Trump-Russia Zombie Republicans

The leakers are traitors to the country, not just to “the government” as one of my senators said. They are saboteurs and traitors. They are betraying the USA. “Unseemly? Fired? Disloyal to our government?” No, they are traitors. All of the Russian agents that are supposed to be crawling around like bedbugs, would not behave any differently. These people may finally give relief to the ghost of Benedict Arnold, if named as the greatest traitors in American history.

So, why is Trump hiring and retaining these swamp creatures? Drain the swamp!

Why are Republican squishy things putting up with this Democrat investigation machine? Stop Mueller, stop the investigations into Russia nothingness. This is an effort to breach the constitutional balance of power between the Executive Branch and others.

Investigate Obama era corruption and the Clinton-Russia connections, if you want to investigate something. Otherwise, stop this sabotage.

Message to Congress’s Republicans: I do not expect you to forget Trump’s insults. I do not expect you to be come a Trump zombie. I do expect you to comprehend what we voters said to you by electing Donald Trump, and rejecting Jeb Bush and the other establishment squishers. Here’s the message. Write this down.

You squishy RINOs failed. Badly. We do not trust you. We trust the few Tea Party conservatives in Congress, and Rand Paul. You? We do not trust you at all. We spanked you hard. Keep sucking up to the Democrats and sabotaging our President, and we will not forget next time at the polls.

I am more for Donald Trump than ever, and I don’t even like the guy. Enough of this Trump-Russia zombie trance. Republicans: you take charge, or we will find Republicans who will. Just like we found Donald Trump. Jeb! not or you will be Jebbed right out of office.

And, where are your heads on health insurance legislation? Are you really the stupid party, as accused?