Proposed Income Tax Reform

I want to give praise to our federal legislators, where it is merited, and the proposed reform is better.

But, read the Instapundit remarks here by Stephen Green. Note that after the 1986 reforms, the Government Party just went about circumventing the “reforms” so that they could build back in their power. I disagree with Stephen in that there is no income tax reform that corrupt politicians cannot circumvent. Besides, such simple reforms do nothing for the business operator who must still do all of the accounting regarding revenue and expenses.

I’m just going to keep saying this: there is no reforming an income tax. Any talk of “reform” springs either from ignorance, or fraud. Please take up the chant, and say it to your politicians any chance you get: repeal the income tax!

It is possible that mealy-mouthed reform talk springs from a hopelessness — the surrender to what seems to be the inevitable income tax. The income tax is nothing more than an Act of Congress and these come and go all the time. Just look what changes they’ve already wrought in our society! Yes, the income tax can be repealed, and replaced with other taxes. If we insist on it, we get it. If we submit to it, then they continue to abuse us with it.

The IRS is not the problem, except that the income tax sets us all up for such abuse by the tax collecting and enforcement authority. If there were no income tax to seek an exemption from, then Lois Lerner could not weaponize the IRS to be the Democrat Party’s Conservative Oppression Administration. Democrat tyrants could not threaten churches with pulling their First Amendment tax exemption. Cronyism, fraud, tax creep, and government abuse are symptoms of the income tax infection. They are part and parcel of an income tax. Indeed, the witches’ brew of corruption is the government party’s purpose for the income tax.

There is no reform: repeal the income tax. The Founders specifically wrote it out of the Constitution for good reasons, and Karl Marx included the income tax as one of his planks in the platform of communism. Repeal the income tax! Or, submit, minion!