Kangaroo Courts Cause Judicial Jaundice

My liberal friends and attorney colleagues like to talk about “judicial independence.” They wag their heads when conservatives talk disrespectfully of judicial decisions. Too much conservative constitutional honesty can bring out the Board of Professional Responsibility, if a liberal lawyer reports you for an ethical violation.

So, Board, judges, justices, and liberal law professors and lawyers, here is some reality for you. Liberal lawyers and judges are causing the erosion of the judicial branch of government. Judicial activism and “fake law” risk judicial erosion. Judicial disrespect for the real law causes a counter-reaction to restore the checks and balances, and to press the judicial branch back into its lawfully balanced place. Here is an example.

In my own state, decades of liberal Supreme Court interpretations of statutes led to specifically identifiable legislative corrections. In the realm of a major area of my practice, workers’ compensation, the legislature grew so disgusted with ridiculous judicial anti-employer rulings that it simply replaced that plaintiff-friendly judicial system with a brand new system. Poof! The General Assembly took workers’ compensation away from the courts altogether! Plaintiffs’ lawyers blame “the business lobby.” I blame the plaintiffs’ lawyers and their friendly local judges, and a Supreme Court — made up of different justices than the current Court — whose members winked at the rogues and refused to rein them in.

That, liberals, is what causes other forces to rise up and throw judicial bums out, too. It should not be so important who we honor with lifetime federal judicial appointments. You liberals have made these jobs political, not we conservatives. The anti-Trump judicial reaction carries the erosion of the Judicial Branch one step further down toward chaos.