Take Kim Out

Okay, though I doubt Kim has the capability yet of striking our west coast, he claims he does. He voices his intent to launch a nuke strike on the US to “respond to US aggression.”

As a principle, I think we focus less on a leader’s voiced intent, and more on the capability. For example, if a world power were to move aggressively, build up troops, andĀ look likeĀ it was preparing to strike the United States, and if we knew it had the capability to do so, but its leaders were talking peace, I’d ignore what they were saying and focus on what they were capable of.

But, in Kim’s case, instead of trying to lull us with talk of his peaceful intentions, he seems bent on provoking us to kill him. And, according to him, he has the capability.

So, ….? I think it’s time. If the Chicoms won’t put their mad dog down, then I think we should. Not to save South Korea, but to prevent an evil communist dictator from doing what he says he can, and will do to the United States.