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ISIS Infiltrating Caribbean Islands

World War M arrives at your Cancun all-inclusive resort. Islamic terrorist infiltration into and through the Caribbean islands was inevitable. The permeability and proximity to America make the islands ideal for terrorist entry. Thousands of miles of coastline, loose entry for arriving travelers, and a profusion of national border jurisdictions assist terrorists, just as these factors assist drug runners of this age, and pirates of old and now. And, you will be disarmed by airline regulations and international laws leaning toward socialist.

Democrats, you must consider your party’s dangerous “open borders” absurdity. Do any of you Democrats wish the government had given closer scrutiny to the 9-11 hijackers who arrived here holding passports with State Department visa stamps? The San Bernardino couple-from-Hell? The parents of the young Muslims who grew up to bomb the the Boston Marathon and the Orlando nightclub? Until the homicidal cult of Jihad disappears from within Islam, the Muslim lands export murder. It is insanity to pretend otherwise. Remember: they murder first their own “apostates”; then they target the West — especially the United States; then, they will try to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth.

And, the Democrat Party — with collusion by Republican establishment squishers — turns a blind eye, and howls madly that we got Trump. We got Trump because the Republi-crat Government Party disdains the rest of us, while failing on so many levels.

Marines Prepare for War Against Russia

Marine Corps Times reports a shift back toward preparing to fight what is now called “near-peer” enemy armies: Russia — in Eastern Europe. Specifically, the Marine Corps fields what it calls a Marine Expeditionary Force: a completely supported infantry contingent of about 25,000 men, essentially a reinforced infantry division complete with its own support elements.

Why do I write about this? Let’s put this into some perspective.

With the Monroe Doctrine, early U.S. leaders looked to secure our borders. The Founders were well-aware of the deadly locked-in-conflict history and geography of the European states. We could have had Spain to our south, France to our north and west, and the British in the region of Washington and Oregon. They were there: we actually fought the British briefly over the U.S. and Canada border. The Monroe Doctrine coupled with the vision of Manifest Destiny resulted in an America “from sea to shining sea.”

Some Americans believed with a fervor that Manifest Destiny compelled Americans to export democracy, to export western civilization’s great experiment in liberty to other oppressed lands. That view justified all manner of foreign expeditions: there was a movement pressing the government to conquer Mexico and annex Mexico to the states.

Forward in time brings us to World War I, World War II, the ghost of Manifest Destiny lives on, animating resistance to the worldwide communist insurgencies — to Vietnam, to North Korea, to Bosnia, to the Middle East, to Africa where we just lost men to an ambush, and potentially back into Europe for a third war, this time against nuclear-armed Russia.

This is not amusing.

The Soviet Union broke apart under the economic weight of communism’s inherent defects. Whatever manner of state Russia is today — with her elements of Russian nationalism and North Slav yearnings for border buffer lands against attacks by the former Roman Empire states, Russia remains a nuclear-weapon armed state. It is no exaggeration to commend Russia and her associated states, and the United States for negotiating an end to the Cold War, complete with nuclear weapon threat deescalation. The Russia we now deal with in foreign affairs is not the same worldwide communism spreading cancer it once was. Dangerous, still territorial, and still poised on the edge of the rest of Europe either as an inviting target or as a looming threat, depending on the decade and the perspective.

But, a threat to us? I think not, other than to the extent that the Russians can corrupt the Democrat Party with bribes. So, exactly why are we amassing troops on the Russian border? Are there not people in Europe who could take up arms if they see the need? If desperate enough for defense, can they not put aside at least some of their differences and ally militarily — as they have done in the past?

I would like to think that we could “export democracy,” and evangelize the blessings of liberty all over the world. Experience shows otherwise. I would like to think that cooler heads will prevail so that warfare does not collapse countries into economic starvation. But, I do not see that it is either necessary for our defense, or authorized in our Constitution for the U.S. Marines and the Army to parade around on the Russian border as if they were in Minnesota as a bulwark against an aggressive Manitoba.

It is definitely time to re-think NATO and to make plain to the European states that the United States is a long way off, with little interest in spats among the factions still fighting each other 1500 years after the breakup of the Roman Empire that imposed some peace on the region. I think most of them would agree — except that they do like our paying for their defense. I recall that they opposed President Reagan’s space-based defense initiative because it would return the opposing forces to status quo — leaving the Russians with the larger conventional military than the collective European military. In other words, they were willing to leave us defenseless to nuclear attack to keep our military committed to the defense of their lands.

It’s time for some serious talks with the NATO allies. It’s time to disengage from our commitment to the defense of Europe. Stated differently, where, exactly, does our Manifest Destiny end? Who will pay in blood for foreign misadventures? Your children?

