Keith Olbermann’s Fundamental Misunderstanding

So, has-been MSNBC loudmouth Keith Olbermann brands my National Rifle Association a “terrorist” organisation, speculates on the meaning of the Second Amendment and spews Democrat hatred in general. I hesitate to mention him, but he is useful for the purpose of pointing out the most important flaw in his own argument: he is; he is that most important flaw.

Olbermann would pass laws making me, and millions of other Americans, criminals overnight. He would dispatch SWAT teams to our houses to kick our doors down, seize our weapons, and “justifiably shoot” anyone who appeared to resist. He would be happy to see every NRA member murdered.

To accomplish this, notice that he would not “ban guns.” That is one of the Democrat Party’s persistent lies. They are not for “banning assault rifles” or “high-capacity magazines” or any other firearms. There would be plenty of guns still, and plenty of people with guns. It’s just that those with the guns would be special government people enforcing their monopoly on guns.

Olbermann personifies why the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security of a free country.