“I Go Where I Please”–Once Obama’s Gone

“I go where I please,” said Commodore Stephen Decatur, in 1815, when challenged by the Islamic tyrant of that era.

Democrats like to accuse people proposing prudent foreign policy as being “isolationists.” This is a mere conclusory insult, meant to dodge serious thought and debate about the lawful and practical deployment of American power in the world. (No, foolish Democrats, “I go where I please,” does not mean that men get to use the women’s bathroom.)

For example, I view our defense of the world in multiple theaters as illegal under our law if not pursuant to a congressional declaration of war. And, I see such as practically impossible and financially ruinous. Such deployments often betray our armed forces, using them as expendable pawns. I point out at VirtualMilitia.com often, that we are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq for over a decade, with fitful results to show. We remain bound by the NATO treaty to engage in World War III on behalf of peoples who are lackluster about their own national defense — even mocking our right to keep and bear arms in our own defense, while they shun taking up arms themselves, in their own defense, with Russia poised a short combined-arms armored-infantry-air offensive away.

Instead of “isolationism,” I advocate for massive American power exercised in the world as necessary on behalf of Americans. The rest of the countries can look to themselves to defend their citizens and interests.

For example, I believe that the American military should deploy to protect American citizens who travel or do commerce about the world. Hijacking an American owned vessel, or kidnapping Americans on vacation should summon the crushing power of the USA, whether a .338 Lapua magnum bullet in the head, or a cruise missile on the parliament building, or an infantry division dropped from the sky. Whatever it takes, in sufficiently crushing force to do the job — almost with ease. Nations who aid the hijackers and kidnappers should be targets of a declaration of war. “Allies” who choose to be complicit in the attack on America get their own punishment. If Democrat readers here scoff at what I write, then read the story of Leon Klinghoffer for an example. American weakness after his hijacking at sea and murder, encouraged more of the Islamic terrorism we see today.

And, so, yes, the US Navy should already have wrought destruction on Iranian naval patrol vessels. “I go where I please,” is a great motto for the US Navy — now that we are back on track to make America great again.



Not your father’s M-72 LAW

Gun show interview explains the newest M72 FFE (fire from enclosure) IAW (individual awesome weapon). For those not familiar with the M72 LAW it is best explained as a single shot, disposable, Vietnam-era small bazooka. “LAW” stands for “light anti-tank weapon.” A Fort Benning training booklet tried to make the infantryman think he was more than a match against a tank with the M72. Just pop up, pop open the LAW, and pop the tank. Yep.

But, like any other rocket launcher, “backblast” is a problem. All of that rocket energy has to go somewhere, and “back” is that zone. Backblast is rough on guys standing behind the excited infantryman thinking more about the bad guys in front. And, once fired, the gunner is marked by a big cloud of dust and debris.

I’m not sure how NAMMO’s engineers manage to turn this into a fire-from-enclosure weapon, but I’d sure like to take one to the range to try out.

Megacities as Terrain

Good article here discussing probable urban battle terrain of the future. This is, indeed, a radical shift from the Cold War I era (we are in Cold War II now, you know) where the Army thought in terms of the European forests and plains, and jungles in far-flung places.

The world forces of evil pressure all of us toward urbanization, where we are better “regulated.” Just look at any American political map, and see that the land space is red-state, but the city minions go Democrat. Yes, I’ll admit here to some provincial prejudice, but massively urban people more willingly accept government control than country cousins. The same is true all over the world. Might as well recognize the reality, and prepare for battle in a massive urban warren like this.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Underwater drone launches dronelets

Picking up on “The Matrix” (see link in last post), here’s an article about underwater drones — launching other underwater drones. Before you Russians get too emboldened by Democrat weakness, understand that most of our military officers and NCOs are just waiting for the bizarre Obama era to end. Oh sure, the highest ranking who want to continue in career and politics are giving lip service to the foolishness coming from the White House, but you can’t think they take Obama seriously. In the meantime, they are doing what they do best: getting ready to hunt you down and kill you.

Our enemies should be very afraid. Places to hide are shrinking.

2,000 troops in Africa on any given day

On any given day, we have around 2,000 troops in Africa. This article is about the benefits of training there.

When our leaders squander our loyal, young lives on foreign soil, those politicians not only betray our troops and mire us in debt, they tear our country down. They become an illegitimate government, elected to serve Americans but, instead, using Americans to play grand on the world stage. Sometimes, these ventures are begun from the most noble of motives. But, without the firm will of the people, and without victory and conclusion within some reasonable time frame, endless warfare frays any culture.

Having said that, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, and training gets an army only so far. Even training is dangerous, and men die. But, we cannot have the toughest fighting force in the world without sending them off to kill some bad guys from time to time. “How stealthy is the stealth fighter?” is a question we cannot truly know the answer to, until some pilots take it on some missions where they might have otherwise been detected and shot at. The people who join know this regardless of youth and motive for joining up.

So, I am pleased we are exercising with different armies in Africa. If we start to think that we have the responsibility to take the continent over and refashion it into some sort of liberal la-la land like America has become, then I refer to President Washington’s well-known warning about foreign entanglements.