Forming up an offensive Marine Corps invasion force along the Russian border is an aggressive, destabilizing move. If done for diplomatic purposes, I suppose it might make sense, though this approaches brinkmanship. My real question is not whether the Europeans need a strong, aggressive border defense as a deterrent against Russian ambitions; my question is why, exactly is this force to be drawn from across the Atlantic Ocean, from the peoples warned by General Washington to stay out of European wars?

We are having a hard enough time getting our own government back under control.

A Marine Writes the NFL

Readers and friends know that boycotting NFL games is no sacrifice for me. But, when you watch this and read this Marine’s thoughts about football celebrities’ disdain for the United States of America, you’ll have a decision to make.

At this point, neither weasel-words by the Commissioner, nor a mere change of decision about standing respectfully by the players will suffice. Players, you revealed your foolish and ungrateful hearts; NFL executives and coaches, you revealed your shallow cowardice. Heart-felt apologies by the players are required, coupled with repentant statements that indicate that the players actually understand the blessing that is the Republic for which the flag stands.

Otherwise, as far as I am concerned, such players and such a sports league can fade into the dustbin of history along with other shallow mock “celebrities.”

But, we should never, never forget those who gave their lives for our country and — even more importantly — why they were willing to die fighting for the United States of America.


Positive note about Philadelphia

On a positive note, I recently returned from my first visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Because the people who write and produce the news would have us believe that every city in America burns with race hatred and “gun violence,” I want to report that my experience was completely the opposite.

No riots in the streets, no burning cars, no masked Marxists throwing brat-fits and screaming in my face. The people I met and talked with were uniformly courteous, proud of their city, and helpful — regardless of their race. I could have been imagining it, but the black people I talked with seemed to be going out of their way to telegraph, “I do not hate white people.”

Philadelphia is almost a pilgrimage destination. If Americans had holy relics, we would find them in Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell; Independence Hall; Founder “Ben Franklin” reminders everywhere. We saw General George Washington’s Continental Army headquarters tent. Not a reproduction: the actual tent in which Washington planned, slept, prayed and agonized over the eight-year war for independence. Seriously. Washington’s War Tent, on display at the new Museum of the American Revolution.

The National Park Service rangers who guided the tours through the buildings that comprise the Independence Hall site were witty, sharp, informed, objective, and skilled at their jobs — which they obviously loved. Again — the black man about my age who explained the significance of the adjacent Congress Hall conveyed only a reverence for America to the largely-white audience he spoke with.

The city is a pleasant, vibrant place to stay for a few days. There is so much to see downtown, so much to contemplate, and so many fine restaurants to sample. Never did I perceive any threat from crime; never did I feel in danger. The Uber drivers were happy to be in America, in Philadelphia, and self-employed.

A more extended trip would get you to so many fascinating places to see, such as Gettysburg and Valley Forge. Thirty miles up the Delaware River is where General Washington crossed in the middle of the night to raid Trenton’s barracks. I’m going back, and the itinerary will be long.

But, my main point this morning is that the country is still full of “ordinary Americans” of all kinds. They do not go out every day hating America, hating anyone of a different skin tone, or hating at all. If we begin to doubt that America is still a place of good will among ordinary people, Philadelphia is a good place to visit for some perspective. The tower at City Hall underneath the statue of Ben Franklin is a good place to start.

The city exudes the question: Can a people, having liberated themselves, hold together a government formed by the people — or will it collapse in anarchy and bankruptcy leaving the people to beg for the return of their monarch or a worse committee tyrants? The answer exuding from Philadelphia during these troubled times is, “Just as it was with the Founders and early Americans, whether we can pull off this experiment in limited self-government remains to be seen, but what a thrill is “the shot heard round the world!” After that shot, there was no going back, and Philadelphia was the place the Founders gathered to take the next liberating steps. We all continue in their steps, and the outcome is uncertain.

Broad spread race-hatred and take-a-knee anti-Americanism spewed by the Left constantly are lies. Philadelphia and its people graciously reminded me of the truth.

Wish I had visited years ago.

But, will the Left reason to this conclusion?

It appears that the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s led us all to some pretty bad places — and people.

The “women’s liberation” that was sold as liberating women has, instead, led to debasement and degradation — along with single-mother poverty and millions of little fatherless babies — or dead babies. Lots of broken hearts and loneliness along the way, I might add.

I’m just stating the facts. Gomorrahwood just looks all tinsel, glitz and glamour.

I predict that the modern day Democrat Party is too steeped in its anti-Christian worldview to face up to its collapse.

Note to Republican Party

People like me consider the Republicans of the past to be just about as bad as the Democrats. The Democrat Party has completely rejected “deplorable” people like me, leaving me with no place in their political party. They don’t even want me.

But, people like me — who actually believe in limited self-government, checks and balances, fiscal responsibility, crime control, strong national defense including border security, and maximum personal liberty — are seizing the initiative within the Republican Party.

