get from these Democrats.

World Leaders Ask Obama About — Trump?

The “New York Times” continues is propaganda campaign against Donald Trump. This time they wring their liberal little hands because world leaders are wringing their little hands — supposedly, about Donald Trump becoming President. I guess they are all wringing their little leftist hands together.

And, as usual, the “Times” carries water for the Democrat, this time, repeating the pro-Obama propaganda. In this quote, as usual, Obama has it both ways, changing nothing about America’s dysfunctional foreign relations, but giving lip service to real concerns. Consider how false this quote is:

Mr. Obama has himself insisted that allies share more of the burdens of military efforts in places like Libya and Syria, and has openly complained that even some European allies are “free riders.” But Mr. Obama still accepts that the United States is an indispensable nation without whose leadership global problems fester and intensify. Administration officials do say that sometimes the United States must act solely for the security of other nations, a message they hope will reassure the Japanese.

No, Obama has not insisted that our allies pay more to fight more. And, warning Americans with little ones who grow up to serve: the NYT of the pretend peacenik party still thinks your little ones should be deployed all over the world, to dirty dangerous places, to fight for people who will not pay the money and blood to fight for themselves.

The one true part of the quote: The writer inadvertently notes the loss of American leadership — under this President.

To the Japanese: Be alarmed. Be very alarmed. Pax Americana is finished, or have you not noticed those new Red Chinese islands going up? That empire to the West has looked into the Obama tea leaves, and they see he is weak. You had better get over the McArthur-era mindset and look to your own national self-defense. Those other nations you so brutalized during WW II? Go to them. Apologize — again. Briefly. Don’t dwell on it. Ally with them. Besides, did you really think Obama was going to defend you? Your enemies realized otherwise. He’s all about breaking down our treasury and military, it’s not about “the security of other nations.”

Unpacking the Absurd John Kerry at Northwestern

Northwestern University asked the absurd John Kerry to speak at its commencement. From his muddled mumblings, we unpack this propaganda.

About 9-11: “There are no walls big enough to stop people from anywhere, tens of thousands of miles away, who are determined to take their own lives while they target others.” Consider that Kerry is the Secretary of State. Consider that the Department of State issued the visas to the nineteen hijackers. Consider that for decades we have invited people from the most troubled region on the earth: not all leave the trouble behind. Kerry’s learned helplessness in the face of Islamic conquest, and his efforts to teach the rest of us to be likewise sheep-minded are pathetic. His assertion is merely another reminder of how our federal government utterly fails us.

About Donald Trump, apparently, though he did not name: “So I think that everything that we’ve lived and learn tells us that we will never come out on top if we accept advice from sound-bite salesmen and carnival barkers….” Stop there. This is nothing but name-calling and sound bite hawking.

Then, he finished the sentence “… who pretend the most powerful country on Earth can remain great by looking inward,” Kerry added. What does that even mean, “looking inward.” What would “looking outward” mean? How about if our leaders were looking out — for us?

Reinforcing vaguely anti-American themes, Kerry continued babbling: “For some people, that is all they need simply to climb under the sheets, close their eyes and push the world away,” Kerry said.” “Climb under the sheets?” What part of “Make America Great Again!” does Kerry not understand. Well, we know the answer that: he understands nothing of making America great again.

Again, this was apparently an anti-Trump insult, though the bloodless Kerry lacks the guts just to say Trump’s name and identify him as the target. In typical politician-speak, his attacks were tangential, swiping, indirect. Like Kerry. Like his boss.

In his most haughty way, Kerry presumed to comprehension of the world beyond the rest of us, or at least beyond Republicans. He schools us that today’s world is “complex.” Newsflash, John: The world is as complex as human behavior is complex. It’s always been a swirling cauldron of clashing civilizations, the more oblivious of which we know of only from their ruins. Some things about the world are not so complex: weak people are slaughtered and enslaved by more aggressive, vicious people. And, people who cannot figure out who is weak and who is strong go disastrously into the night of history. You, John Kerry, cannot figure out which you are. We can.

On guarding America: He declares the world to be “borderless.” Over my dead body. Another newsflash, John.

