Drain NPR Swamp–Now

The earnest voices of NPR (public radio) are an incessant stream of Democrat Party fake news propaganda. Today, it’s all about how Trump’s talk with Russian government official was “lawful but awful.” So, let’s ignore their innuendo and slanders and break down some actual facts.

The POTUS met with an official of the Russian government. That’s probably a good thing; had Barack Obama done it, he would be praised for his statesmanship. We expect the President to meet with leaders of other countries.

POTUS had his staff then brief the CIA, and perhaps other agencies. Okay. This is called a “debriefing.” It is good for the President to actually talk to his intelligence and counterintelligence people about meetings with foreign governments. Share what they said, how they acted, what information they may have let slip., your impressions. Share what you told them. This is routine, despite NPR’s proclamation that this administration is way way out of control. But, it gets worse than the insult we endure of taxpayer funded, Democrat radio propaganda.

Then, some anti-American Democrat operative, deeply embedded within our own spy agencies, calls a reporter. Now, we have a leak — almost certainly a felony — by someone who is supposed to be on our side — America’s side. Now, the Democrats and their press-minions have the world astir (they think) about Trump, intelligence sources, foreign government allies, and how they cannot trust the Trump government. How much of our allied intelligence sharing will dry up now? Never mind that their email to the former Secretary of State resided on her bathroom computer.

Newsflash, newsdogs. Neither we, the American people, nor most of the rest of the world, cares one whit about your little Trump tempest in a teapot.

It’s not the Russians I worry about, it’s the anti-American Democrat saboteurs in Washington who are trying to take down our country.

Fake news. On National Public Radio.

De-fund NPR now.