LGBTQ-whatever science deniers in prison puzzle

I do not want to talk about this stuff. I cringe that we have to talk about this stuff. But, in our bizarre post-Christian, post-modern, breaking-down western world, we have to take on those forces bent on our destruction — or bow to them.

So, in this story bravely reported from the UK in “The Metro,” we learn that a man transferred to a women’s prison because he “identified as a woman” acted naturally. They caught him servicing the actual women who were delighted to find him in their shower room, and they transferred him back ot where he belonged — to the men’s prison. Shock of shocks.

I think every man in prison should report (cc ACLU) that he is a woman, and demand to be transferred to the women’s prison. When caught, they should insist that they are “predominantly” female, or that they are female during all phases of the moon except when the moon is full. Or whatever. Get there no matter how you have to and, when your time is up and you are released, immediately commit some other crime and get caught to go back.

Biology is a science. It is well-established that most life is “sexual” in that there are two versions of critters: male and female. All mammals are classified either male or female. It’s pretty easy: you check between the legs to find what’s there. This is not some right-wing ______ophobic hate-filled bigoted rant. This is scientific fact, unchanged even if the male decides to lick around on another male or put it in a very wrong place.

I do not like talking about this stuff. But, the day will arrive when people of the future look back on our decades, and laugh until tears run down their faces and their jaws hurt, over how stupid people were during the early 2000s.

It’s time we end the princes and princesses of the Idiocracy punishing us for behaving normally. We should, of course, still be kind and courteous to someone who we discern might be doing things in combination with another that is not natural. There is no reason to treat that person differently, unless that person uses his or her proclivity as an excuse to behave in public like a freak.

But, neither should we make national autocratic policy out of absurdity — out of unscientific absurdity. We might as well call night, day, and drink sand instead of water because we call it “water.”

It’s pretty funny that this one guy blows the lid off the entire pronoun changing movement.