Deadly Multiculturalism Myth

Austrian couple murdered by “radicalized” Islamic grocery delivery man.┬áThe Tunisian man had lived in Austria for 28 years. Years, not days. After 28 years, he murdered the Austrian elderly couple whose groceries he delivered, solely because they were infidels who — he inferred — did not like the modern wave of Islamic invasion.

The report says, “At this stage, he is thought to have acted alone and not under the umbrella of a formal organization.”

This is not true, of course; he acted under the influence of Islam, reading daily headlines about the deeds of ISIS, AQ, and so many more Islamic battle groups, regardless of the shifting leadership, names, and initials. Rather than simply returning to Tunisia, and instead of adopting the kind Austrians as his new countrymen, he resonated to the call of the New Caliphate. After 28 years.

Westerners, take heed. Liberals, you think you will crucify western civilization and it will die because of your mob riots and internal takeover of the government. You are wrong.

Western civilization is being slaughtered, and the Muslim jihad will not spare you just because you vote (D) and are all for LGBTQ+whatever people.