Trump, Be Trump in Foreign Policy

This story at The Hill is supposedly about leaking, but far more importantly, it’s about the Washington establishment’s repeated, illegal failures in far-flung, longlasting, foreign wars. Specifically, we find that the Eurocentric, world-government types are all worried that Steve Bannon influences Donald Trump: “Bannon is a core architect of ‘America first’ unilateralism and has no interest in continuing forever-wars that lack support among the base in the region,” said Ian Bremmer, the president of the international consulting firm Eurasia Group.

I’m with Bannon. Democrats, are you not? Would you like to let your little kids grow up to be Washington, D.C. cannon fodder, pawns on their chessboard, wasted lives spent in wasted wars, in wasted lands whose people lack the will or desire to free themselves — and turn on us?

Why would we want to pour our youth into forever-wars that lack support among the people of the region — and that lack sufficient support here at home, for that matter? If you want to weaken and eventually destroy America, that’s a good strategy.

Trump actually has an pro-American foreign policy. Previous administrations have not, other than to continue the same institutions and  alliances and expenditures as before. They left us endless peace processes, a maniac with nuclear bombs, an Islamic infiltration, and $20 trillion in debt.

Maybe Washington should consider Bannon’s “America first unilateralism.” I’m all for it.