POBI Party Up for Election

Democrat young moms and dads;  older Democrats entrenched in your prejudices and suppositions; any historically D voter who cares about the children. I have this morning, just one new thought for you to hear and consider. Just one. Surely, your tolerant, NPR-cultivated mind can open to merely consider one new thought, right? Here it is.

Your sons, daughters and grandchildren will be sent to wars in far-flung corners of the world by the head of the Party of Benghazi Infamy. The POBI Party.

As they are overrun and beheaded, their training in individual climate change techniques and LGBTQ+whatever sensitivity will not save them.

Had Hillary Clinton admitted that her Ambassador was in Libya on important business, and went there with a low-profile presence, taking a calculated risk, her honesty would have called to the American people. Had she confessed that she failed to make sure that someone organized a strong, quick reaction force to provide fast support in case of an attack, we would have been disappointed, but we would have understood that.

Had she and Barack Obama and their entire entourage not lied to us time and again about “not a terrorist attack” they could be forgiven for bungling in an unforgiving world. But — Democrats you need to think about this — even now, she and Obama have never apologized to us for lying to us about Benghazi, much less for the tactical ineptitude.

To people who love America, the name “Benghazi” stirs deep anger against our treacherous Democrat leaders. If you elect her, you elect division, disunity, debacle and deceit. You elect the POBI Party to send your children into combat.