How is Chicago Like Benghazi?

Democrats, your party leaders fail to guard the innocent, and then they blame someone else when mobs take over. This AP article about urban, black, street-violence in Chicago’s inner core is heartbreaking. Generations of young boys “turn” somewhere between 12 and 15; too many innocent kids become feral, drug-inflamed, thieves and killers — and get killed. Some families manage to break the cycle, but, plainly, others see themselves as trapped where they are, assuring a new generation of lawless, violent gangs. Parents watch in despair as peer-pressure changes their kids into monsters dealing drugs for $400 jeans. It’s like a living “Lord of the Flies” island, but where the worst human impulses are financed and enabled by outside forces. Until someone breaks the cycle, there is no reason to believe life will improve for Chicago’s inner-city black families. Chicago, of course, if not alone: the city’s inner city streets stand as a euphemism for America’s problem with a subcultural strain of young, black, men turning to crime.

The Democrat “Great Society” turned out not to be so great. Even now, a frank admission that policies and programs have failed, might produce new ideas. Instead, all we hear from Democrats are the same old excuses, but with new versions on the old inflammatory remarks thrown in. And, always, they throw the accusation of “racism” against anyone who even suggests that their programs are failures. Get the most violent off the streets and into jail; that common-sense protection for us all is “racism.” So, I suppose it’s preferred that young black fifth graders grow up among the prison gang culture out on the streets for a brief break between convictions?

Of course, if it’s anarchy and chaos you are trying to bring about, the programs are not failures at all. The poorest subset of black people is paying the heaviest price. The violence is mostly contained to Democrat urban ghettos, but from time to time gangsters hit I-75 and country highways, and spread out to formerly peaceful towns. Pop culture media spread the lure of gang identity, and kids who have never bought, sold, or used drugs and who would never kill anyone, affect the look. Sometimes, they decide to take a step into that vile world. Then another. There they meet others breaking bad. Sometimes, they pick who they think will be an easy mark like Trayvon Martin did, and get shot by an armed citizen.

In the meantime, 90% of black voters voting (D), are you planning to vote to continue more of the same in 2016? Why? Perhaps, you are being used — like the men killed in Benghazi were used and discarded. Perhaps Democrat accusations of “racism” and “police bias” are just as false as their concocted story about the video-maker and the Islamic terrorist takeover of our consulate.

I am not willing to throw young, black kids away. But, we have a political party presiding over a cultural demise, proving to you that it is quite willing to do just that.