Identifying the Enemy in North Korea

Communism in 2017 looks different than it did in 1917 or 1957. But, it’s there — all around us — and we do well to comprehend that communists are the enemy of the United States. Yes, they could just behave, get along, and thrive, but that is not their way. From Berkeley’s antifa Marxists to Beijing, they are all the same: foment anarchy and chaos to tear down the dream of limited self government most strongly rooted in America.

Now, we are asking the UN to react with more serious sanctions, including an embargo on oil shipments to North Korea. Well, just look who’s supplying North Korea: Russia and China.

Kim is nothing but China’s puppet. I heard one news commentator speculate over whether Kim’s missile shots into the water are designed to provoke American use of anti-missile defenses so that they can see what we are capable of. Close but wrong: it’s Red China who wants to see what we are capable of, if they do not already know through their massive phalanx of covert agents operating within our defense industry.

China and Russia are playing a dangerous little dictatorship game, using Kim in such provocative ways.

Americans have played carelessly, electing weak leaders who permitted North Korea to obtain nuclear arms.

Cold War II

Thank you, Democrat Party, for starting Cold War II. Just what we need.

Let’s see now, after 8 years of President Obama, which foreign powers do we have better relations with? What ally trusts us more? Where are we stronger such that potential foreign agent recruits resonate to our CIA case officer overtures so that we can sign up some spies? What a sorry joke that is! No well-placed foreigner living in an enemy country in his right mind would talk to the Americans after the ineptitude of the Democrat Party went on display for all the world to see.

Democrat voters, can you be objective enough to assess America’s foreign relations realistically? I think not. You are so caught up in your propaganda. Your President and Party have left America weakened, our enemies emboldened, and the world a more violent place.

Good discussion of our alliance with NATO right here. Also a good example of saying one thing, but signalling conflicting messages: “You’ve got to pay more of your share,” but “The defense of Europe is a vital US interest.”

If it’s vital, then we’ll pay what we have to do defend Europe.

So, why is it vital, again? If defending Germany is not vital to Germans from Cologne, then why is it vital to Americans from Cincinnati? I’m not seeing it.

Our past leaders have consistently failed to evaluate European defense as an American interest, and to adjust the alliance and its cost accordingly. Along comes Trump….

Ally Jordan Warns re Jerusalem Embassy

The Middle East’s uneasy monarchies have more to fear from Islamism than we do. I suggest that the Jordanian minister who is already trying to scare Donald Trump into keeping the US embassy away from Israel’s capital city, re-think his position. After all, appeasing the Islamists has not worked out so well.

Let’s do some reality-based foreign policy: recognize Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and move the embassy there.

Because, there is no “two-state solution” which is the dangerous delusion preached by the Left since Jimmy Carter and continued by John Kerry. There is only a strong state solution. Jordan can either stay on board the strong state solution, or Jordan may re-join the Arab raiding party. Let’s see: how did that work out in 1967, and 1973?

Cold War II — For Real

This last week, the Russians announced that communications with the Obama administration were at a near silence. You have to hunt for this news. If you run a search “Russians contact administration” what you get is the foaming-at-the-mouth barrage of leftist media, attempting to build up the delusion that Donald Trump and the Russians were colluding during the campaign. Never mind that diplomatic relations with a nuclear power are at their worst in decades. Your search results get you to “Contact cute Russians” before you learn that the Russian government announced that it has no contact with the Obama administration. The porn purveyors are sharper than the Obama administration.

Had a Republican orchestrated such chilled diplomacy with Russia, can you imagine the news firestorm? My second page of search results turned up the Washington Examiner reporting what would be a national outrage under any Republican administration:

Moscow says nearly all diplomatic channels between the United States and Russia have been put on hold in a dramatic deterioration of outgoing President Obama’s relationship with the Russian government.

Democrat readers, pause from your hysteria just for a moment, and think about that. Barack Obama has left a legacy of Cold War II. If it were not official about two years ago, it’s official now.



Allies smelling US weakness…

Japan and South Korea put aside bitterness dating back over 100 years, to improve intelligence-sharing about the threat from the communist maniac ruling North Korea.

Five previously-planned military exercises with Philippine armed forces and US forces are cancelled for next year. 

I’m all for our transferring the defense of the Pacific to the allies in the Pacific. I’m not all for it if done through the ineptitude and treachery of the Commander in Chief. Obama should have been honest with the Asian allies. Instead, he promised a “pivot,” and betrayed them, like he betrayed us.

World War II ended over 65 years ago. Japanese horror was yester-decade. There are new horrors threatening all Asian people who want to live ordinary lives, and be free. Time to wake up and prepare accordingly. Stop depending on us. Obama was lying to you, and Trump reflects that we Americans are tired of funding pax Americana with our labor, our fortunes, and our young sons.

UK Spy Chief Warns of Cold War II

UK’s head of MI5 makes previously unheard of public statement, warning of Russian aggression.

