Democrat Billionaire Cronyism In Newsrooms

Democrats, if you are looking for some travesty to be outraged about today, here’s one that meets all but one of your narrow-minded criteria: your fellow liberal, billionaire mainstream media owners are looking to subvert the U.S. government to line their pockets.

The same people who would scream if the government sent $1 to a religious organization’s food-for-homeless program, are begging the government to subsidize the New York Times. How about a “no establishment…” clause for propaganda papers?

Just like Democrats’ “What happened to civility?” hypocrisy, yet another Democrat article of faith gets destroyed. You think Bezos and Buffett are looking out for you?

The NYT suffers from technological changes, but the NYT is also destroying itself by culturing the deadly germ of fake news purveyance. How about becoming known for your hardcore determination to find and tell the truth?