Obama wants to draft your daughters

You young millennial moms out there! Take a pause from your racing around for just a moment: attune. Your little daughter’s life depends on your finally letting the cost of liberalism sink in.

Your toddler’s life is at stake. Picture little Jessica, all grown up — butchered and bled out into the sand.

I’ve written here before, that the liberal Democrat idea of the Army is that it’s some bureaucracy “stood up” for something other than slaughtering our enemies. I get that: in times of peace and prosperity, all manner of frivolous fallacies proliferate. It’s always been this way, nothing unique. It’s human nature. But, when the peace comes crashing down suddenly, and a voracious predator enemy storms your borders, then you desperately look around for that Army full of manly killers.

You young liberal moms thought it just fine that Obama and your Democrats opened up the foxholes to women. You were not thinking “foxholes” and all that goes with that word. “Foxhole” is just a word. Foxes are cute, you might think. You probably did not think about it at all, and you envisioned joining the Army to be more like doing a Barre workout, or going to “Orange Theory,” or even maybe doing some trainer’s “boot camp” get-in-shape routine.

Hint: a military boot camp has a different and deadly purpose.

“Foxhole” is not just a word. Go see “Hacksaw Ridge” for a better visualization of what it is like to be an infantryman. Then, as you emerge from “stunned” to leave the theater in shock, ask yourself if you want your little Jessica in a foxhole, behind a sandbag barrier, at some hot, filthy, faraway, undermanned outpost when the maniacal fanatics of the New Caliphate top the rise to strike and overrun her position. Picture your last sight of her face on her dead head, cut from her body and held aloof by an Islamic fiend boasting on Youtube.

Then, make your mind up never, ever to vote Democrat again. Because, sure enough, just like I warned, your President Obama announced that he is for registering women for the draft.

The draft. Haven’t heard of it? Need to look it up? Don’t be a fool. You had better get yourself up to speed on what it means to send women to jump school, Ranger school, and an infantry battalion.

The USA may, some day, need women with rifles in hand, to defend our country. I pray not, because those would be desperate times, indeed.  We have plenty of men to do the job and there is no need to assign women to combat units — or to draft them.

But, if you think “equality” requires putting women in uniform into foxholes as infantry, then you have no basis for objecting to your Democrats wanting to register your little Jessica for selective service, and being drafted right along with our sons.

If you voted for Hillary Clinton, you had better think harder in the future about who you want as Commander-in-Chief.

Because, it’s a life and death decision for that little one you so cherish, so soon grown up and turning 18. And, you should not forget who it was who sent our fine people overseas to Benghazi, left them unguarded, watched as they were overrun, and then lied to us all about it.