Russia Harrasses US Diplomats: Cost of Obamafail

Speaking of weakening America’s strong institutions, Russian harassment of U.S. diplomats overseas appears to be on the rise.

Our diplomats are only as effective and safe, as they are perceived to be backed up by strength. Once others perceive the United States as weak, then our diplomacy is a joke, and our far-flung diplomats, civilians, and others are not safe.

  • Carter: weak (Iran takes embassy hostages)
  • Reagan: strong (Iran lets them go)
  • Clinton: distracted, weak, fickle (military destroys Somali warlords, Clinton orders pullout)
  • Bush: likely to blow you to smithereens
  • Obama: pathetic
  • Clinton (“her”): a joke

America under Obama, and seriously considering Hillary Clinton as President: perceived as a weak, has-been, failed, dying giant. Putin sees it, smells it, and starts picking away at our far-flung outposts.

And, we know from Benghazi how much backing they get from these Democrats.