Cold War II — For Real

This last week, the Russians announced that communications with the Obama administration were at a near silence. You have to hunt for this news. If you run a search “Russians contact administration” what you get is the foaming-at-the-mouth barrage of leftist media, attempting to build up the delusion that Donald Trump and the Russians were colluding during the campaign. Never mind that diplomatic relations with a nuclear power are at their worst in decades. Your search results get you to “Contact cute Russians” before you learn that the Russian government announced that it has no contact with the Obama administration. The porn purveyors are sharper than the Obama administration.

Had a Republican orchestrated such chilled diplomacy with Russia, can you imagine the news firestorm? My second page of search results turned up the Washington Examiner reporting what would be a national outrage under any Republican administration:

Moscow says nearly all diplomatic channels between the United States and Russia have been put on hold in a dramatic deterioration of outgoing President Obama’s relationship with the Russian government.

Democrat readers, pause from your hysteria just for a moment, and think about that. Barack Obama has left a legacy of Cold War II. If it were not official about two years ago, it’s official now.