Culture Decline On Display

The culture — Western Civilization in general, and America’s own version of it in particular — is in decline. I saw incontrovertible proof last night.

Browsed the books at Barnes and Noble. Guy in there with loose sleeveless T-shirt with arm holes cut down to his belt-line. Basically, showing us all his ribs and belly. A slob at best.

Then, we went to dinner at a nice place. You know the kind of place: nice selection of wine, quiet atmosphere; chef-created specialties; not cheap but not exorbitant either, affordable as a treat; a bit above the usual casual dining. Not Waffle House, not Taco Bell, not Applebees — all of which I am a patron and mean no denigration. But, it was nicer and a bit more formal than those. I thought.

A guy walked in wearing a T-shirt that said “One-Two F*** You.” No asterisks on the T-shirt.

When people cut themselves free from the good God who made them, and they make themselves their own little gods, and then establish that godless philosophy as law, we get the Idiocracy that was on full display last night. The Idiocracy is no longer the future; it’s right smack here among us. And, to the more well-to-do, you can try to sequester yourself, but there is no escaping it. The Idiocracy is here.

As on disgusting display last night for all to see. Hollywood has numbed us into accepting increasingly crass scenes; even adults need dress codes; now, naked women harass tourists at Times Square, and won’t be arrested because they are illegal immigrants. The ugly truth is that Sodom and Gomorrah were not nice cities, just with loose morals. We have become them. When everywhere’s a brothel, it’s not a pretty sight. The curse infects everything we experience, from our commercial transactions, to the quality of our products, to the safety of our children. I’ve lived long enough to know that it was not always this way.

I’m praying for a Great Revival, and without the full descent I fear we will have to endure before we get the spiritual awakening I long for — or the judgment I fear we deserve.