Italian General Calls for European Army

Take NATO for example. Yes, go ahead EU — take it.

Instead of trying to cobble together some new EU army, call Donald Trump, tell him you get it, and that you will take over NATO. Trump will agree to collaborate with the EU and Britain over tactics, weapons, and other common materiel.

The Europeans are beginning to comprehend that the United States is no longer the reliable power that keeps the SovietsĀ at bay. Yes, I use the word “Soviets” because while that form of the Russian empire went away, the ambitions, weapons, army, navy, air force and authoritarianism remain. Plainly, American weakness has invited new Russian aggression.

This Italian general is “looking to his powder” and does not expect either the United States or the United Kingdom to continue to shoulder the burden of defending Europe. He expects no help, unless he can do what Romans always did: find allies.

Find ’em. They’re right there. Hope you can wake them up, General.