ISIS Mocks Gun Control

PJ Media examines the latest issue of ISIS’s Rumiyah magazine, and  finds advice to the jihadi wannabee on obtaining weapons. ISIS comments on gun shows and the American right to keep and bear arms. ISIS also mocks gun control in Europe, boasting how easy it is to obtain weapons in Europe.

The Left will seize on ISIS commentary about gun shows. But, the real message that emerges about and guns ISIS is this:

Keep them out. Build the wall; check the ports, airports, and borders. Yes, by all means, impose a moratorium on Muslim travel to the United States. Demand that Canada and Mexico do the same. Visas should be sparingly granted and granted only in the interests of the United States. For example, the wife and children of an Afghan man working for the Department of Defense as an intelligence consultant would be permitted entry.

Muslims in America and wanting to travel to America: I, too, regret that this is necessary. But, it is.

All entrants would be interviewed periodically; no one would get to just come in and disappear among us. Taking flight lessons, for example.

I will say it again: the 19 9-11 hijackers were here with State Department permission. They held visas and they took advantage of our hospitality. If ISIS is right and getting guns everywhere is not an obstacle, then let’s confine them to their own lands.

Of course, getting a gun here is not as easy as they advertise. Is there any evidence of any jihadi murderer obtaining a gun in the US at a gun show? Sellers I know meet face to face and sometimes decide to hang onto that gun regardless. Of course, the Left would ban private gun sale discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and national origin.

But, since they hide among us as innocents, then there is only one way to prevent importation of the worldwide Muslim civil war and their Islamic State homicidal maniacs: keep them out.

The alternative is to choose to sacrifice some of our own people to the little devil-god of Democrat Party anarchy.