Allies smelling US weakness…

Japan and South Korea put aside bitterness dating back over 100 years, to improve intelligence-sharing about the threat from the communist maniac ruling North Korea.

Five previously-planned military exercises with Philippine armed forces and US forces are cancelled for next year. 

I’m all for our transferring the defense of the Pacific to the allies in the Pacific. I’m not all for it if done through the ineptitude and treachery of the Commander in Chief. Obama should have been honest with the Asian allies. Instead, he promised a “pivot,” and betrayed them, like he betrayed us.

World War II ended over 65 years ago. Japanese horror was yester-decade. There are new horrors threatening all Asian people who want to live ordinary lives, and be free. Time to wake up and prepare accordingly. Stop depending on us. Obama was lying to you, and Trump reflects that we Americans are tired of funding pax Americana with our labor, our fortunes, and our young sons.