Foreign Aid Money as National Defense

WAPO trots out 120 retired generals in yet another tiresome pout about Donald Trump. President Trump says he will commit yet another federal government sin: he dares to defy the one-way ratchet of federal spending — once a budget goes up, it can never come down! The blasphemous Trump fails to bow down to the idol of government and worship! He wants to cut the temple’s bloated foreign aid budget!

That little group of retired senior officers who repeatedly prove that rising to the top does, for some, reveal a person’s level of incompetence, signs yet another of their tiresome little letters, warning that President Trump should not reduce the amount of tax and debt money America sends to other countries in foreign aid.

What part of “We are $20 trillion dollars in debt,” do they all not understand?

Is there some sort of collective hypnosis that causes this sort of blindness to fact? Are they just rendered stupid by years of Idiocracy? Liberal generals and Democrats in general, let me explain something about Donald Trump, budgets, performance, and success in the real world.

You measure whether or not your spent dollars purchase success. Trump is a graduate of perhaps the finest business school in the country, Wharton. He has years of experience either thriving or crashing in business, and he has learned how to thrive. In the strange world of government, money is spent on “programs,” which then are run by career government employees, who hire staff and rent office space and the like. They become entrenched, regardless of whether or not the money spent on their “program” succeeds in achieving the purpose for which the program was created in the first place.

The State Department is fat and overflowing with such boondoggles.

Democrats, if you are reacting to my post, consider just this one question: “How, exactly, do you measure the degree that any particular foreign aid dollar advances American interests in the target country?”

Corollary questions are: Could we achieve what we want from country X spending 10% less money? What components of our aid package are fruitless, or even counterproductive?

Trump dares to ask these questions, and look at all of the dustup.

The WAPO article is a classic “appeal to authority” logical fallacy argument: instead of studying all components of the foreign aid budget, and answering the questions Donald Trump is rightfully asking, they dodge the fact that we are $20 trillion in debt and trot out those same, old Democrat former generals who, after all, spent decades doing — you guessed it — government.

Ignore them. The establishment business-as-usual-in-government crowd just cannot grasp that they have forfeited all credibility in the eyes of the voters who put Donald Trump into office against all apparent odds. So, dismiss their little pout over foreign aid.

I have a feeling that President Trump will.