Disclaimer: I’ve never been to Afghanistan. I can assess only from afar, and from what I read.

I do observe that we are more than a decade into our heroic efforts to pacify Afghanistan, and bolster Afghanistan into a modern, democratic nation.

I think it’s fair to say: Not gonna happen. Noble effort. But, not gonna succeed.

“Democracy” does not free float around like some spirit which may possess anyplace if enough US money and technology are shipped in. Democracy is a result that springs directly from what people believe about who people are. In the West, democracy derived directly from our Founders’ concept of a Creator God making mankind in His image, reflecting God’s nature, with God’s boundless liberty, and with God’s boundless love for his created people.

In Afghanistan, it appears that such a notion has not taken hold. How could it?

So, what now? Wish I had a good answer to that question.