NYT Dying By Lying

Two stories today tell it all.

In one, persisting insanely with the Trump-Russia slanders, the NYT goes at it again, looking for Russians under every rug in Trump Tower. Never mind that the Russians would have preferred their sister Marxist in office.

In the other, Sarah Palin’s defamation suit against the Times goes forward. Public figures like Mrs. Palin get less protection from defamation than the rest of us. To award her damages, a jury must find that the NYT reporters and editors reported the false story just to hurt her. That’s a paraphrase of the legalese, but, basically, Mrs. Palin has to prove that they were just nasty people, using their nasty paper for their nasty purposes.

Looking like that’s exactly what they did.

New Yorkers, I like your city. It’s a fun place to visit. I’ll probably go back there. Not as safe as downtown Indianapolis, but the buildings are higher. Central Park is a wonder. But, you need to understand, for the rest of us, the city you may think is the center of the universe is a bizarre faraway place akin to a more-dangerous Disney World. We get to see places featured in movies: there’s the Brooklyn Bridge that Tarzan dove from! There’s the tram in that great Spiderman action scene! We get to stand at intersections made famous by Hollywood: there really is a 34th Street! We ride your trains — if they are running. We see the Statute of Liberty and we reflect on the site where Islamic infiltrators murdered thousands of us. We have a blast in New York City, and we go home. Because, your city is a massively over-urbanized mess where the rest of us would not live for anything. You can have it.

So, having tried to state some perspective on where we all our in the world, noting that we provincial people out here hold a different view from you provincial people inhabiting NYC, that circles me back to the NYT: to the rest of us, your paper is nothing. Well, it was something, and now the Marxism and madness of the reporters and editors is dismantling your paper. Your paper — a lightweight local rag more along the lines of the National Inquirer. It serves to provide mockery opportunity on Drudge Report.

I absolutely do not care what they write about Donald Trump.