American Left’s Dezinformatsia Campaign

To frustrated and angry Democrats:

First, see this Charlotte hate crime story that your media outlets and politicians will pretend doesn’t exist.

If you are marveling that none of Trump’s “outrages” makes any difference to his supporters, the reason is not hard to figure out if you just open your mind for minute. Otherwise, you miss a revolutionary change in the culture. What is it?

We do not take seriously anything you say.

Anything. All of your smears, characterizations, and innuendo just piss us off. You have credibility only among yourselves. Something supposedly happens, somewhere, and your voices go nuts about how awful people like me are. “Racist” you say, as your best and only argument against all concerns.

But, my Democrat friends, you should be questioning your misplaced trust. From the “Black Lives Matter” farce you concocted, to the Gosnell butchery you ignored; from “like your plan…” to “We got rid of the Syrian chemical weapons….” Climate change. Benghazi. Benghazi. And, you pretended that all of these lies were the truth, even when exposed. Planned Parenthood gets caught selling baby body parts — an outrage of almost unfathomable proportions — and you went into spin mode.

If you are still listening to your side’s relentless propaganda campaign, then you are choosing willful ignorance. Because, I believe nothing your leftist press and your dirtball activists say. And, if you parrot the party line, then ….