No country remains borderless. “Borderless” simply means either militarily incapable of securing the border, or morally unable to summon the will to secure the border. That helpless, temporarily borderless country is quickly taken over by strong, ruthless people — and they enforce their new borders and laws at gunpoint.

We have the Idiocracy, and John Kerry is its Secretary of State.


John Kerry’s Best Friend

Secretary of State John Kerry’s best friend is Hillary Clinton. She is the only thing that stands between him and the enduring shame of the label, “worst Secretary of State ever.”

I will give him credit: he flies, he goes, he works. But, he and of course the President who sends him forth, are a swirling stew of debacle.

This is awful. For America, and for the world. Only our sworn enemies thrive.

Americans–particularly you historically (D) voters: We have to do better.

More on NATO, the EU, and World War III

These three linked articles tell a story about World War III.

First, this European, Ivan Krastev, yearns for a post-American America, sort of a diminished America, sheepishly forced to beg for admission to the new globalist world (embodied in the EU, of course). He thinks he gets America: “I stand in marked contrast to my fellow Europeans’ mystification [over election 2016 and the rise of Cruz and Trump]. As I witness the anger of the middle class, the arrogance of the unloved elites, the shared disbelief in the effectiveness of military power and the pervasive fear of the future — perhaps for the first time, I feel I understand exactly what is going on in America.”

But, then the writer reveals his kinship to Bernie Sanders’ European welfare state philosophy. Ivan: you don’t get America. Real Americans are angry at our leadership for sure, but we have solutions other than the failure of the socialist regulatory state you see collapsing before your eyes, yet fail to perceive. Put bluntly, we like you, but we don’t want to be like you.

This liberal writer at Washington Post writes: “Obama has ignored our European allies for too long.” Yet, when I read his thoughts, instead of pointing out Obama’s failures, mostly, he misses no opportunity to take shots at Americans and Donald Trump. He bemoans the demise of the grand “alliance” yet offers no rationale for why America should continue in a dangerous defense pact that obligates us to World War III. Bizarrely, in two adjoining paragraphs, he both bemoans the demise of Europe as a civilization, and blasts his countrymen and ours for wanting to preserve Western Civilization from Islamic absorption. Mr. Hoagland: you should sort out your own confusion, and not project it onto others. In the meantime, it’s fine that America might help European states as an  “honest broker” of peace, as you suggest. I volunteer. But, get this; read me “loud and clear” and “lima Charlie” and “lickin’ chicken”: I am not sending my grandbabies to fight another European war when the men of Europe will not even demand the right to keep and bear arms, form up their own militias, armies, and alliances, and bristle with gristle against the Russian Bear. If Europeans are more afraid of “nationalism” and rifles for everyman than they are of the Soviet gulag, then that’s a European choice. I get your history. It’s history. Your exhausted pacifism — though substituting American GI’s as you stay home — is a poor choice.

Lastly, these two, writing for “” are beginning to get it. Their article is sub-captioned “Eastern European countries, in particular, should not rely on NATO alone.” Yah think? What Europeans and liberal-globalist-post-American-socialist Americans just can’t get is that many of us are not interested in going to war — yet again — in Europe. Must I point out to them that America is nearly $20 trillion in debt? There are traitors among all of them — Europeans and Americans alike — who see this impending bankruptcy as to their advantage: it’s a feature, not a bug. Many others of us are waking up to the realization that America cannot afford to police the world with pax Americana even if we all thought it our collective mission.

Heads up! I do not see the defense of Europe as America’s collective mission.

The two writers at least give Donald Trump credit for making everyone re-think the effectiveness of NATO. They write, “Thoughtful leaders in Eastern Europe ought to ask themselves, how will NATO respond should Russia decide to invade, say, Estonia?”

You can say that again!

Thoughtful leaders ought to be doing more than sipping wine at breaks during conferences and speculating on what the Americans might do. Damn, people! Wake up!

So, the writers get creative. I like that. They propose that the former Eastern European nations form up the New Warsaw Pact, with Ukraine and the Baltic states included. The writers note the collective populations are about equal to those of Russia. Same for the GDP.

