Global Warming Mania Declared “Over”

Latest: Australia’s meteorology people caught tampering with temperature data. They used ironically named “smart cards” to automatically filter out and discard cold temperature readings. “Don’t you trust science?”

They felt entitled to “make adjustments” to the facts so that they could produce propaganda instead of science. That is forgivable, except that they then used the faked numbers to urge the rest of us to turn control of our lives over to Big Brother. That is not forgivable.

Democrats: It is not my intent here to be mean-spirited, or insulting. But, by now, if you still believe that science evidences human activity causing the weather to warm, you are willfully a fool. If you know better, but persist, then you are huckster of Al Gore proportions.

Perhaps we are causing global warming; perhaps not; perhaps weather is controlled by Thor’s minion-elves.

But, if you claim “science” as your basis for believing in man-caused climate change, then go back to the drawing board and this time — actually think. You Democrats blathering on still about climate change, might start with these straightforward statements, and weigh their impact on your misguided ideas:

  • We can neither identify nor control all weather-changing variables in an experiment;
  • “Climate” is a subjective term implying a degree of measured stability, over a length of time; we are unable to objectively determine the length of time before which we could claim that climate has “changed” and establishing how to measure the stability of the various conditions that make up weather and climate would be impossible.
  • We lack a sufficiently long history of technical ability to take accurate (statistically valid) temperature measurement samples, broadly enough across the entire globe to claim that we have measured the average temperature at any given day.
  • Finally, the “studies” used to trick you were not scientific experiments at all; they were merely computer modeling runs on what we have learned has been dubious data all along. Play exercises on faked data. And, that is the manure that takes up super-computer time at Oak Ridge!

I’m declaring the global cooling warming climate whatever mania over. It’s time to mock those who persist in the chicanery and cancel their government grants. It is certainly time to stop proclaiming the medicine show to be national policy.