ISIS Infiltrating Caribbean Islands

World War M arrives at your Cancun all-inclusive resort. Islamic terrorist infiltration into and through the Caribbean islands was inevitable. The permeability and proximity to America make the islands ideal for terrorist entry. Thousands of miles of coastline, loose entry for arriving travelers, and a profusion of national border jurisdictions assist terrorists, just as these factors assist drug runners of this age, and pirates of old and now. And, you will be disarmed by airline regulations and international laws leaning toward socialist.

Democrats, you must consider your party’s dangerous “open borders” absurdity. Do any of you Democrats wish the government had given closer scrutiny to the 9-11 hijackers who arrived here holding passports with State Department visa stamps? The San Bernardino couple-from-Hell? The parents of the young Muslims who grew up to bomb the the Boston Marathon and the Orlando nightclub? Until the homicidal cult of Jihad disappears from within Islam, the Muslim lands export murder. It is insanity to pretend otherwise.┬áRemember: they murder first their own “apostates”; then they target the West — especially the United States; then, they will try to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth.

And, the Democrat Party — with collusion by Republican establishment squishers — turns a blind eye, and howls madly that we got Trump. We got Trump because the Republi-crat Government Party disdains the rest of us, while failing on so many levels.