Militia on Furlough For a Bit

Offline for a bit with some time-consuming tasks, back on now.

Some quick observations:

–Knoxville’s little hippie-communist hissy-fit over Presidents Day didn’t even rise to the level of a fizzle. Their dismay is palpable.

–The silly leftist media horde still do not comprehend that they have forfeited all credibility and now echo only among their Idiocracy audience.

–Those wascally Wussians must be evewywheh.

–Benghazi. Never forget. Benghazi tells you all you need to know about the Democrat Party.

–I would like to see paid agitators arrested for conspiracy to deprive others of civil rights.

–Drain the swamp.

–Assume for a moment that the earth is warming over the next decades or century: is Chicago which is now experiencing spring-like temperatures going to complain? I think not.

  • Jim Curtis

    Agree with all, especially getting the paid protesters and hanging their asses out to dry!