Republican “squishers” are on the run.

Now, we had better include in our attention local races, and find some good Tea Party type candidates to put into office.

Voters Take Heed as Commies Self-Identify

This is real simple: don’t vote for people who reveal that they hate our country. If Ann Arbor’s city council members won’t pledge allegiance to the flag, then it’s up to the voters of the city to find others who at least love the USA. Do not believe their lies about their motives.

But, they wanted “attention,” and you can give them that, voters. During the next campaign, and at the polls.

Author of Da Vinci Code Reveals Himself as False Prophet

If what author Dan Brown asserts is true, then, world, prepare for bad times:

Turning to the future, Brown said technological change and the development of artificial intelligence would transform the concept of the divine.

“We will start to find our spiritual experiences through our interconnections with each other,” he said, forecasting the emergence of “some form of global consciousness that we perceive and that becomes our divine”.

“Our need for that exterior god, that sits up there and judges us … will diminish and eventually disappear.”

Mr. Brown exhibits the same fundamental error as true Marxists, socialists in general, and the modern morphism of the Democrat Party: Who, precisely, among is is worthy to rule?

Pardon what they must think is my red-state ignorance of sophisticated things, but let me smack them up side the head with some awful but experience-verified Bible truth: there is a whole lot of nasty sin running amok in that there collective conscientiousness. Where would it go? Brown wishes that “Our need for that exterior god…will diminish and eventually disappear.”

I hope not: it is the restraining blessing of the Holy Spirit that keeps us from WW III, World War M, and World War Z. You libertarian agnostic gun owners think I’m being Christian-trite and corny? Consider this little problem.

Why is murder “wrong”? On what basis can you assert that murder merits punishment? Purely on the basis of “order”? I think not; we know from experience that order may be imposed brutally, arbitrarily and without justice. There is no need punish only the guilty; if merely imposing order is the goal, then punishing anyone suffices, and lying to the public about catching the guilty is justified, too. And murder (and gun ownership) might be considered “wrong” only because such crimes violate the higher morality: the claimed monopoly of the state on any form of violence, including self-defense.

Murder is wrong only because God said so. We in the modern USA may no longer believe in Him, but we continue to live in relative peace, order, and liberty solely because we persist in the blessings inherent in recognizing His Truths as incorporated into our form of government by our Founders who were more wise than Mr. Brown.

Okay, I’ll get off of the Christian-sounding stuff, and pose this little problem to you: In a world where there is no higher authority than mankind, whom do you trust to make new rules and enforce them?


Mr. Brown, the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. You are not going to clean up the human race simply by collecting all of that consciousnesses, now are you?

Mr. Brown sounds a lot like Mr. Marx. I am beginning to suspect his motive for writing his novels was more than big bucks.

Make Everybody Join the NRA!

Picking up on Nancy Sinatra’s idiocy about the “murderous NRA members,” and then joining the Left in making rules to force everybody to do this and that, I apply some statistical reality to arrive at this conclusion: we could nearly eradicate murder in this country if the government forced everybody to join the NRA.

Because, Nancy, NRA members just don’t commit murder. I suppose that someone can find some NRA member somewhere was convicted of a murder at some point in history, but it’s pretty much unheard of. Otherwise, I am sure we would all have heard this from the commie propagandists. Therefore, in a Democrat Big Brother Idiocracy sort of way, I conclude that making everyone join the NRA would stop everyone from killing anyone.

(You might not be able to make them join, but you could impose an extra income tax on them for not joining. The legal precedent is there with Obamacare, right?)

Democrat Jackboots Made for Walking Over Ordinary Americans

Whoever knew that Nancy Sinatra had evil thoughts — or thoughts at all, for that matter? So, she tweets revealing herself to be among the Quisling collaborators who would dispatch jackbooted thugs to kick down doors, confiscate firearms, and arrest fellow-citizens. She’s the snitch down the street. She’s the commie block captain reporting to the Party.

Nancy, you were cute when you performed “Boots” (long ago) but now it looks like your little jackboots were made for walking all over the rest of us. A “firing squad” really? You would have an American Gestapo-like squad show up at NRA members’ doors, kick the doors in, drag people out, and execute them — ironically before a firing squad! Nancy, what do you think members of a firing squad use? Guns, idiot, they use guns.

A necessary precursor for tyranny is a disarmed populace. Notice that when tyrants disarm citizens, they do not disarm themselves or the government they create to rule over the rest of us. You don’t “ban guns”; you just create a special-people monopoly on guns. How about some gun equality! If they have them, then so must we!

Nancy, you nicely illustrated why a free people have to keep and bear arms. Now, take a walk and see if the fresh air will boot your violent thoughts from whatever brain you have left. The Idiocracy is not just idiotic; the Idiocracy is violent.