Cokie Roberts Muddled on Facts

Heard Cokie Roberts wail about how people (She means people like me of course, not her people.) no longer believe facts. In this age in which lying Democrats make facts harder and harder to come by, guess what? It’s not the facts that people like me don’t believe. Cokie: it’s you we don’t believe. Just because you say it, it’s not a fact. In fact, these days, I’ve learned that when you say it, I shift the burden of proof and disbelieve it until it’s confirmed by sources I actually trust.

And, whenever the assertion of a matter as a fact supports an argument for bigger government, it’s pretty much always a lie.

Fact: Cokie, you just made the Idiocracy Report.

Benghazi, Cokie, Benghazi. Who first came up with the notion that they would tell all of us that it was a Christian video? Where was Barack Obama? Those are facts I’d like to know and thanks to you and the like, still don’t.