Then, they cite Trump as accurately saying the obvious, that our treacherous foolish leaders have not said for decades: The United States funds the defense of Europe, while European nations fund their retirement pensions. They collectively spend next to nothing on national defense.

I found this paragraph poignant and compelling: “But the countries of the former Warsaw Pact who are now members of NATO are subject to a different form of humiliation: that of being dependent upon others for their defense, including people many thousands of miles away who have not recently suffered under foreign occupation.”

Okay — so boys, as self-appointed spokesmen for Europe, what do you plan to actually do about it? Your accusation that Trump fuels “nativist” impulses is selfishly nativist for the Europeans: you criticize Americans for not being eager to start WW III, for not being eager to come to the defense of Europe yet again. At the same time, you point out that the Europeans will not rise up and do what is necessary to defend themselves. You write your concern that “some future American politician might … casually discard the promises of past presidents….”

“Casually”? I assure you, the carnage of World Wars I and II, and the vaporous friendships of liberated European nations are not taken casually.

American Military Cemetery at Normandy

American Military Cemetery at Normandy

Sort it out yourselves, next time. I appreciate your suggestions about a New Warsaw Pact, but it’s far past time for flaccid reflection over what Europeans should do about the Russians.

Besides, many Europeans don’t want to do anything about the Russians. Many see the United States as the big threat to world peace. I’m fine with leaving them to tend to their own defense. I strongly suggest to you European men that you demand the right to keep and bear arms. Because, with us staying home, your own leadership is looking pretty weak. And those Russians? They don’t look so weak. But, they are on your borders, not mine.






“The Hell After ISIS”

Related to the post below, Americans should be tossing out leaders who are still flopping around in foreign policy, mumbling things like “momentum” and failing even to name the enemy “Islamic.” This foolishness that goes on and on, through various American presidential administrations of both parties fails Americans, and it fails the good people of the Middle East who just want to live their lives, open their stores in the morning, raise their children, and enjoy peace.

Put more bluntly, young Millennial moms, expect to see your little toddlers grow up and be sent to war in the Middle East — possibly, North Africa, China, North Korea, and Eastern Europe, too.

And, expect to see more of them blown to pieces on the streets of America, even if they never put on their country’s uniform.

This article in The Atlantic offers some explanation for why we are not going to straighten this Islamic warfare mess out. Of course, the writer finds a way to lay blame on the United States, but the deeper message is that the problem in the Islamic world is far bigger than ISIS. ISIS is a symptom of a greater, complex disease. We have the cure, but will not even speak it. Instead, similarly to all of our other diplomatic missions and agreements and accords and operations and wars, the President pretends that we gain some “momentum” and that maybe, eventually, some Commander-in-Chief must defeat “ISIL.”

What then? Is the Worldwide Islamic Invasion then over? Will young Muslim men stop blowing themselves up in bus stations? Will wondrous peace break out in the Middle East? Can the Israeli Olympic team compete without the fear of being murdered?

Will everyday, ordinary Muslims accept the existence of the Jewish state? Will they stop hating Jews? Will they forever forget the dream of “driving the Jews into the sea”?

Will tribe make peace with tribe, and Sunni reconcile with Shi’i?

I think not. And, so, we all remain locked in this dangerous dance of deployments for Americans, and deplorable depredation as the daily life for Muslim people. I am sympathetic with the family at the center of the linked story. They see little hope.

But, the problem is not going to be solved by perpetual American air strikes and peace negotiations and jet fighter deliveries and sending young Americans to have their legs blown off.

And, even the genius, Nobel Peace Prize winning President we have now who declared that the oceans would “stop rising” can’t figure it out.

As Atlantic points out, It’s Hell. There is no strategy for escape. There seemingly is no rescue.

Fickle Filipinos Beg U.S. to Return

President Obama makes a dangerous chess move toward war with China. Military Times reports:

In a military buildup certain to inflame tensions with China, the United States said Thursday it will send troops and combat aircraft to the Philippines for regular, more frequent rotations, and will conduct more joint sea and air patrols with Philippine forces in the South China Sea.

Democrats: are you seeing this? Are you for this? Is this the anti-war, world-class, world-peacemaker you thought you were electing? Is Rand Paul starting to look pretty good? He is to me. Background: Continue reading