Continental Europeans sharing the same land mass have always had to be wary of the next invader. The British are not part of continental Europe: the British are like the United States in that they enjoy the protection afforded by seas. However, unlike the United States with the vastness of the Atlantic and Pacific isolating us, the British Isles are only a short sail from invaders. And, they have their history to look at: they’ve been invaded before. By forces from the north, arriving by sea.

American weakness under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the rest of the Democrat Party politicians has set Cold War II in motion. We Americans let our oceans lull us into a false sense of security. The British do not have that seeming luxury — particular when the special relationship has become not so special, anymore.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Start Cold War II

Americans, your leftist Democrat press won’t say it, but we are now officially in Cold War II.

And, still, Hillary claims “accomplishments.”

Trump is right: foreign policy is a disaster, and that is dangerous.

I remind you Democrats, that Ronald Reagan talked the Soviets’ ears off. Instead of igniting nuclear war — as Democrats always accuse that Republicans will do — Reagan reached actual arms control, and eventually pressured the Soviet Union out of existence.

How is Chicago Like Benghazi?

Democrats, your party leaders fail to guard the innocent, and then they blame someone else when mobs take over. This AP article about urban, black, street-violence in Chicago’s inner core is heartbreaking. Generations of young boys “turn” somewhere between 12 and 15; too many innocent kids become feral, drug-inflamed, thieves and killers — and get killed. Some families manage to break the cycle, but, plainly, others see themselves as trapped where they are, assuring a new generation of lawless, violent gangs. Parents watch in despair as peer-pressure changes their kids into monsters dealing drugs for $400 jeans. It’s like a living “Lord of the Flies” island, but where the worst human impulses are financed and enabled by outside forces. Until someone breaks the cycle, there is no reason to believe life will improve for Chicago’s inner-city black families. Chicago, of course, if not alone: the city’s inner city streets stand as a euphemism for America’s problem with a subcultural strain of young, black, men turning to crime.

The Democrat “Great Society” turned out not to be so great. Even now, a frank admission that policies and programs have failed, might produce new ideas. Instead, all we hear from Democrats are the same old excuses, but with new versions on the old inflammatory remarks thrown in. And, always, they throw the accusation of “racism” against anyone who even suggests that their programs are failures. Get the most violent off the streets and into jail; that common-sense protection for us all is “racism.” So, I suppose it’s preferred that young black fifth graders grow up among the prison gang culture out on the streets for a brief break between convictions?

Of course, if it’s anarchy and chaos you are trying to bring about, the programs are not failures at all. The poorest subset of black people is paying the heaviest price. The violence is mostly contained to Democrat urban ghettos, but from time to time gangsters hit I-75 and country highways, and spread out to formerly peaceful towns. Pop culture media spread the lure of gang identity, and kids who have never bought, sold, or used drugs and who would never kill anyone, affect the look. Sometimes, they decide to take a step into that vile world. Then another. There they meet others breaking bad. Sometimes, they pick who they think will be an easy mark like Trayvon Martin did, and get shot by an armed citizen.

In the meantime, 90% of black voters voting (D), are you planning to vote to continue more of the same in 2016? Why? Perhaps, you are being used — like the men killed in Benghazi were used and discarded. Perhaps Democrat accusations of “racism” and “police bias” are just as false as their concocted story about the video-maker and the Islamic terrorist takeover of our consulate.

I am not willing to throw young, black kids away. But, we have a political party presiding over a cultural demise, proving to you that it is quite willing to do just that.

POBI Party Up for Election

Democrat young moms and dads;  older Democrats entrenched in your prejudices and suppositions; any historically D voter who cares about the children. I have this morning, just one new thought for you to hear and consider. Just one. Surely, your tolerant, NPR-cultivated mind can open to merely consider one new thought, right? Here it is.

Your sons, daughters and grandchildren will be sent to wars in far-flung corners of the world by the head of the Party of Benghazi Infamy. The POBI Party.

As they are overrun and beheaded, their training in individual climate change techniques and LGBTQ+whatever sensitivity will not save them.

Had Hillary Clinton admitted that her Ambassador was in Libya on important business, and went there with a low-profile presence, taking a calculated risk, her honesty would have called to the American people. Had she confessed that she failed to make sure that someone organized a strong, quick reaction force to provide fast support in case of an attack, we would have been disappointed, but we would have understood that.

Had she and Barack Obama and their entire entourage not lied to us time and again about “not a terrorist attack” they could be forgiven for bungling in an unforgiving world. But — Democrats you need to think about this — even now, she and Obama have never apologized to us for lying to us about Benghazi, much less for the tactical ineptitude.

To people who love America, the name “Benghazi” stirs deep anger against our treacherous Democrat leaders. If you elect her, you elect division, disunity, debacle and deceit. You elect the POBI Party to send your children into combat.