Don Babwin With AP Writes Chicago Rifle Babble

Instead of reporting the latest crime news, Babwin slants the latest Chicago shootings toward more gun control. Another ratchet click in the never-ending propaganda campaign to give government enforcers the authoritarian monopoly on firearms ownership. This time, it’s a small click, a subtle click, a subtle lie. But, here’s how he did it.

Another gang shooting last Sunday. No news there. Almost laughable in the tragicomedy sense: two killed attending a memorial for an earlier gang-banger killing. All of them members of the same gang. Gang and race not identified, since such details are counter-narrative — as if we all do not have any idea who Chicago’s street gangster blight is made up of. This time, probing deeper into other articles, we learn that rival Hispanic gangs taking advantage of Rahm Emanuel’s Democrat policies shot it out. Open the borders, don’t check ID, let everybody in — and guess who also shows up?

The deeper irony is that the Democrat government refuses to solve the problem it helped create, leaving its black urban constituency (98% Democrat to the merciless mercy of the gangsters — perpetually, over generations. And, now, the Democrat Mayor’s “sanctuary city” policy invites Latin gangs to the war. Are Chicago’s Irish and Italians at it again? I think not. Are those Spanish-speaking gangsters all here legally? Doubtful.

But, the AP article zeroes in on a police warning bulletin — as if police need one — cautioning them that gangs appear to be upgrading their weaponry to rifle calibers.

So, the problem is not that Democrat policies destroy families, reward sloth, and oppress undereducated, underskilled men; it’s not that Democrat politicians are soft on crime and tough on armed citizens; it’s those guns. Those Indiana farmers with all of those gun shows are causing Chicago’s demise.

Sometimes, events prove that your most stubbornly held fundamental beliefs about life are wrong. Then, we learn and may move forward from problems and obstacles, to success. Chicago Democrats: this could be one of those times for you, if only you will open your eyes and think.

I know the Left’s leaders and activists will not change: the above call to thought and “call to arms” is to the black voters of Chicago who are sick of the Democrat welfare system’s rot, and who actually want to do something effective about it.

Or, don’t, just keep voting (D), accept the benefits, and continue to let the party hack Democrats commit slow cultural homicide on your neighborhoods.