“The Conversation”

I’m disappointed that the massive propaganda machine is succeeding in having us talk about gun control, at all. I don’t think they’ll get anywhere with it. They want to talk about guns for two reasons:

–gun control advances the Marxist agenda of complete government control of the citizenry; and

–talking about “guns” dodges all of the other conversations we ought to be having about how those swayed into the godless Marxist worldview have structured up a modern American culture in which some people logically decide that God’s Commandment against murder is mere fluff.

Here is the truth: The Leftist agenda is breaking our country apart. They have been tearing at the fabric of our strong institutions for decades now, and now we are suffering from their many lies. From abortion to criminal justice reform, they don’t want to talk about those things. So, they immediately start screeching “Guns!”