NPR and Trump’s “motive”

As President Trump proves decisive, and begins to take on the frayed world left by 8 years of Democrat ineptitude, corruption, and outright betrayal, the voices from the Left have to begrudgingly concede that at least some of what he does is right. Case in point: their take on his decision to strike Assad’s air base connected to the chemical weapons attack.

So, they search the world over for someone willing to parrot their Democrat Party line, and they interview Mary Robinson, an Irish Marxist, this morning. She admits “we” just “had to do something” about Assad’s murdering his own people with nerve gas — as if she were going to do anything about the world’s bad guys. The NPR interviewer did a pretty good job of challenging her to agree with President Trump’s decision. Robinson dodged of course, and then went to the latest leftist talking point: Trump’s “motive.”

They first assign to him their assumption of a less than pure motive, such as grandstanding, as if they have any idea what Donald Trump feels or thinks. Note, that while Robinson did not act, and would not even commit to supporting Trump for acting, her presumably more pure motive is what really counts.

Oh, Robinson also criticizes Trump because to her, the biggest problem the world has to take on is “climate change.” She has a foundation for this. Nice.

Democrats: seriously, your political party is a malevolent farce allied with Karl Marx minions the world over.