CAA Tactical’s RONI Pistol-Carbine Conversion Kit

It was good to see Roger Childs, again, at CAA’s booth at NRA 2014. Roger, I hope your wife is impressed with your photo taken with the someday-no-doubt-to-be-famous author.

I’m happy to promote CAA’s RONI.  I cannot decipher the company’s corporate recombinations, but that conversion kit is worthy of mention.2014-04-26 10.36.24

Yes, it certainly looks exotic, and could be dismissed as a gimmick, except that it works so well. There are other kits, but I had the chance to shoot with one of these at SHOT a couple of years ago. Suddenly, your personal, maximum effective pistol range gets multiplied. Your handgun sheds its inherent limitations and emerges as a short, 9mm carbine. Of course, you’d prefer an M-4, but, some guys, sometimes, in some places, lack the full range of choices and options. Though this kit is loads of fun at the range, the compact, easy-to-convert package is a major weapon upgrade — on the spot, in well under a minute.

Open the kit like a clamshell, place your pistol into it (with one pistol-specific adapter), close it up, and your pistol now has an adjustable shoulder stock, a vertical forearm grip, and a crenellated flash hider that substitutes for a face-ripping, skull punching bayonet in dire circumstances. Rails let you mount the best optics, slings, and weapon lights. Note Roger’s has the brass catcher attached, so you leave no fingerprinted evidence behind. The Israeli influence, I suspect.

I picked it as one of Jack McDonald’s weapons in Amazon Avenger. Yes, it had the exotic factor, but it also made sense for the mission, which was supposed not to reek of armed American presence in a more-or-less friendly South American country. In Amazon Avenger, Jack inserts by plane and boat, across the Amazon River, and into a swamp-hide downriver from Manaus, where he finds not only a distractingly beautiful agent, but a crate full of carefully-selected, pre-positioned supplies and equipment. He’s delighted to find the RONI housing a Bersa Thunder (chosen again not only to distance the evidence from the USA but also because it is a solid gun). Available on Kindle for only 99 cents. The book, not the Bersa.  You’d like them both, I’m sure.