Why I Chose a Gun

Dutch General Peter van Uhm explains the gun’s necessity to a free, peaceful state. I don’t recommend too many videos to you, but this is one: 17 minutes long, but you can hit “Settings” and speed him up to 1.25. However, General van Uhm’s insights are so keen, you may want to leave him at normal speed, take notes, and watch again. His speech to a varied audience — some of whom were no doubt very uncomfortable in the presence of the AR-15 platform weapon he displayed to them.

Hint: He comes from Nijmegen, where his father tried in vain to hold off the German invaders. Nijmegen, on the Rhine, is a town where they still celebrate the Americans’ liberation of Holland.

I have never before heard a better explanation for taking up arms.


USMC MARSOC Loves Glock 19

The ever-present Glock 19. It’s funny to see Glock go from exotic to ubiquitous-bland over a few decades. For readers unfamiliar with the pistols, the basic Glock lineup — like most lines of modern semi-automatic pistols — ranges roughly small to medium to large. There are some sub-compacts, and now some flatter pocket pistols, but to understand the Glock 19, just know that it’s the medium: “compact” they call it. It isn’t that small and no one seems able to identify enough advantageous in the larger Model 17 to maintain the 17 as Glock’s mainstay pistol, it’s Chevrolet Impala of yesteryear. You can learn more about the three 9mm pistols here. And lots of other places.

And, now, the U.S. Marine Corps special operators go Glock 19.

I was amazed when the Army moved from iron sights to optics. Now, I’m flabbergasted.

Never carry or store one, without a trigger-guarding device of some kind preventing accidental operation of the trigger. A mere $22 gets you this workaday Fobus holster. You might not will not get “cool” marks at IDPA for it, but it keeps your finger out of the trigger guard.

Are you a gun “super owner”?

This blatantly anti-right to keep and bear arms piece is chilling, in that it tries to split off a group of gun “super owners” stated to be 3%. The number of guns owned by this little group that could be picked off for special persecution: 17 guns.

If that seems like a lot of guns to you northeast coast city dwellers, I assure you, 17 guns are easily accumulated over the course of a lifetime.

You inherit your dad’s .22 and 12 gauge. Those, you are not selling. You buy your own .22 pistol to shoot tin cans. You buy a lever action deer rifle. Later, you want to hunt out west or at longer range, so you upgrade to a bolt-action .308. You run across a modestly priced M-1 Garand rifle and can’t pass that up. Later, a friend offers you an M-1 carbine: of course you buy it — everybody loves World War II’s iconic carbine. You are up to 7 guns so far. With American Marxists and anarchists promising war in the streets, and with Democrats going soft on violent crime, you decide on a home-defense pistol. Then, you decide on a personal carry pistol. Your daily carry gun choice was not optimal, and with the newer, better pistols on the market, you upgrade. You are up to 10 guns. A friend trades you another .22 — that Marlin lever action you always wanted as a kid — for a tool and you hit 11. You enter a phase where you collect modestly priced foreign antique military weapons, like the German Mauser from WWII and the iconic British Enfield. You have to join them with an American Springfield, and you are up to 14. You decide that a Remington 870 tactical shotgun is an excellent choice for home defense, and reasonably priced, so it’s 15. Who would not want a Model 1911 .45 pistol? You decide to build your own AR-15 and you hit the article’s magic number: you are a “super owner!”

Yet, you have never murdered anyone, or even fired a round at another person in lawful self-defense. You stay aware; you don’t troll bad neighborhoods buying or selling drugs; you’re off the streets at a decent time; you have never been arrested or committed any crime. Yet, you are singled out by Democrat Party’s Stalinists and their self-anointed and ironically-named State Committee For Safety, and labeled as a danger to society.

You see where this is going, you frightened little leftoids out there? The Guardian article is meant to “other” and isolate gun owners, so that they can be arrested or shot during a SWAT raid. And, you will not care; you will be smug and feel safer when you read about the ordinary American citizen shot dead at his own home for nothing except exercising a natural, constitutional right. He deserved it; he owned 17 guns.

And, I assure you: there is a much higher percentage of American gun owners than 3%, owning lots of guns. No gun owner I know runs around answering such silly surveys. We know there are little commies out there who would take such information and snitch to the goon squads.

This Weekend’s Jihad Attacks

NYC bombing. Bomb in New Jersey. Mall mass-stabbing in Minnesota.These latest Islamic terrorist attacks are completely unsurprising. There will be more. The infiltration has gone on for decades, and we cannot know who will “turn.” Note that the 22-year old came here from Somalia when he was 7.

Vote for the candidate who will better lead us to stop the infiltration, to free American citizens to act in their own self-defense, and to wipe out America’s enemies wherever there are found.

Or don’t. Run and scream and hope that some armed American is there to save you when jihad comes to your little corner of the country.

The AP spins the armed hero this time as an off-duty police officer, but we discover that he was an armed citizen just shopping — whatever his part-time job. Even now, they try their best to keep up the “gun control” Democrat imperative. Democrats for gun control: are you glad the armed American was there?

Military Sidearm Procurement Grinds On and On…

Defense Department boondoggle over replacing the Beretta M9 is a classic example of government waste. You should read General Mark Milley’s remarks about it:

“We’re not figuring out the next lunar landing. This is a pistol. Two years to test? At $17 million?” Milley said to a Washington, D.C., think tank March 10 and reported in Army Times. “You give me $17 million on a credit card, and I’ll call Cabela’s tonight, and I’ll outfit every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine with a pistol for $17 million.

Well, not quite. But, General Milley’s point is well-made. The cost of testing would have paid for 34,000 pistols.

Better yet, let LuckyGunner field test and report. Heck, pay me $1 million and I’ll get some guys together over a weekend….

Why the AR-15

For liberals willing just for a moment to at least consider some aspect of the other side’s position, here is some food for thought. I’m posting this, in case you stumble across this blog, looking for instructions on how to sign up for the next anti-Trump protest and get paid by George Soros for causing some anarchy.

First, this is not about changing your mind. I’m not even trying. It’s about your at least listening to my side of just one small facet of the debate.

Second, I’m not going to write some treatise on the sacred right to keep and bear arms. Just one tiny little facet of the overall debate, that’s all I’m asking you to hear about.

That little facet is the AR-15. Continue reading